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Meow Wolf - Company Profile

Meow Wolf is an arts and entertainment group based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was established in 2008 as an art collective. It has over 400 employees and is a Public Benefit corporation formed for social impact and profit.


  • Meow Wolf is an arts and entertainment group based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was established in 2008 as an art collective.
  • Meow Wolf has over 400 employees in various departments like architecture, sculpture, painting, photography, video production, cross-reality (AR/VR/MR), music, audio engineering, narrative writing, costuming, and performance.
  • Meow Wolf is a Public Benefit corporation formed for social impact and profit. Chimera, the branch of Meow Wolf that runs the Learning Center, is a non-profit organization and can receive tax-deductible donations.
  • Meow Wolf is funded by economic development funds from the city of Santa Fe and the state of New Mexico, private investors, ticket sales, and merchandise sales.


  • Meow Wolf creates artistic, immersive and interactive experiences for audiences of all ages so they can experience and explore their fantasies. This includes art installations, video and music production, and extended reality content.
  • Meow Wolf is an immersive art exhibit that combines jungle gym, haunted house, children’s museum. It has one physical location opened in Santa Fe, NM called House of Eternal return and a dark ride called The Kaleidoscape, in Denver.
  • It also runs the David Loughridge Learning Center that hosts art-making workshops, studio time and special events for youth, teens, adults, and people with disabilities and addictions. Meow Wolf works closely with local schools and students to create artwork for their school building and Meow Wolf exhibitions.


  • Meow Wolf was founded in 2008 as an art collective in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Meow Wolf offered $500,000 to local charities and schools in 2017, awarded $250,000 in grants to DIY art groups, hosted 8,000 students during field trips, and gave out 2,000 free passes to community members.
  • Meow Wolf has four new installations planned. The Kaleidoscape dark ride has recently opened in Denver plus four new Meow Wolf’s are opening in Las Vegas in 2020, Denver in 2021, Washington D.C. in 2022, and Phoenix.
  • The Meow Wolf name was chosen through a raffle where everyone present in the meeting put two words into a hat and two were picked.
  • Meow Wolf co-founder and CEO Vince Kadlubek convinced George R.R. Martin to pledge $2.7 million dollars toward a permanent creative space for the group.
  • Meow Wolf turned in $6.8 million in revenue in its first year in Santa Fe.


Meow Wolf used to have temporary installations (pop ups) such as:
  • Nucleotide (2013), built like a coral reef with lots of sparkle and sounds;
  • OmegaMart (2012), a realistic supermarket that carried products made by artists and local students;
  • The Due Return (2011), once a seafaring vessel but now an inter-dimensional ship on an alien landscape;
  • Geodecadent 1&2 (2010), a dome where viewers could witness a vacuumed space holding together old furniture and knick-knacks;
  • Habitat (2010), where over 25 artists created living spaces and curious interiors;
  • Horror (2008), made up of Eerie bedrooms and butcher shops where horror artists could express themselves.


  • House of Eternal Return opened in 2016 in an old bowling alley owned by Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin. Now, it has 20,000-square-foot permanent art installations. It is modeled after the fictional Selig family that disappeared mysteriously.
  • Meow Wolf will be expanding to Area 15 in Las Vegas in 2020. It will be a permanent art exhibition.
  • Meow Wolf will be expanding to Denver in 2021, investing in a $60 million, 90,000-square-foot ambitious art exhibition.
  • Kaleidoscape (2019) is an artist-driven dark roller coaster. It is located at Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park in downtown Denver, Colorado, with several rides and entertainment options.
  • Meow Wolf, in partnership with the Cafritz Foundation, is expanding to Washington DC to build a three-level, 75,000 square foot structure located in the Fort Totten community.


  • "Meow Wolf readies its first expansion: an “experience shopping mall” set in a trippy art bazaar in Las Vegas called Area 15, poised to open next year. Then it’s on to Denver, where it’ll hatch a $60 million, 90,000-square-foot immersive art park in 2020 followed by a permanent exhibit in Washington, D.C. in 2022."
  • Meow Wolf, in partnership with the Cafritz Foundation, is expanding to Washington DC to build a three-level, 75,000 square foot structure located in the Fort Totten community.
  • Meow Wolf is also planning to expand to Austin but they are planning to visit SXSW first with its documentary film "Meow Wolf: Origin Story, and the virtual reality experience The Atrium."
  • Meow Wolf is releasing its documentary film Meow Wolf: Origin Story on November 29, 2019.
  • Tara Khozein and Gina Maciuszek, former employees of Immersive art company Meow Wolf, filed the lawsuit claiming that they were subjected to discrimination and unfair pay practices.
  • Meow Wolf, a New Mexico-based collective, recently announced plans to build a hotel that doubles as an immersive art installation in Roosevelt Row Arts District, near Garfield and Third streets in downtown Phoenix.
  • Meow Wolf's press center only contains external press releases.
  • Meow Wolf has several articles on their read page but none detail recent pop-ups only information on new and old artist, exhibitions in current installations, and social activities for raising awareness about various issues.
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Museum of Ice Cream

The Museum of Ice Cream was established by Maryellis Bunn, who also serves as the Creative Director, in 2016 and has four locations in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami. Recent reactions to the brand on Instagram have been predominately positive with followers praising the Museum of Ice Cream for its various flavors and stance on certain social matters. Additional information has been outlined below.


Company Overview


Installations and Services



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Wndr Museum

Wndr Museum is a compilation of thought-provoking art installations, with the idea of "wonder" as the guiding focus throughout.



  • The name "Wndr" is intended to evoke both “wander” and “wonder” — from chamber to chamber.
  • The museum is a compilation of thought-provoking art installations, with the idea of "wonder" as the guiding focus throughout.
  • Wndr’s immersive art "activations inspire and delight through all the senses".
  • Wndr Museum's intention is to "disrupt your idea of a traditional museum experience".
  • The mission of the museum is to help its attendees discover their own "unmatched creativity".
  • Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Room is a top attraction at the Wndr Museum as it is a first of its kind in Chicago.


  • Tickets cost $32 and are only available online.
  • Tickets to the museum are released in four-week blocks.
  • As at February 2019, Wndr Museum has welcomed 150,000 visitors already.
  • The museum is on pace to welcome 360,000 visitors in a year.


  • The museum is on Twitter and Instagram @wndrmuseum.
  • Wndr encourages visitors to take and share pictures inside the museum.
  • Their Instagram account mostly contains pictures of visitors in the museum with comments ranging from ticket inquiries to positive experiences in the place.
  • Its Facebook contains a lot of positive reactions from visitors and is recommended by 1,033 people.
  • They recently announced the availability of July tickets on their Facebook with most reactions being from people wanting to visit the museum.
  • About 28,894 check-ins have been recorded on their Facebook page.
  • Wndr Museum actively engages with people who tweet about it on its Twitter account.
  • Most people who visit the museum upload pictures with the 'wndrmuseum' hashtag.
  • The museum is rated 4.1/5 based on 646 Google reviews with the majority of visitors commending the experience.
  • A visitor recently rated Wndr poorly and stated that "the price didn't live up to the expectations", in which Wndr replied swiftly to provide reassurance.
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Candytopia is a four-month installation which "celebrates the vibrant colors and flavors of our favorite sugary delights across over a dozen environments, from flying unicorn pigs to a marshmallow tsunami." The installation is interactive. The social media response on Candytopia's platforms was very positive with friends tagging other friends, people asking about discounts and also it was full of praise from people who had an experience at any of the installations.


  • Candytopia is a four-month installation which "celebrates the vibrant colors and flavors of our favorite sugary delights across over a dozen environments, from flying unicorn pigs to a marshmallow tsunami." The installation is interactive.
  • A review of Candytopia in FoodBeast says that "Candytopia, which is like the Museum of Ice Cream but for candy, just opened up in Santa Monica. It's got over a dozen interactive attractions, including a candy art museum, a pig farting out glitter (I'm not kidding), and a chance to record a video of yourself getting chased down by a massive gumball, Indiana Jones style. There's also plenty of candy sculptures to take pics and have some fun with, including a life-sized candy dragon, a shark, and in true Instagram fashion, unicorns."
  • Candytopia’s founders are Jackie Sorkin, Zac Hartog, and John Goodman. Sorkin's full title is co-founder, creator and global candy artist, but she's also known as the "candy queen."
  • The best time of the whole experience can be found in the "marshmallow" ball pit. Not only would visitors be able to hop in and swim around, but the visitors can also feed the marshmallows into suction tubes around the sides of the pit to descend upon everybody inside.
  • The FoodBeast review also notes that "if you're not in a sugar coma by the end, there's a shop full of Candytopia swag and tons more treats to stuff your face with."
  • Those keen on getting in on this treat loaded experience can buy tickets on Candytopia's site.
  • The prices of tickets are $30 for grown-ups, $23 for children ages 4-12, and free for those 3 and under. Visitors can purchase up to 12 tickets at any given moment.
  • Candytopia was built on the premise of what would happen "if an eccentric chocolatier and a daredevil pop star had a whirlwind romance, got married while skydiving, and had a glamorous, glittering love child who grew up to rule a small nation."
  • Candytopia has locations in Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston, according to their website.


  • Candytopia’s Dallas installation was heralded as "a sugar rush on steroids," sending "visitors through an ultra-sensory trip straight out of a Willy Wonka dream, then leaves them blinking outside in the sunlight, sucking on a lollipop and wondering how they're going to describe this to their friends."
  • Candytopia is structured inside an "eco-friendly home improvement store" called Treehouse.
  • Candytopia's Dallas installation is "filled with larger-than-life-sized sculptures of pigs, seahorses, sharks and more, and they're all covered in real candy that you can touch. A favorite for Texans might be the unassuming Big Tex in the corner."
  • A GuideLive review of the Dallas installation notes that "Squishy is the best word to describe these sculptures."
  • Dallas is Candytopia's sixth pop-up installation and is expected to leave Dallas in July 2019.
  • According to Gothamist and MentalFloss, following successful stints in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, Candytopia headed to New York City summer of 2018 with a debut in New York City on August 15 at Penn Plaza at 145 West 32nd Street.
  • Candytopia, also opened up in Atlanta on February 8, 2019, after debuting the previous year in Santa Monica and popping up in San Francisco and New York City.


  • Great Picture-taking view: Candytopia is designed for picture taking with the opportunity for visitors to come up with different ways to capture the various pieces of candy decor. According to Atlanta Magazine, "there are also plenty of staff around to help you take photos, which is great for experiences like the marshmallow pit, where you might want to focus more on playing than pictures."
  • Kid friendly: With its bright world loaded up with mammoth candy sharks, treat knights, candy compositions, swings, see-saws, and a froth play pit, it is anything but difficult to perceive any reason why it won’t be the best place for kids. Be that as it may, it's similarly engaging for grown-ups, who will value the complexity in the candy works of art of Prince, Cardi B, the Mona Lisa, and Van Gogh's Starry Night.
  • Candy Everywhere: There are candy samples in every one of the installation's seven rooms. Atlanta Magazine notes that there are numerous "signs reminding you to take only a couple of pieces and not try to cram $30 worth of Lindt truffles into your bag. Posted signs also display allergen info and ingredients for all of the candies offered, of which most are non-chocolate sugary fare such as Pixie Stix, candy bracelets, and Airheads."
  • No Backward Movement: At Candytopia, visitors can’t go backward. This is because the route through the rooms is linear and one-way only.
  • Fun Facts: Atlanta Magazine explains that the signage in Candytopia provides "fun facts about each of the candy creations, so be sure to pause and read them, or snap photos to look at later. Each sign notes how long a candy sculpture took to make, how many pieces of candy are in it (and what types), and how many thousands of grams of sugar is in the creation."


  • The company has 213,000 followers on Instagram and is very active on Instagram, having made 479 posts.
  • Candytopia’s last post made on July 11, 2019, garnering a number of comments and likes.
  • The response was very positive with friends tagging other friends and people asking about discounts.
  • It also was full of praise from people who experienced any of the installations.


We were unable to find information concerning attendance and ticket sale information.

Our team commenced the research process through a thorough scan of the Candytopia’s official website. While we found information on the website that includes the company’s address, how to subscribe and buy tickets, and parties and events information, we could not locate any data concerning attendance and ticket sale information.

We went on to search for Candytopia's financial statements and annual reports. We could not locate any annual reports or financial statements published in any articles for Candytopia. Our assumption at this point was that Candytopia does not publicly declare their financial and annual reports.

The focus after that shifted towards the cross-referencing of credible news sources, blogs, and press releases in financial, regional, and business-oriented publications in order to uncover details about Candytopia’s ticket sales and attendance information. There was no information about attendance and ticket sales in any of these publications. We found irrelevant information like an article titled “Candytopia, the Interactive Art Installation Made of Sweet Treats, Is Coming to New York City” published by Mental Floss which gives details of the opening of a Candytopia installation in New York. We also found another article titled “The sugar rush that is Candytopia is a sweet spot at the Mall of America” published by TwinCities Pioneer Press, which provided details on what to expect at Candytopia’s Mall of America installation and ticket prices. However, there was no mention of ticket sales and attendance information.

The next strategy involved an X-ray search into the institution's social media platforms, including their Facebook and Instagram accounts. While we found updates and general posts on various topics within these platforms, none of those touched on ticket sales or attendance information.

In conclusion, after the above strategies, we could not find information on the number of ticket sales or information on attendance for Candytopia. It was determined that it was because the institution does not readily publicize their financial statements and annual reports. We could not find any base year from which we could make assumptions, triangulate or draw conclusions, or make calculations to determine information on ticket sales and attendance since Candytopia is pretty new.
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Individual Biographies - Part 1

Vincent Kadlubek is a native of Santa Fe, New Mexico and he graduated in 2000 from Santa Fe High School. He co-founded Meow Wolf in 2008 and is currently the CEO. Sean Di Lanni hails from Hopewell, New Jersey and he graduated in 2007 with degree in sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design. He is currently Executive Vice President of Exhibitions and Chief Operating Officer at Meow Wolf.



  • Vincent Kadlubek was born in Santa Fe on May 3, 1982. He graduated from Santa Fe High School in 2000. He was chair of Santa Fe planning commission.

Professional Experience

  • In 2006, Vince worked at Warehouse 21, an art and entertainment center in Santa Fe as a program coordinator.
  • He started Meow Wolf in 2008 with his partners in a leased building. He designed the business plan for Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which experienced unprecedented success in the first year of operation.
  • In 2017 Vince led Meow Wolf to open House of Eternal Return which consists of over 70 “explorable worlds” in a 20,000 square feet former bowling alley in Santa Fe and George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones author, was one of the investors.
  • The experience drew over 400,000 visitors and revenue of $6 million in just the first year. House of Eternal Return was ranked fourth on the 2018 global list of experiences by Time Out.
  • Vince was one of the project directors of the Narrative Team at Meow Wolf.

Existing Role with Meow Wolf

  • Vince is currently the CEO of Meow Wolf. He is seen as the company's force of vision who thinks of revolutionary ways to overturn conventional business prototypes as he creates tested and proven integral systems.
  • Vince works to co-create alternative realities and offer "unique, indescribable, transformative immersive art experiences to the world".



Professional Experience

  • Sean joined Meow Wolf a month after it was founded in 2008.
  • He helped to build Meow Wolf into an ambitious art production company and he was instrumental in bringing its visions to reality. Every facet of the development of House of Eternal Return, the pioneer permanent art experience of Meow Wolf, was supervised by Sean.
  • He was responsible for the implementation of Meow Wolf’s "shift from management of their flagship exhibition to the launch of an unprecedented creative studio" which was believed to have radically changed the essence of art and entertainment.
  • Sean was one of the project directors and artists of the Fab Team at Meow Wolf.

Existing Role with Meow Wolf

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Individual Biographies - Part 2

Caity Kennedy is the Art Director at Meow Wolf and Matt King is the Director of Creative and Fabrication. They are a couple and live together in Santa Fe. Below are their biographies.


1. Background

2. Professional Experience

  • Caity Kennedy has participated in several exhibitions, since 2006.
  • According to her Tumbler, she is also currently a project manager at The Wonder Institute in Santa Fe. However, the page was last updated in 2014.
  • Her last exhibit was "Art Mechanics" Group Show, Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe.
  • She did illustrations for a children's book called "Where Shall We Go, Big Black Crow?"

3. Existing Role With Meow Wolf

  • She is Meow Wolf's co-founder and the Senior Vice President for Creative Direction.
  • Currently, she is an Art Director.
  • Caity Kennedy was a director of the project, an artist, and part of the Art Fab Task Force.
  • The projects she has lead are Forest, Forest Trees, Artist Management, Building and Construction, Desert Trailer, Museum Cases, Lobby Interior and Murals, Silver Alley, Ghost Drawings Hallway, Credits Website, and Bar and Gift Shop Renovation.
  • The projects she has supported are The House, Arcade, Front Yard, Aspens, Caves, Saloon, Portrait Hallway, Ruins, Treenado and Cult of the Primary.


  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Tumbler
  • Meow Wolf Profile
  • Matt King about art: “I want people to have a feeling of happy, playfulness, I want them to feel good. I want them to make up their own narrative and then tell me what they get out of my work. I know what it means to me, I want to know what it means to them.”
  • About Meow Wolf: “The trajectory we’re on, I see us one day creating something like a Disneyland, where people come for the weekend and there’s more than they could ever see.”

1. Background

2. Professional Experience

  • From 2003 to 2007, he was a Leader in Training Coordinator and Outdoor Education instructor at Camp Amon Carter in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • From 2008 — present, he has been/is co-founder and co-owner of Meow Wolf Art Collective.
  • From 2008 – 2016 he was an estate manager and an assistant to Garth Clark and Mark Del Vecchio.
  • From 2011 – 2015, he was a contract preparator at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • He has shown his work at several galleries and art fairs in New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Connecticut, and Miami.

3. Existing Role With Meow Wolf

  • He is the Fabrication Director at Meow Wolf.
  • He is the Vice President of Creative.
  • Matt King was "one of the project's Artists and was part of the Fab Team."
  • The projects he has led are Aquarium, Arcade, Bowling Pin and Meow Wolf Signs, Fancy Town, Geodecedant, School Bus, The House, Saloon, Deer King, and Light Organ.
  • The projects he has supported are Desert Trailer, Front Yard, Lighthouse, Museum cases, Neon, Portals Bermuda, Ruins, Tv Tunnel, Stepopolis, Forest, Star Room, and Silver Alley.


We were not able to find Caity Kennedy's exact age after exhaustive research through her social media profile, professional profiles, and news articles mentions. We know that she graduated from college in 2006 and high school in 2002, so we assumed she was born between 1984 and 1985, which would mean she graduated from high school when she was 17-18 years old. We also could not confirm if she is still a project manager at Wonder Institute; however, there is no mention of her at the organization currently nor does she mention the organization on her Instagram page (her most up to date social media).
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Individual Biographies - Part 3

Benji Geary is a contemporary artist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and works for Meow Wolf as one of its founding members. Emily Montoya, on the other hand, is also one of the founding members and a director of artists at Meow Wolf who works as a contemporary artist particularly involved in the concept and graphic design of the company.



  • Benji Geary is a contemporary artist and one of the founding members of Meow Wolf, which is an arts and entertainment company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • He currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Geary has previously studied in the same class with fellow founding member, Emily Montana, at Santa Fe Community College where they both started the pursuit of learning to write in Kanji in Japanese 101.
  • Benji likes watching anime movies, playing video games, and listening to electronic music in his social time.

Professional Experience

  • Benji Geary has previously worked at a local business known as the United Goggle Alliance where he ventured into the job in an attempt to raise Santa Fe’s awareness of goggles as a fashion accessory. The reference for his works on this can be found on the walls of Wiggy’s Plasma Plex arcade, inside the exhibition.
  • He has been the leader of several creative projects at Meow Wolf. These projects have required the use of his skills and talents, such as in the areas of concept design, painting, and sculpting within the company.
  • Geary has also provided support for several creative projects. These projects have again required the use of his skills and talents, especially in the areas of wall treatment, graffiti work, advertising design, packaging design, fabrication, sculpting, installation assistance, cartoon development, acting, painting, and interior renovation.
  • Some of the projects, which he has been a leader in Meow Wolf, include a project by the name Arcade, where he was involved in its concept design, as well as doing the murals and paintings.
  • Glitch Beach is also the name of another project in which Geary played a prominent role as a leader and on this particular project, he was involved in its concept design as well as sculpting.
  • He has also been the leader of the project known as Portals Bermuda, where he was involved in the designing of the concept for that particular project, as well as the sanding and painting.

Existing Role with Meow Wolf



  • Emily Montoya is a contemporary artist and one of the directors of artists and founding member of Meow Wolf, which is an arts and entertainment company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • She is 31-years-old and an alumnus of Fort Lewis College, where she majored in art/media.
  • Montoya grew up in Santa Fe as a youngster with a particular interest in unconventional arts.
  • She is currently in a relationship as per her social media status update on Facebook.
  • One of her extra-curricular activities is being a DJ. She was a DJ at KDUR Radio, which is a Fort Lewis College community radio station in Durango, Colorado where she was known as DJ Galaga, and also owned a radio show.
  • In 2004, Montoya left the United States and ventured abroad to Japan, before returning to her hometown in Santa Fe in the U.S. in 2005.
  • Montoya attended the same class with one of her fellow founding members, Benji Geary at Santa Fe Community College, where they both pursued learning to write in Kanji in Japanese.
  • The subsequent years that followed after Montoya came back to the United States in her hometown of Santa Fe was that she positioned herself to pursue a career as a translator in the art world.
  • In 2008, she then met up with a group of some founding members of Meow Wolf and teamed up together with them to conceive the very idea that is today known as Meow Wolf, an idea that rotates around creating a concept of a new space for art and music.
  • Emily Montaya, in her social time, likes watching anime movies, playing video games and listening to electronic music.

Professional Experience

  • Emily Montaya lists herself on her Facebook social media as concurrently working at DJ Dirt Girl.
  • She has been the leader of a number of creative projects at Meow Wolf. These projects have required the use of her skills and talents, such as in the areas of concept design, graphic design of the logos, posters, billboards, and any other visual identity involved.
  • Montaya is one of six co-owners of Meow Wolf and the designer of the company's logo.
  • She has also been involved in providing support for a number of creative projects. These projects have required the use of her skills and talents such as lasser cutting, digital design, hand sensor fabrication, decal designs, and signage design of both the foyer and main lobby.
  • Some of the projects in which she has been a leader include Bowling Pin and Meow Wolf Signs, which she was involved in the actual designing.
  • Montaya has also played a supporting role in the designing of the interior of the lobby at Meow Wolf and the murals.

Existing Role with Meow Wolf

  • Emily Montaya is one of the directors of artists at Meow Wolf and takes a leadership role in certain projects within the company. These roles involve the concept design and the graphic design of the posters, logos, products, billboards, and any other visual identity that needs to be designed.


The research team started by exploring the main website of Meow Wolf and the profiles of both Benji Geary and Emily Montoya. We then sought to find out if both Benji Geary and Emily Montaya have LinkedIn where we could retrieve their professional information. However, they do not have LinkedIn pages.

Next, we explored their respective Facebook in an attempt to pull out any background information about where their families are from, where they grew up, or what they have started. Using this strategy, we were able to retrieve some information that would address some part of the request. Mexico.
We then sought to explore publications like the Business Insider, Forbes, Durango Telegraph, and across YouTube channels in search of any interviews both or any of the individuals have ever given, especially related to Meow Wolf. We also tried to find any other professional experience at work, not just at Meow Wolf. This strategy also yielded useful information that would address the rest of the request.
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Individual Biographies - Part 4

Corvas Brinkerhoff ages 35 years old, founded Meow Wolf in 2008. Drew Trujillo attended the University of New Mexico in Films, Independent Studies and currently works a board member of Santa Fe Art Institute.



Professional Experience

  • Prior to working at Meow Wolf, Corvas Brinkerhoff worked at Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Fe as Visual Arts Coordinator from July 2011 to October 2012.
  • He was responsible for overhauling the visual arts department operation, coordinating with the art exhibitions installation, empowering curatorial leadership, among others.
  • He formerly works as self-employed by putting up his own design company, Corvas Design Company in 2008 which ran for 6yrs and 3 months. He offered his services in exhibition design, graphic design, web development, lighting, and other design services.

Role at Meow Wolf



Professional Experience

Existing Role at Meow Wolf

  • Drew Trujillo started at Meow Wolf on July 2017 and currently working as Director of Technology. His focus is in collaboration with project management, sound teams, architecture/design fabrication and arts in Denver and Las Vegas branches.
  • Some of his responsibilities involve budgeting and resource management where he manages and helps in overseeing and tracking budgets, inventory, and costs for the tech team. He also supervises team building and project development for training and hiring applicants, project prioritization, developing innovations and managing the direction of R&D department.


We started researching by looking through biography databases such as Spokeo, Radaris, and MyLife to find personal background and information for Corvas Brinkerhoff and Drew Trujillo. However, the use of these databases is limited due to the comprehensive reports are locked behind a paywall. We leveraged the use of publicly, albeit limited, the information found on these sites.

Next, we went to each social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagrams to get a glimpse of their background information. LinkedIn provides a wealth of information about their professional data, but unfortunately, their social media accounts are rarely used, or he has low activity, which some of these accounts has last posts of about a year or two ago. We checked their past posts to find any information about them such as their birthdays, legal status, hobbies, etc. But whatever prior posts they had in the past were impersonal or not relevant to their personal information. Additionally, we performed a press scan to find any interviews, press releases or mentions of these two since they are affiliated with an innovative company Meow Wolf. In doing this, we leveraged business and technology sites, media news outlets and magazine publications such as Forbes, NY Times, Rolling Stone, Tech Crunch, Crunchbase and other similar sites. While there were articles and interviews found, much of these are related to their company Meow Wolf such how it started, updates, etc, none found about their personal lives.

As a final strategy, we attempted to triangulation our assumption, but there some areas in their personal background that cannot be assumed such as age and/or birthdays. In the case of Corvas Brinkerhoff, we were able to locate his age. However, we could not find any specific information about his birth date. In the case of Drew Trujillo, there was no information found at all. That said, we did triangulate the range of his age based on the age when he graduated from college. We assumed that he graduated around age 22 to 25. From this information, we have counted his age to the present year which makes him around in his 50s. In the cases of both individuals, we looked through press releases, news articles, and any available data on their public profiles. However, their legal statuses could not be found. For Corvas Brinkerhoff, his Twitter profile pic shows him with a woman. However, we cannot make an assumption based on this whether he is married. Since these accounts are inactive and the legality of the term, this cannot be determined. In the case of Drew Trujillo, there was no information on either individuals' legal status found after an exhaustive search.

From Part 02
From Part 04
  • "If you've been a big fan of the Instagram favorite Museum of Ice Cream, there's a similar new attraction in town for you to add to your social media feeds. Candytopia, which is like the Museum of Ice Cream but for candy, just opened up in Santa Monica. It's got over a dozen interactive attractions, including a candy art museum, a pig farting out glitter (I'm not kidding), and a chance to record a video of yourself getting chased down by a massive gumball, Indiana Jones style."
  • "Want to see the Mona Lisa, without buying a plane ticket to Paris? Want to jump into a marshmallow pit the size of a swimming pool? Unless you're on a no-sugar diet, the answer's yes. Candytopia is the definition of a guilty pleasure."
  • "Upon arrival at Candytopia‘s Steampunk-esque gate, a small group of people in blue jumpsuits walk the guests through the rules. Yes, you can touch all of the artwork on display throughout the 14,000-square-foot exhibition. But please, don’t lick it. "
  • "A colorful exhibition is sharing some eye candy—and actual candy—with visitors. The sweet art pop-up, called Candytopia, is heading to New York City this summer following successful stints in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, Gothamist reports. "
  • "If you ever dreamed of nibbling your way through Candyland or scoring a Golden Ticket, you’ve come to the right place. Treat yourself to Candytopia, and let your tastebuds and your imagination soar!"
From Part 07
  • "Case in point: Cathy Laughlin. In 2003 Laughlin was learning to write in kanji in Japanese 101 at the Santa Fe Community College. Her career path at the time was leading her into tech and computer programming. In that class, however, she met Emily Montoya and Benji Geary, who would go on to co-found Meow Wolf a few years later."
  • "Montoya and Geary have a lived aesthetic that seeps into everything they make, wear, consume or even say. Laughlin met Geary just as he was entering his “UGA phase.” The United Goggle Alliance was Gearys attempt to raise Santa Fe’s awareness of goggles as a fashion accessory. Today, you can find a reference to UGA on the walls of Wiggy’s Plasma Plex arcade inside the exhibition. Montoya and Geary’s larger-than-life personalities attracted Laughlin’s attention."
  • "Emily and Benji were geeking out over their shared love of anime, video games and electronic music. For Laughlin, her involvement with the Santa Fe art scene began socially. "
  • "One of six co-owners (and designer of the logo) is 31-year-old former Fort Lewis College art/media arts major and KDUR DJ, Emily Montoya."
  • "Growing up in Santa Fe, with its older population, was a bit of a challenge for the young art misfit."
  • "As an aside, I met Montoya in 2002 through KDUR, where she was known as DJ Galaga and had a fine radio show. Her and I quickly bonded over similar artistic inclinations and love of music, even forming musical supergroup Warrior, which captivated audiences at numerous KDUR cover nights"
  • "After leaving Durango in 2004, Montoya went to Japan, before returning to Santa Fe in 2005. "
  • "But she stayed in her hometown, where she positioned herself to pursue a career as a translator or in the art world. However, plans changed in 2008 when she met up with a group of 10 like-minded early-twentysomethings to conceive of a new space for art and music. At their first meeting, the new collective chose the name “Meow Wolf” by voting on the best combination of random words they’d written down."
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