Mobile-Centric Entrepreneurs

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Mobile-Centric Entrepreneurs

There is no hard data in the public forum concerning European entrepreneurs and how they choose mobile phones. We have scoured entrepreneur and business sites for tips provided on the best phone and features for business people. From there, the features and services desired by entrepreneurs have been extrapolated, along with some other relevant information.

Key Features

  • Business users should have a large screen for easy viewing of all videos and text, and a battery that will last all day.
  • Storage requirements are a minimum of 4GB of RAM, preferably up to 8 GB, for multi-tasking, as well as large amounts of storage — up to 1 TB. MicroSD slot is also of value for more storage for pictures, videos and text when access to the cloud is not available.
  • Executive phones should have a headphone jack for privacy.
  • Biometric security, either fingerprint or ocular, is essential.
  • For executives who prefer to scribble notes or draw, a BlueTooth stylus for handwriting or drawing is an excellent feature.
  • A smartphone with the ability to plug into USB-C dock to replicate a desktop environment is handy. This docking capability could eliminate the need for laptops.
  • In the case of long days, a fast-charging capability is required.

Provider Services

  • Roaming data charges have been eliminated in Europe. Customers can now use bundled texts, minutes and mobile data anywhere in the European Union without it costing any extra.
  • Dependent upon the type of business, the entrepreneur may need access to global networks and therefore, would want a plan with no extra charge for international calls.
  • Regardless of geography, a busy business owner will need a plan with unlimited calls and text.
  • The service should include a minimum 100-150 GB data, and preferably the plan should allow unlimited data.
  • Today's service must be a minimum of a 4G network, and the provider should have published plans for implementation of a 5G network.

Sample of European Service Providers

Both of the plans below are samples of the kinds of plans that would be attractive to European entrepreneurs, depending upon the type of business and the need for international communication.

Orange — France (also in Spain)

  • The plan below is a mid-range plan, i.e. one down from most expensive.
  • Unlimited calls from France and Europe, DOM, Switzerland / Andorra to these areas and France are provided
  • Unlimited calls from mainland France to landlines from more than 100 destinations and landlines and mobiles in Europe, DOM (overseas French territories), Switzerland / Andorra, USA and Canada are supported. Unlimited SMS from France and Europe, DOM, Switzerland / Andorra to these areas and France + unlimited MMS in France and from Europe, DOM, Switzerland / Andorra to these areas and France are also part of the plan.
  • Data plan provides 100GB mobile internet (reduced throughput) in France and 70GB (reduced throughput) can also be used in Europe, DOM, Switzerland and Andorra.
  • The plan includes a favorable price on a new mobile subscription every two years.
  • The cost is €49,99 / month for 12 months then €64,99 /month, with a commitment of 24 months. However, there is a current promotion of €15 / month for 12 months.

TIM — Italy

  • This plan is an example of an inexpensive plan and comes from Italy.
  • Called the TIM Super Mobile Option, it provides unlimited minutes and texts, 20 GIG (6 GIGABYTES in the EU) per month for €10 /month.

Upgrading phone

  • An expert communication analyst from Kantar WorldPanel states: "Over the last two years we have found that people are now holding onto their phones on average two months longer than they used to."
  • Reasons for this include: the price of smartphones has increased about 50% in the last 2-3 years; the changes to new models are incremental, and their existing phone is meeting their needs as well as a new one would, and consumers are no longer buying their phones from the service provider but instead from Amazon or directly from the manufacturer. Since the phone has been disconnected from the service, there is no longer any financial advantage to upgrading.

Preferred Brands

  • The attached spreadsheet shows the number of cell phones sold by vendor by month. Samsung is the most popular manufacturer while Apple is the second largest. Between the two of them, they control roughly 60% of the market. One can expect that entrepreneurs probably buy their phones in the same percentages as the population as a whole.

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