What Millennials Do For Fun: Panama

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What Millennials Do For Fun: Panama

The top activities for millennials in Panama are fitness activities, nightlife activities, and exploration of historical architectural sites. Top attractions also include restaurants, coffee shops, parks, malls, and high fashion boutiques.

TYPICAL leisure activities millennials do for fun in Panama

Nightlife Activities:
Fitness Activities:
  • Cinta Costera or Avenida Balboa is one of the cities for millennials in Panama City who value fitness and or into health-conscious living.


  • There are different activities and attractions in the cities of Panama made for Millennials during their free time.
  • They are also called melting pots for millennials because the places welcome Panamanians and expats who are looking for pace and new scenery.
Restaurants and Coffee Shops:
  • There are numerous restaurants in the cities of Panama that millennials would find as an interesting place to lurk during their free time.
  • They are located in El Cangjero, Marbella, San Francisco, and Casco Viejo.
  • El Cangjero is one of the cities in Panama that does not only offer complete city life, but it also provides a neighborhood park named Parque Andres Bello.
  • Edison Park is the most popular park in Panama City for millennials.
  • The park is just next to El Cangjero and is near to school and grocery stores.
  • There is also a park that millennials dedicated to academically minded millennials in Panama called "The City of Knowledge."
  • It is full of green spaces which are very distinct from all the parks in the city.
Megamall and Grocery Stores:
High Fashion Boutiques:

Helpful findings

Casco Viejo:
  • A blog made by Millennials Travel stated that Casco Viejo is one of the most exciting places they had seen because it was the "UNESCO World Heritage" site of Panama City.
  • According to a study, Millennials affect the social condition of Casco Viejo especially when it comes to how scholars explain the social and personal lifestyle preferences that drive people to inner cities which usually include yippies and hipsters.
Cinta Costera:
  • A travel blog by Wanderlust Millennial highlights Cinta Costera as a primary destination and attraction being visited by Millennials in Panama City.
El Cangjero:

Research Strategy

We were not able to find the top five popular things that millennials do for fun in Panama. This is due to the lack of pre-existing information for this specific generation. However, we were able to triangulate several data points by using an article from Cultural Trip, as the article listed the top neighborhoods in Panama, specifically for millennials. With the use of the article, we proceeded to research the top leisure activities and fun things to do in each area in the city, especially the ones that specifically apply to millennials. We then supported our findings with supplementary sources to strengthen each key finding.

We started the search by looking for direct information about the top five popular things that millennials do for fun in Panama. We looked into pre-compiled information in articles, news reports and journals written and publish in websites like Forbes, CNBC, New York Times, and others. We were hoping to find a list of the things that Panamanian millennials do during their free time and an overview of the activities or description on such behavior and/or hobby. The results of the search were about the general list of leisure activities that millennials enjoy doing and the source did not specify that if it was focused solely to Panamanian millennials. We decided not to include the information in our key findings because it was insignificant with the study. Furthermore, due to the lack of pre-existing information for this specific generation, we decided to change our approach.

We then looked into research studies done by the government and other organizations specific to the millennials in Panama. We thought that if there were researches conducted on the millennials of Panama, it would then be easier for us to locate information about the given topic. We expected to find a research topic focusing on the culture, distinctiveness, and characteristics of Panamanian millennials among other generations. We searched the cultural life section of Panama City, but the results of our search were about the general sports and leisure activities done by Panamanians. The information was not specific to Panamanian millennials. Thus, we did not include it in our key findings because it is out of the scope. We did not find any research or study done by the government and other organizations specific to the millennials in Panama.

Lastly, we decided to triangulate the requested information by determining the most popular leisure activities in Panama and distinguishing which of the generations are into these popular leisure activities. We were planning to determine this specific information, and link each of the popular activities to each generation, and eventually ending with the millennial generation. Results of the search were mostly about the activities of all the generations like how often they change careers, what age do they usually get married, and if most of them choose to get college degrees. There was nothing in particular about the things that they do for fun in Panama. Once again, we did not include this to our findings because it was out of scope from the given topic.

While we did not find the top five popular things millennials enjoy doing in Panama due to lack of pre-existing information for this specific generation, we were able to provide a triangulated answer from data points by using a source that gave the top neighborhoods in Panama specifically for millennials. We also provided a general view of the areas in the city of Panama and the reason why they were considered as the most visited attractions/places by millennials in Panama. We assumed that the reason why the data is not publicly available is that no study is directly focused on millennials in Panama, and studies mostly focused on generation Z.

  • "More recently, “millennials” have made the distinction generational, but the general qualities remain: young, childless (but dog-full), economically secure, and valuing experiences and urban amenities over material measures of wealth, such as apartment size. "
  • "Whether you’re single, attached, have kids, a hipster, a millennial, a baby boomer, or beyond, El Cangrejo is where you want to be."
  • "With its international and multicultural vibe, surrounded by universities, colleges, parks, and its plethora of restaurants, the tone of the area feels right."
  • " El Cangrejo is like a nicer end of a gentrified Bushwick with one foot in the past and the other massaged by an emerging new populace of bohemian émigrés."