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Ravenry, Upwork, Speedlancer,, and are some companies that communicate pricing models, which includes both membership and a per unit cost.

Companies That communicate pricing models that includes a membership + a per unit cost

1. Ravenry

  • The company offers a user-based pricing strategy and provides details about the features customers get upon subscription, as well as per unit costs.
  • Ravenry's pricing model is simple and straightforward.
  • Ravenry does not disclose service pricing on its pricing page; instead, they require that customers contact them to get details. This strategy can spark interest and is intended to decrease the perceived risk of leads turning away after reviewing pricing information.
  • For Ravenry's enterprise feature, clients pay a subscription fee on top of the unit price.
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2. Upwork

  • Pricing model communication: Upwork uses Overage Strategy for its pricing model. They lock in customers to get a base plan and charge separately for extra usage.
  • Upwork has a simple pricing model and does not present many packages as consumers could get turned off by the need to evaluate all the options and may walk away from the purchase decision entirely.
  • Upwork uses price metric to show how they measure the cost for customers and provide detailed descriptions of the pricing plans. It also shows the process of how customers can upgrade and downgrade a membership plan with details including subscription and unit prices.
  • On Upwork, the cost for an additional connection under the Freelancer and Agency plan is $1.
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3. Speedlancer


  • communicates its pricing model with Multiple Edition Strategy. It offers five plans with different features and prices.
  • provides paid options for multiple groups.
  • gives details on how customers can upgrade their membership and the monthly and annual costs associated with it.
  • Billed annualy,'s Basic + subscription price is $8.95 per month. The Professional plan is $15.95 per month.
  • The job fee on is 8.95% on the Basic + plan, and 6.95% on the Professional subscription.
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  • Freelancer uses Multiple Edition Strategy for communicating its pricing model with a freemium offering.
  • provides five plans and includes different features and prices for each, creating paid options for multiple groups.
  • The cost per unit fee pricing model includes more text than numbers as they provide detailed descriptions of the various benefits, features, costs, and services a customer can get by using their services.
  • For hourly projects, a fee of 3% is levied on each payment that is made to a freelancer through the platform.
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Research Strategy:

We analyzed website copy for companies such as Technavio, Grandview Research, Allied Market Research, Markets & Markets, and others. Since their pricing structure consisted of subscription-based pricing models only, we expanded our scope and investigated other research and knowledge-based companies including Upwork, Freelancer, As these are using a pricing model where they offer subscriptions and a per-unit cost.