Mental Health Conversations

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Mental Health Conversations - Part 1

The key people leading the conversation about mental health are: Hilary Hendel, Natasha Tracy, Dr. Denise McDermott, and David Susman.






Your team started by searching for articles or journals that listed the top influencers leading the conversation on mental health. Then we chose three lists and did a comparison and chose the influencers that appeared on two list or all the lists. We analyzed the profiles of the influencers in terms of their experience, academic qualifications and achievements that made them stand out to be top influencers. We also factored in the number of social media followers.
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Mental Health Conversations - Part 2

Key people who are leading conversations about mental health include Tanya J. Peterson, Dennis Simsek, Jodi Aman, Douglas Cootey, and Miriam Slozberg. The blogs owned by Tanya J. Peterson, Dennis Simsek, and Jodi Aman have been listed on Healthline’s best anxiety blogs in 2019. The blogs owned by Douglas Cootey and Miriam Slozberg have been listed on Healthline’s best depression blogs in 2019.





  • Douglas Cootey’s website/blog can be accessed via this link.
  • He has 2,058 followers on Twitter.
  • On March 17, 2019, Cootey tweeted “if social media intensifies your #depression or #anxiety, take a break.”
  • On March 27, 2019, he tweeted that “showering and dressing up helps improve your mood.”
  • His blog called A Splintered Mind has been named one of the best depression blogs in 2019 by Healthline.
  • A Splintered Mind featured content such as how stress may lead to suicidal depression, how viewing sunsets can help alleviate stress and depression, and other topics related to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, and suicide.
  • Cootey has not written a book that focused specifically on mood, anxiety, or stress, but has published a book called Saying "No" to Suicide that featured several coping strategies to overcome suicidal urges.


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Mental Health Conversations - Part 3

The additional 5 key people who are leading conversations about mental health include; Brien Blatt, Hattie Gladwell, Patrick J Kennedy, Jordan Brown and Claire Eastham.







According to Jordan Brown, one of the key persons leading conversations about mental health and a founder of Nerve10, twitter has become a widely used social media platform for authentic mental health conversations. Therefore, after a wide search on various sites on top influencers leading the conversation on mental health, we decided to pick 5 key people with the highest number of followers on twitter, as our top influencers. After eliminating the already mentioned key people in Request 1 and 2, we considered the people with the highest number of followers from our three lists; Ten Mental Health Influencers You Should Be Following in 2019, Top Mental Health Influencers on Twitter and The Top Ten Mental Health Influencers On Twitter.
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Mental Health Conversations - Part 4

Some additional key people who are leading conversations about mental health on their social media accounts, blogs, or printed books are Therese Borchard, Mark Henick, Dr. Jessica Clemons, Jonny Benjamin, and Dr. Alice Boyes.

Jonny Benjamin

  • Jonny Benjamin is a mental health advocate, campaigner, vlogger, public speaker, film producer, and author. He is also the founder of Beyond Shame Beyond Stigma, a mental health foundation in the United Kingdom that supports young people.
  • Jonny Benjamin has authored numerous articles on the subject of mental health such as coping with stress, depression, and anxiety and has given interviews on print, radio, and TV to help spread awareness and break the stigma. He has also presented and produced documentaries on Channel 4 and BBC Three on suicide and mental health.
  • Jonny Benjamin launched a program called ThinkWell in 2016 for secondary schools across the United Kingdom, focusing on mental health. He has also published his book, "The Stranger on the Bridge: My Journey from Despair to Hope" and "Pill After Pill: Poems From A Schizophrenic Mind" will be published in 2020.
  • Jonny Benjamin has over 42,400 followers on Twitter and over 12,300 subscribers on YouTube.
  • His website can be accessed here.

Mark Henick

  • Mark Henick is considered to be a popular mental health influencer, advocate, and strategist. Henick regularly talks to people about mental illness, mental health, advocacy, suicide, recovery, and hope. In most of his talks, he draws on his professional and personal experiences with the mental health system to open the minds of people and bring awareness about "the societal stigma against mental illness".
  • Mark Henick's TEDx talk segment titled "Why We Choose Suicide" has over 5.9 million views and currently is one of the most-watched videos online. He also hosts a podcast titled "So-Called Normal" where he talks with various guests on mental health, anxiety, pain, and resilience.
  • Mark Henick's work has been featured in several media publications such as CNN, The Sun, the Chicago Tribune, Entertainment Tonight, Reader's Digest, The Epoch Times, Trud, and AsiaOne. He has also appeared in numerous radio, online, and print features, and has appeared in over a hundred TV segments.
  • He has over 19,300 followers on Twitter and there are over 23,000 tweets around mental health on his Twitter page.
  • Mark Henick's website can be accessed here and his LinkedIn profile can be accessed here.

Dr. Alice Boyes

  • Dr. Alice Boyes is an acclaimed author of two books, "The Anxiety Toolkit" and "The Healthy Mind Toolkit". Her first book, The Anxiety Toolkit, made it into the Wall Street Journal's bestseller list.
  • Dr. Alice Boyes also writes for the blog, Psychology Today, in her segment titled "In Practice" where she discusses various aspects of mental health such as anxiety, pain, and depression. Her articles have garnered over 11 million views in total. Her work was also featured in Good Magazine and Harvard Business Review.
  • She has over 11,500 followers on Twitter and has posted about 5,255 tweets so far.
  • Dr. Alice Boyes' website can be accessed here and her LinkedIn profile can be accessed here.

Therese Borchard

  • Therese Borchard is a mental health advocate and writer whose mission is to provide "a light in the darkness and help people feel less alone in their struggle for wellness". She has appeared on shows such as ABC News Now and Fox & Friends and has authored various articles on mental health for several national publications such as USA Today, O Magazine, and Psychology Today.
  • Therese Borchard has authored two books titled "The Pocket Therapist: An Emotional Survival Guide" and "Beyond Blue: Surviving Depression & Anxiety and Making the Most of Bad Genes".
  • Therese Borchard has been named as one of the top 10 influencers by ShareCare in the Online Depression Community.
  • On her blog, Therese Borchard writes primarily about depression and anxiety in a relatable and straightforward fashion, including her own struggles with mental health, working with various doctors, managing medications, and exploring alternative therapies.
  • She has 6,773 followers on Twitter.
  • Therese Borchard's website can be accessed here and her LinkedIn profile can be accessed here.

Dr. Jessica Clemons

  • Dr. Jessica Clemons is an acclaimed psychiatrist who has been recognized as a leader in advocating for wellness and mental health and works towards reducing the societal stigma primarily within the black community. She utilizes the various social media platforms to educate society and lead conversations on mental health and illness.
  • Dr. Jessica Clemons was selected to be showcased on VH1's show, "In Session Live: With Dr. Jess", where she was the first to provide live therapy. She has been featured in numerous media outlets such as ABC News, CNN, Essence, The Breakfast Club, and Forbes where she speaks about mental health, coping with grief, abuse, pain, and stress. She has obtained a 70.09% engagement rate on YouTube for her videos on "In Session Live: With Dr. Jess".
  • Dr. Jessica Clemons has garnered 3,238 followers on Twitter and has over 64,100 followers on Instagram.
  • Her website can be accessed here and her LinkedIn profile can be accessed here.

Research Strategy

We began our search by looking into industry-specific reports, from websites such as Forbes and Influencer Intelligence, that provided a list of some top mental health influencers and bestselling authors in the world. We obtained various lists of key influencers who are currently leading conversations about mental health on their social media accounts, blogs, and books. Each influencer from these lists was individually researched and five key mental health advocates were selected. The identified individuals have gathered a large audience over time and have made a significant contribution to society in advocating for mental health and working to reduce stigma. The key influencers have been presented in terms of the number of followers on their social media accounts.


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