Mobile Branded Activations

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Mobile Branded Activations

Miss Me Summer Tour marketing activation and De Wafelbakkers’ frozen pancake supermarket sampling tour are two examples of brand activations that used trailer/mobile formats. Equally, location, the use of simple graphics, and considering the function and size of the marketing vehicle are examples of the best practices for branded mobile activations. The next numbered sections include more details and analyses and analyses of mobile branded activations.

I. Brand Activations that Use Trailer/Mobile Formats

Five examples of brand activations that used trailer/mobile formats include Miss Me Summer tour marketing activation, De Wafelbakkers’ frozen pancake supermarket sampling tour, BarkTHINS: snacking elevated campaign, and Good Humor’s interactive ice cream truck.

Miss Me Summer Tour Marketing Activation

De Wafelbakkers’ Frozen Pancake Supermarket Sampling Tour

BarkTHINS: Snacking Elevated Campaign

Good Humor’s Interactive Ice Cream Truck

II. Recent Key Trends in Mobile Brand Activations

Hyper-local Events

Roadshows "Pushed Aside"

It's Not Personal. It's Hyper-Personal

III. Best Practices for Branded Mobile Activations

Consider Function and Size of Vehicle

  • The first thing to do before starting vehicle branded activations is to consider what the function of the vehicle would be and the required size for that function.
  • If the activation involves food, some considerations to put in place include refrigeration, kitchen appliances, and chef space. If it is for a podcast studio, things like acoustics and connectivity must be there.
  • Likewise, once marketers establish the function of the vehicle, the next aspect to consider is size, which depends on the road for the tour, storage size needs, the permitted spaces for the activations, etc.

Use Simple Graphics

Location, Location, Location!

Incorporate Instagram

IV. Challenges That Brands Need to Tackle for Successful Audience Engagement

The lack of real-time actionable data, useful content, poor diversity and inclusion, and reliance on inefficient and manual operations are examples of the top challenges that brands need to solve to engage their audiences successfully.

Lack of Real-time, Actionable Data

Lack of Useful Content

Diversity and Inclusion

Inefficient and Manual Operations

Research Methodology

To uncover findings regarding mobile branded activations, including examples of brand activations that use trailer/mobile formats to target children or teenagers, key trends in mobile brand activations, best practices for branded mobile activations, and the challenges brands need to resolve to increase engagement, your research team explored different marketing reports, surveys, articles, and blogs published by trustworthy experiential marketing & branding agencies. For the information presented above, we relied on publications by Syndctd, Allterrain, Becore, EMC Outdoor, Campaign Live, Agency EA, Mobile Cuisine, Dio USA, and Limelight Platform, which focus on experiential marketing among other marketing lines.

Some activation examples provided did not specify that they target children and teens only, but all attendee demographics. However, we focused on activations with items loved by children, including ice cream, snacks, apparel, etc. to provide examples more reflective of children and teens. We also focused more on recent reports with specific information about mobile branded activations. During the research, we found out that mobile branded activations use different marketing jargon, especially experiential marketing, vehicle tours, mobile vehicle marketing, etc.

In this regard, we had to research more to understand the marketing jargon specific to mobile branded activations, which refer to the same idea. While information specific to mobile branded activations appeared limited, we had to scan through articles focusing on experiential marketing in general, to identify the information that is specific to mobile branded activations. Overall, the analyses presented above provide an in-depth examination of mobile branded activations case studies, key trends & best practices for mobile branded activations, and challenges undermining engagement in mobile branded activations.