Millennial Politicians/Leaders in Connecticut

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Connecticut - Prominent Millennial Politicians Part 1

Some prominent millennial politicians and state or municipal leaders in Connecticut include Raghib Ismail Allie-Brennan, Matt Lesser, Geoff Luxenberg, Dennis Bradley, and Stephen G. Harding.

Raghib Ismail Allie-Brennan

Matt Lesser

Geoff Luxenberg

Dennis Bradley

Stephen G. Harding

Research Strategy

To obtain a list of prominent millennial politicians and state/municipal leaders in Connecticut, we adopted the definition of Millennials provided by Pew Research Center and a corroborative source by Business Insider on the age bracket regarded as millennials that defined millennials as people born between 1981 and 1996. Furthermore, we provided a list of prominent political leaders in Connecticut that falls within this age bracket.

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Connecticut - Prominent Millennial Politicians Part 2

Kara Rochelle, Brandon L. McGee Jr., Ben Florsheim, Erin Elizabeth Stewart, and Will Haskell are some prominent millennial politicians in Connecticut.

Ben Florsheim

  • Ben Florsheim is the mayor of Middletown, Connecticut. At the age of 27, he is the youngest mayor in the city’s history.
  • He is a graduate of Wesleyan University where he studied political science and history and became involved with the Middletown Democratic Town Committee.
  • He volunteered for the election campaign of Mayor Dan Drew in 2011 and worked to register Wesleyan students to vote.
  • Florsheim has no city hall experience but has been an outreach advisor for Senator Chris Murphy in the last five years.
  • Ben Florsheim's Twitter handle is @bdflorsheim.
  • He can be found on Facebook, @BenForMiddletown.

Will Haskell

Erin Elizabeth Stewart

  • Mayor Erin Elizabeth Stewart is the 40th Mayor of the City of New Britain, Connecticut. She is the youngest mayor in the history of the city and New Britain's first female mayor to be elected for more than one term.
  • Mayor Stewart was born on May 4, 1987, in New Britain.
  • She was only 26 years old when she was first elected in 2013. After her first term, she was re-elected overwhelmingly to a second term in 2015, and a third term in 2017.
  • During her first term, she closed a deficit of over $30 million, increased the City's Rainy Day fund to $18 million, and brought stability and transparency back to the city's finances, which earned her recognition for her leadership.
  • Erin Elizabeth Stewart can be found on Twitter, @erinstewartct, Facebook, @ErinStewartCT, and Instagram, @erinstewartct.

Brandon L. McGee Jr

  • A native of Hartford, Brandon L. McGee Jr. is serving his fourth term in the US house of representatives. He is representing areas of Windsor and Hartford, Connecticut.
  • Brandon L. McGee Jr. was born on March 1, 1984.
  • Brandon is the House Chairman of the Housing Committee legislature and the Black and Puerto Rican Caucus Chairman.
  • He also sits on the Education Committee and the Human Services Committee as a strong advocate of quality education for all.

Kara Rochelle

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Connecticut - Prominent Millennial Politicians Part 3

Additional prominent millennial politicians in Connecticut include Caroline Simmons, Devin Carney, Antonio Felipe, Sean Scanlon, and David Arconti, Jr. Full details about each of the individuals are presented below.

Caroline Simmons

  • Representative Caroline Simmons, Democrat, serves the 144th District in Stamford, Connecticut.
  • Simmons, born February 10, 1986, worked for the Women’s Business Development Council in Stamford before being elected. There, she helped women in Connecticut by providing entrepreneurial, financial, and professional development training programs.
  • She attended Harvard University and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She also received a Master of Arts degree from the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University.
  • She is the House chair of the Commerce Committee and serves on the Higher Education & Employment Advancement Committee as well as the Public Safety Committee.
  • In 2017, she received NARAL’s Legislative Champions Award for her work on various women’s issues. Simmons stated, “‘I will continue to fight for health care rights for women and families in Connecticut. Women—and all citizens in the state—will suffer greatly if efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act are successful. That’s why I’m working at the state level to safeguard our accomplishments.’”
  • Representative Simmons has a Twitter account (@CSimmonsCT) and an Instagram account (@carolinesimmonsct).

Devin Carney

  • Representative Devin Carney is a Republican State Representative serving the 23rd District in Connecticut.
  • He was born on May 10, 1984. Representative Carney’s hometown is Old Saybrook, Connecticut. He studied Politics and American Studies at Brandeis University and graduated with a BA in 2006.
  • Carney co-sponsored Public Act (PA) 19-191, which requires pharmacies to offer counseling to patients on the risks of using prescribed opioids. He also seeks to expand coverage for hearing aids. He supports legislation to reduce vaping noting that he is “concerned about the growth of this habit among young people and look forward to working to see how we can further reduce the influence of e-cigarettes.”
  • Representative Carney has a Facebook account and is also available on Twitter(@RepDevinCarney).

Antonio Felipe

  • Representative Antonio Felipe, Democrat, serves the 130th District in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He is 24 years old.
  • Felipe serves on the State Appropriations Committee and prior to election noted: “I know that Bridgeport’s best days are ahead of us and that my background as a Park City native and a son of the 130th District has prepared me to fight for our city up in Hartford.”
  • He is the second-youngest member of the state House of Representatives and was called “‘young, an outsider, a ‘carpetbagger’,” said State Rep. Chris Rosario, “‘Know what they can call him now? State representative.’”
  • His Twitter handle is @ToneFelipe130.

David Arconti, Jr.

  • Representative David Arconti, Jr. serves the 109th District of Danbury Connecticut.
  • He is a 33-year-old Democrat who graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health from Southern Connecticut State University.
  • Representative Arconti is a member of the Danbury Old Timer’s Association and a board member on the Danbury High School Athletic Hall of Fame Committee. He currently serves as House chair of the Energy and Technology Committee and also serves on the Environment and General Law Committees.
  • His record notes that he has “a deep understanding of the current and the many overall environmental challenges facing our planet, and the need for finding alternatives for clean energy and developing a strong green economy.”
  • Representative Arconti maintains a Twitter account (@StateRepArconti).

Sean Scanlon

  • State Representative Sean Scanlon, Democrat, serves the 98th District of Branford and Guilford, Connecticut.
  • He was born on December 20, 1986, and during his first term led legislation that targeted the state's opioid epidemic. “In 2015 he co-sponsored Public Act 15-198, a landmark law that required education for doctors and other prescribers on prescription drug abuse, cracked down on ‘doctor shopping’ for prescription drugs, and allowed pharmacists to prescribe life-saving anti-overdose drugs like Narcan over the counter.”
  • Representative Scanlon serves as the House chair of the Insurance and Real Estate Committee and serves on the Public Health, and Finance, Revenue and Bonding committees.
  • In 2018, as part of a bi-partisan group that opposed cuts to the shoreline by the Department of Transportation, Scanlon organized the group to come together. "'For over twenty-five years Shore Line East has been a tremendous asset to our constituents and communities," said Scanlon. ‘People in 2018 want reliable public transportation options besides sitting in traffic on I-95 and almost every town on the route is currently working on economic development surrounding transit-oriented development. To scale back service now is a huge mistake and I'm proud to stand with my colleagues from both parties to strongly urge the Commissioner to rethink these cuts.'"
  • He has a Twitter account (@SeanScanlonCT).
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Activeness of Millennials in Connecticut

According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, more millennials are moving to the New Haven-Milford area in Connecticut. 60% of the 2019 graduates from the University of Connecticut secured a job in the State within six months of graduation.

More Millennials are Moving to Connecticut

  • According to a new survey by the National Association of Realtors, more millennials are moving to the New Haven-Milford area.
  • The survey revealed that "New Haven-Milford and Madison, Wisconsin saw the largest share of arrivals among millennials" compared to other age brackets.
  • The percentage of "recent millennial movers to recent movers of any other age bracket" is 75% to 25% (3:1).
  • Over two-thirds of the recent millennial movers to cities in the United States are people moving to the New Haven-Milford area and Madison, Wisconsin.
  • In the New Haven-Milford area, millennials account for about 22% of its population.

Why Millennials Love Connecticut

Increased Number of Registered Millennial Voters

The Millennial Workforce in Connecticut


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