Men and Hair Advice

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Men and Hair Advice

There is a greater chance that men are more receptive to hair advice from male than from female stylists. This was determined based on the following facts: almost 50% of men follow advice from their hairstylists, 44% of men cut their hair at barbershops, and 76% of barbershop workers are men. Below is an overview of the findings.

Do Men Ask For Hair Advice?

  • According to a study conducted by Modern Salon media, stylists/barbers said men ask for their advice on how to cut their hair 67% of the time.
  • Men themselves said they only rely on advice from the professionals 46% of the time.
  • Eighty-two percent of men said their own opinion matters the most when choosing a haircut.
  • Sixty-three percent of men consider the opinion of others.

Gender Preference for Hair Cuts

Salons or Barbershops?

The Workforce at Barbershops

  • About 92.3% of barbers work at barbershops.
  • About 76.1% of barbers are male thus approximately 51,100 workers in the USA.
  • Only 23.9% of barbers are women.

Experimenting With Hairstyles and Frequency of Salon or Barbershop Visits

  • The professionals interviewed at Modern Salon Media research said a little more than 25% of men change their hairstyle regularly. On the other hand, 40% affirmed they are willing to experiment with their hairstyle.
  • Two-thirds of men said they rarely or never change their hairstyle.
  • Almost half of the men surveyed cut their hair every four weeks (47%).
  • African American men cut their hair more frequently.

How Influential Are Influencers or Famous People?

  • The research showed most men do not rely on influencers when choosing a haircut.
  • When they do look for inspiration, they mostly follow David Beckham, Adam Levine, Brad Pitt and/or George Clooney's hairstyle.
  • The most trendy male style influencers (and this includes hair styling), according to Real Men Real Style, are: Adam Gallagher, Mariano Divaio, Will Taylor, Fabio Attanasio, Johannes Huebl, Phil Cohen, Jim Chapman, Men With Class, Justin Liv, and David Gandy.


Grooming Habits and Products

  • American men spend on average 48 minutes per day styling their hair and beard.
  • They also use on average 4.1 grooming products.
  • With regard to about age, millennial men buy more hair products than Generation X and Baby Boomers.


As we were unable to find any direct data about men accepting hair advice from female or male stylists, we had to expand our research. First, we had to limit our approach to men that go to barbers or salons because we were not able to find data on the general customer. We decided to study the preferences and behavior of men that go to salons or barbershops in order to identify from which professionals they are receiving advice. Second, the research upon which we based our conclusion, made no distinction between the age groups. Therefore, the conclusion applies to men in general, regardless of age.
From our research we discovered that almost 50% of men go to barbershops instead of salons. We verified which hair professionals worked primarily in barber shops to determine from who men are getting advice. Then we discovered that 3/4 of barbershop workers are male. Last, we found that almost half of the men interviewed get advice from the people cutting their hair. From these facts we concluded that most hair advice comes from men.