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Can you get me a list of the top media outlets that American Gen Z and Millennials reference for news and information?

With significant research, we have identified 20 of the top go-to media outlets that American Gen Z and Millennials reference for news and information. Some of the most popular news sources include CNN, Fox, ABC News, New York Times, NPR, and Google News. Apart from the popular news outlets, Gen Z and Millennials prefer to keep themselves aware of current events by browsing through various social media channels. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr provide a platform where they can look at the most interesting and trending news articles.
After an extensive search through various trusted media sites, the list of the top media outlets that American Gen Z and Millennials reference for news and information was made. The list is based on surveys conducted by MediaPost and Ypulse among individuals belonging to the age group of 13-33 years, which consists of both Gen Z and Millennials. Numerous other lists published online were also referenced to pick out the media sources that are most popular.

Top 20 Media Outlets

1. CNN

According to the survey conducted by MediaPost, CNN ranked first as the most popular choice of news source for Gen Z and Millennials (13-33 years old). Comscore’s June 2016 U.S. Multi-Platform study shows that CNN Network obtained 52,797,000 unique visitors and had the highest reach of 70.6% millennials news readers.

2. Facebook

Studies have shown that 47% of millennials’ main motivation for browsing through Facebook is to get the latest and most trending news. This social media channel has become a significant platform for news and information for all ages. It was also found that Gen Z girls prefer to use Facebook and other social media channels (Twitter and Instagram) as their primary source of news.

3. Fox News

Data from Nielsen revealed a remarkable number of millennials watching various news shows in the first quarter of 2017. Fox News found their viewership rise notably from 27,100 in the first quarter of 2015 to 67,700 in the first quarter of 2017.

4. New York Times

According to PoliticoMedia, millennials account for 39% of the New York Times’ total audience. Comscore’s June 2016 U.S. Multi-Platform study revealed that New York Times Digital obtained 29,565,000 unique millennial visitors. This news outlet is also popular among the teens.

5. Twitter

Most teens prefer going through Twitter for information. According to Odyssey, this channel (Twitter) provides millennials with the service that is aligned perfectly with their preferred characteristics of fast and short information, by offering only 160 characters to communicate.

6. NPR

Studies have shown that over 6% of all 25-54-year-olds listen to this station at least once every day, 16% listen once a week, and 28% listen once a month. According to the survey by MediaPost, NPR Member station is quite popular among young consumers (ages 13-33).

7. Google News

An article published by the American Press Institute (2015) stated that 7 in 10 millennials utilize search engines like Google News to look for current affairs, general news, and information.

8. BuzzFeed

Reaching 75 million millennials every month, BuzzFeed is one of the most popular online media sources for most young Americans. According to Comscore’s June 2016 U.S. Multi-Platform study, BuzzFeed obtained 45,132,000 unique visitors, reaching over 60.4% of millennials. This news source is quite popular among young teens (Gen Z) too.

9. BBC

According to Fortune, BBC News was ranked as the fourth highest trusted news source among young Americans (37%).

10. Yahoo

This search engine, like Google News, is another popular means of obtaining news and information by both Millennials and Gen Z.

11. Reddit

This online community source has become one of the most popular means of acquiring news and information among Millennials and Gen Z. Reddit offers information with external links on innumerable topics. 64% of all Reddit users are under 30 years old.

12. NBC

NBC News team has successfully created shows that target young Americans. According to Philadelphia Business Journal, 60% of NBC’s 29 million viewers are under the age of 25.

13. ABC

ABC News Network is one of the most popular sites used by both Millennials and Gen Z online. Studies have shown that ABC Network, together with Yahoo, reaches to over 63% of young Americans. ABC is a preference among young viewers looking mainly for political news.

14. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

This satirical show targets individuals below the age of 35. The show provides a “liberal perspective” of current events, general news, and politics, and has amassed a large audience comprising both Millennials and Gen Z.

15. Apple News App

Millennials and Gen Z tend to lean more towards using news apps where certain articles are preselected for them, than browsing on specific news sites. They prefer apps like Apple News that provides them with content that’s flexible.

16. Huffington Post

According to an article (2014) by Digiday, millennials are heavily concerned about wellness and prefer to follow the Huffington Post very closely. This source is extremely popular among young Americans, mostly for their multi-platform diet news.

17. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

This show has been ranked as the #1 late-night talk show viewed by millennials. This show has surpassed “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, and “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” in its popularity among American youngsters.

18. Tumblr

Studies have shown that both Millennials and Gen Z take to Tumblr to find the latest general news and current events.

19. The Washington Post

According to the Christian Science Monitor, Washington Post has revealed that millennials account for their highest growth rates. This news outlet is popular among both Millennials and Gen Z.

20. Real Time With Bill Maher

Another satirical news show, “Real Time With Bill Maher” has gained great popularity among young Americans. This show discusses various current media topics and political events with a panel of well-educated conservatives and liberals.

In addition to the 20 top media outlets listed above, Gen Z and Millennials also tend to download and follow their local news channels (app). News apps account for 19% of all news outlets (newspapers, radio, digital media, apps, etc.) which is the most common information content format that millennials pay for, after printed content.
In conclusion, based on various surveys and notable lists, 20 top media outlets that American Gen Z and Millennials reference for news and information have been identified. Some of the most popular news sources are CNN, Facebook, Fox, The New York Times, Twitter, NPR, Google News, BuzzFeed, BBC, and Reddit.