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Company Analysis - Melitta

Founded in 1908, Melitta Group is a multi-national company that operates in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Melitta USA and Melitta Canada are some of the company's subsidiaries. The company manufactures and markets coffee, pour-overs, coffee filters, and coffeemakers. Since 2017, the Melitta Group has only acquired one company; Cuki Group. More information on Melitta's products, customers, and partnerships has been outlined below.


  • Melitta Group of Minden, Germany is a family owned group of companies with several operations worldwide.
  • In North America, the company manufactures roasted coffee, coffee filters, and capsules.
  • Melitta offers its products directly to other companies and consumers.
  • Melitta's products are also distributed to different retail channels.
  • Its key markets in North America include the US and Canada, however, its products are also sold in the Caribbean, Mexico, and in Central America.
  • Melitta North America is a privately held subsidiary of Melitta Group headquartered in Clearwater, Florida.
  • Melitta USA and Melitta Canada are the divisions of Melitta North America.
  • At Melitta USA, products are distributed to retail companies in the US, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.
  • Melitta Canada distributes to retail channels in Canada alone.
  • Melitta claims that it is the top coffee filters brand in North America.
  • Melitta is widely known as the brand that invented and created paper coffee filter.


  • Melitta offers roast & ground coffee, whole bean coffee, keurig style single serve coffee, and coffee pods.
  • The company also manufactures and markets cone filters, basket filters, filters for keurig style brewers, and tea filters.
  • Melitta offers a wide range of pour overs including pour-over coffeemakers and pour-over carafe sets.
  • Although Melitta is widely known for its coffee, the company also sells electric kettles and drip coffeemakers.
  • The company recently expanded its range of pour overs.
  • As an effort to be socially responsible, Melitta introduced fully compostable coffee pods to its Canadian market in 2016.
  • Melitta's products can be bought in bulk by businesses.


  • Melitta primarily focuses on both B2B and B2C market segments.
  • Melitta has been recognized for being a top B2B coffee roaster in North America.
  • The company also has a huge B2C business segment and mainly sells its products for home use.
  • In its B2B segment, Melitta caters to companies in all industries that are interested in bulk coffee purchases and coffee machines.
  • In its B2C division, Melitta's consumers are mainly Caucasians over 65 years old.
  • Melitta's products are sold in North & South America, Europe, and Asia.
  • In the Americas, its products are primarily offered in Brazil, Canada, and the United States.
  • In Europe, its products are sold in Austria, France, Switzerland, Greece, Poland, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Great Britain, Russia, Belgium, Czech Republic, and Latvia among many other countries.
  • Melitta's core markets in Asia are Vietnam, China, and Korea.

Partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions

  • Melitta has partnered with food service sector companies including C-Stores, the Military, Chain Restaurants, and companies in the Healthcare/Hospitality sector.
  • The company is open to private label and branded roasting partnerships.
  • While Melitta US has not merged with or bought out any company, its parent company has acquired a few companies.
  • Melitta signed a multi-year partnership with Manchester United in November 2017.
  • As a result of Melitta's partnership with Manchester United, Melitta Group will be the club's first official coffee partner.
  • On August 2018, Melitta Group completely acquired Cuki Group SpA, an Italian company that manufactures storage products, food packaging products, cling films, food containers, and several other products.
  • Melitta's acquisition of Cuki was worth over 250 million euros.


  • On the 27th of February 2019, AP News reported that Melitta North America was releasing new coffeemakers, specifically the Cafe Euro Thermal Coffeemaker, Carafe Set, and Artisan Pour-Over Coffeemaker.
  • Melitta's new pour over line, the Heritage Series Pour Over, was recently recognized by the Independent as one of the best manual coffee machines in the US.

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Davide Viola

Davide Viola is a senior marketer who currently serves as the VP of Melitta North America. Viola is a private person who is not present on social media unless it is regarding his work achievements or projects regarding Melitta. He is known to be very focused on self-development and is fascinated by the concept of staying disciplined.


  • Davide was born in Toronto, Ontario and is still a Toronto resident.
  • Viola is married and has two young children.
  • Davide graduated with honors from St. Michael’s College School and also attended York University’s Schulich School of Business.
  • Viola said for himself to be an avid fisherman. He also enjoys cycling, golf, hockey. During his free time, he most likes spending time with his family.
  • He is known to be highly focused on self-development. Viola's personal tagline and belief is "Discipline: The grease of performance" and believes "discipline is the grease of performance to unlocking people, brand, and business growth."
  • During his career, Viola is known to have launched new businesses that are still operational today. He is also known to have turned around numerous brands.
  • David Voile is a donor to Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.
  • In his professional life, Viole is a fan of Dine Discoveries which is a market research agency. Catherine, one of the founders of the company, has been his colleague and friend for a long time.
  • Davide Viole was a judge at PROMO! Awards in 2013. PROMO! Awards celebrate "breakthrough creative, strategic brilliance and outstanding results in the experiential and brand activation space."
  • In this YouTube video where Davide talks about Melitta coffee, his presentation style can be studied.
  • Aside LinkedIn, no social media account of Davide Viole was available.
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Melitta's Marketing Strategies

The marketing strategies that Melitta uses for the US and Canada revolve around deploying digital and social media campaigns that aim to accomplish the following: highlight the premium quality of its coffee and related products, promote sustainability goals, and invite its customers to indulge in the Melitta European coffee experience. Some of the differences between the marketing initiatives of Melitta's US and Canada branches involve the use of taglines, social media post contents, and scope of focus in their company profiles.


Melitta North America

  • Melitta, a company producing coffee and coffee-brewing products belong to the privately-held Melitta Group of Minden in Germany. The Melitta North America branch is composed of Melitta USA and Melitta Canada.
  • In the region, Melitta is strongly pursuing its target to establish its brand share in all the channels for the company's high-end products. The main priority is on coffee-related products, and the plan is to bring in a vast array of new products, build a solid marketing plan, establish focused sales initiatives, and license the Melitta trademark.
  • Melitta North America is also continuously promoting sustainable initiatives over the years. The division is collaborating with the company's global team in deploying its sustainability solutions and reporting systems.

Melitta Canada

  • Melitta Canada deals with the retailing and promotion of Melitta brand of coffee, filters, and brewing systems in Canada and is based in Toronto, Ontario. The branch distributes the products to all the retail channels in Canada.
  • Melitta Canada highlighted that that company aims to provide the "very best-of-the-best gourmet coffee beans" with its high-end World Harvest Coffee Collection. The company is proud of the fact that their coffee products are 100% Fair Trade-certified in order to support the farming community and contribute to their sustainability goals.
  • The company also donates yearly to the Canadian Forestry Association which aims to have more new trees planted.
  • Melitta Canada also highlighted the information that the company has more than 100 years of experience in perfecting their coffee. The company's message to its customers revolves around providing the best coffee for them as they invoke this tagline: "Me-time is Melitta time."
  • Melitta Canada's marketing strategy also involves promoting the brand in social media platforms such as on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • In Melitta's Facebook account with 30,298 followers, the campaigns revolve around sharing daily living scenes that feature its coffee. There are also posts about sustainability goals, recycling tips, how-to videos, Canadian events, and holidays.
  • In Melitta Canada's Instagram site with 1,051 followers, the platform emphasizes the wide variety of options available to its customers as the company invites them to "Join the Pursuit for Better Coffee™!"
  • On the platform, the brand also highlighted its commitment to sustainability by stating that its facilities are solar-powered. The brand uses the tagline,"Roasted Sustainably."
  • Melitta Canada's YouTube channel has 30 subscribers and presents several videos under the Melitta Filmmaker series. The videos contain scenes from everyday life that features the brand.
  • The brand also recounts its history to the consumers by posting an image of a brass pot that is filled with holes and blotting papers. This old apparatus became the "Pour-Over™" model of the brand.
  • The brand also employs several promotional hashtags on its Instagram posts such as the following:"#MyMelitta, #MelittaCanada, #MakeItMelitta, #Coffee, #CoffeeTime, #CoffeeLover, #JoinThePursuit, #ILoveCoffee, #CoffeeBean, #CoffeeSesh, #CoffeeLove, #CoffeeDate, #CoffeeFix, #CoffeeBeans, #CoffeeTalk, #CoffeeBreak, #CoffeeIsLife, and #CoffeePlease."

Melitta USA

  • Melitta USA sells and promotes Melitta products such as coffee, filters, and pour-over coffee brewing sets. The target sales channels of the US branch are the following: US, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.
  • Melitta USA' marketing strategies involve social media campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. The company also issues press releases and various articles on its official country-specific website.
  • Melitta USA's Instagram tagline is the following: "Bringing European indulgence to life for over 100 years for the ultimate coffee experience." The platform features the various products of the company in various settings for its 1,714 followers.
  • The brand also uses several promotional hashtags on Instagram posts such as the following:#PourOverCoffee, #coffeegeek, #coffeeculture, #coffeeshops, #coffeeeee, and #coffee_inst.
  • The company's Twitter page highlights its marketing campaign that revolves around Melitta film-maker series films that are released per month. The videos showcase Melitta's products being used in everyday settings, instructions on how to use the products, holiday greetings, sale events, sustainability videos, and others.
  • The company also posted several videos in their various social media accounts that encourage consumers to buy in bulk in order to save more.
  • Melitta USA' press campaign emphasized the company's progressive sustainability goals by announcing the completion of solar panel installations at their long-time roasting facility in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The theme of its sustainability initiatives is the following: "Powered by the Sun."
  • This sustainable facility manufactures the entire range of Melitta's coffee products that will be sold in major retail chains and specialty stores in the US.
  • The company's reports to the press also involve its new products such as the resurfacing of previous models like the "Pour-Over™ cup."
  • Melitta USA' Facebook page with 132,159 followers features the history of the brand and also entices customers through the following tagline: "Join the pursuit for better coffee."
  • The platform also contains a video advertisement that incorporates the feedback of its customer. The video demonstrates how to prepare pour-over coffee and incorporates the following customer feedback: "man, that's really, really good."
  • The video also featured their tagline for their US campaigns: "Join the pursuit for better coffee."
  • The company's Facebook page also features several tips for its customers on how to recycle coffee-making by-products.
  • The US branch's YouTube channel has 542 subscribers and features several videos of everyday scenes under the Melitta Filmmaker series initiative. The Melitta brand is prominently featured in the videos.
  • Melitta USA' Pinterest channel has around 640.5k monthly viewers. On the platform, the company highlights the 100-year coffee-making experience of the company and the way that it is keeping the European indulgence alive.


Based on the marketing campaigns of the US and Canadian branches, the following are the inferred differences:
  • Based on its company profile, Melitta Canada's campaign message is more focused on highlighting the company's edge of having the "very best-of-the-best gourmet coffee beans" with its high-end World Harvest Coffee Collection. It also highlighted its 100% Fair Trade certification.
  • Meanwhile, Melitta USA's company profile highlighted more the overall goals of the global company such as its product innovation and sustainability plans.
  • In terms of social media marketing, some differences seen involves the use of taglines.
  • Melitta USA's Instagram tagline is the following: "Bringing European indulgence to life for over 100 years for the ultimate coffee experience.
  • In Melitta Canada's Instagram site, the company uses the following tagline: "Join the Pursuit for Better Coffee™!"
  • In the case of the promotional posts for the company's sustainability campaigns, Melitta Canada's tagline is as follows: "Roasted Sustainably." Meanwhile, Melitta USA's sustainability campaign tagline is "Powered by the Sun."
  • Other differences include posts about sale events that encourage customers to buy Melitta products in bulk in the US branch. In the Canadian branch's social media platforms, there was more focus on celebrating local events in the country.
  • Melitta USA is also more prolific in posting content on Instagram with around 814 posts versus the 496 posts of Melitta Canada.
  • On the other hand, Melitta Canada is more generous in its use of numerous promotional hashtags per Instagram posts as compared to Melitta USA's relatively fewer hashtags.
  • Furthermore, Melitta Canada's social media presence is limited to three platforms, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Meanwhile, its US-based counterpart uses Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram as part of its social media marketing strategy.


In order to address the request, we first searched for directly available information on the marketing strategies of Melitta's US and Canadian divisions. We looked for this information in various sources such as in the official company websites, annual reports, and other company-related sources; marketing industry reports such as those from Digital Agency Network, Moat, Strategy Online, Ad Weekly, Adage, Martech Today, and other related sites; business publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, and others; media outlets such as CNBC, The Globe and Mail, CNN, and others; consulting sites like Deloitte, PWC, and other relevant sources. Based on this search approach, we were not able to find an article or a report that directly stated the marketing strategies of the company. What we found are scattered pieces of information that contain some data on the action steps and the types of channels that the company uses to engage its customers. We also found some potential sources of the marketing strategies of coffee-brewing companies but the reports from Business Tech Hub, Opera News Now, and Coffeebi were all behind a paywall.
We also looked for the advertising agencies that handle Melitta's North American account by using sites such as Adforum, Winmo, and others. We hoped to check the agency website to determine if they have published the marketing strategies that their clients use. However, given that this is a piece of proprietary information, we found no available reports that contain Melitta's marketing strategies.
We also looked for interview snippets, statements, and surveys to determine if there are company executives, marketing experts, and professionals who have given their views on Melitta's marketing strategies. Based on our search, we were not able to locate these surveys or interviews that revolve around the company's marketing strategies. Given the lack of directly available information on the marketing strategies of Melitta, we worked on putting together the various pieces of information that we found from the several sources mentioned above on how the company promotes its products to their customers in the US and Canadian regions. We then came up with the findings in the section above.