Meijer and Marathon Petroleum Corporation Loyalty Programs

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Meijer and Marathon Petroleum Corporation Analysis

One aspect of Meijer's brand positioning is that the company has a reputation for freshness and the company has 246 retail stores across six states. An aspect of Marathon's brand positioning is its longstanding history in America and the company has 6,813 retail sites/stores across the U.S.


1. Brand Positioning

  • Meijer's brand positioning centers around five main pillars — Serving customers, being a family business, continuous improvement/innovation, freshness, and ensuring a healthy and safe environment for shoppers and employees.
  • With regard to customer service, Meijer is dedicated to exceeding customers' expectations and thrives on fulfilling their needs. The origin of that aspect of the company's brand positioning came from its founder, Fred Meijer, who had a famous saying that "[c]ustomers don't need us, we need them."
  • As a family business, Meijer "believe[s] in treating each other with dignity and respect. We are committed to strengthening the communities we serve."
  • With regard to continuous improvement/innovation, Meijer recognizes that retailing changes in a hurry and thus the need for continuous improvement is ongoing. As such, "Meijer is committed to keeping our competitive spirit strong and staying nimble and flexible to win in the marketplace."
  • The company states that freshness is what it "is known for." Meijer embraces the freshness aspect of its brand positioning and applies it not only to food, but also to innovation so that customers can be better served.
  • With regard to health and safety, Meijer works to ensure that customers' shopping experience is safe and the services it provides and products it sells promote healthier lives for its customers. Meijer also works to ensure that the work environment it provides for employees is both healthy and safe.
  • Outside of those brand positioning pillars stated on Meijer's website, we also found an article stating that Meijer positions its "brand as more than a supercenter." Additionally, another source described the company's brand positioning as "offer[ing] quality products at good prices."

2. Stores by State

  • Meijer has a total of 246 retail stores across six states in the U.S. (Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana).
  • We were able to create a breakdown of 233 of Meijer's stores by state. The reasons we couldn't create a breakdown for all 246 stores by state are because (1) Meijer's store locator tool wasn't working properly on its website, (2) Meijer doesn't publish an annual report that's publicly available, and (3) we didn't find any article that provided such a breakdown of the number of stores by state.
  • The breakdown of Meijer stores we were able to create by state is as follows: Illinois (24), Michigan (112), Ohio (39), Kentucky (11), Indiana (38), and Wisconsin (9).

3. Hours

  • The average number of hours per day that a Meijer store is open is 24.
  • We determined that from the statement on Meijer's website that provides "[m]ost Meijer stores are open 24 hours a day."

Marathon Petroleum Corporation

1. Brand Positioning

  • A key aspect of Marathon's brand positioning is that it "is a leading, integrated, downstream energy company." As such, Marathon touts that it "operates the nation’s largest refining system with more than 3 million barrels per day of crude oil capacity across 16 refineries."
  • Core values embedded in Marathon's brand positioning are environmental stewardship, safety, honesty, inclusion, health, integrity, and diversity. Marathon says that those "corporate values are vital to" its corporate image, financial performance, and reputation.
  • Marathon's longstanding history in America's petroleum industry is another key aspect of its brand positioning. To that end, Marathon states that "[i]n one form or another, our company has been helping fuel America since the 1800s."

2. Sites/Stores by State

  • In 2018, Marathon merged with Andeavor. As a result of the merger, Marathon acquired Andeavor's brands of Mobil, Shell, Exxon, Giant, USA Gasoline, and Tesoro, in addition to Marathon's own Speedway brand. Accordingly, Marathon's 2018 Annual Report provides a breakdown of its retail store count by state across all those brands under the Marathon name as a result of the merger.
  • In total, Marathon and its brands operate 6,813 retail sites/stores across the U.S.
  • The following is the breakdown of Marathon's retail sites/stores by state: Alabama (366), Alaska (43), Arizona (80), California (75), Colorado (13), Florida (610), Georgia (298), Idaho (98), Illinois (262), Indiana (642), Iowa (4), Kentucky (554), Louisiana (26), Maryland (33, which includes 2 in D.C.), Michigan (798), Minnesota (295), Mississippi (98), Nevada (67), New Mexico (31), New York (36), North Carolina (218), North Dakota (104), Ohio (842), Oregon (44), Pennsylvania (68), South Carolina (114), South Dakota (29), Tennessee (402), Texas (8), Utah (91), Virginia (117), Washington (61), West Virginia (110), Wisconsin (58), and Wyoming (4).
  • States in which Marathon and its brands do not have retail sites/stores are Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
  • In addition to its retail sites/stores, Marathon has "refineries in 13 states" across the U.S.
  • The total number of refineries Marathon operates is 16.
  • The following are the states in which Marathon's refineries are located, with the number of refineries in parentheses: Washington (1), Ohio (1), Kentucky (1), Michigan (1), North Dakota (2), Texas (2), New Mexico (1), Louisiana (1), Alaska (1), California (2), Illinois (1), Utah (1), and Minnesota (1).

3. Hours

  • The number of hours that a Marathon gas station is open is 24.

Research Strategy

We found information about Meijer and Marathon's brand positioning mainly by reviewing the information on their websites and, in particular, on the company overview pages. For Marathon, we found the breakdown of its number of stores by state in its 2018 Annual Report. For Meijer, we first tried to create a breakdown of its store count by state by using the store locator tool on its website. However, that tool was not working properly for some reason and thus we could not accurately determine the number of stores per state with that tool. We also tried looking for an annual report for the company, since that approach worked for Marathon, but Meijer doesn't publish an annual report. We even tried looking for any articles that might have provided a per-state breakdown of store count. In searching for those articles, we found the total number of Meijer stores and the states those stores span, but not a per-state breakdown. Thus, the closest per-state breakdown of Meijer stores we could compile was through the source All Stays. On All Stays, the number of Meijer stores by state were provided. The store count on All Stays is very close to, but slightly short of, the total store count we found for Meijer published in an article. However, the breakdown we created through All Stays was the closest we could get to the exact number of Meijer stores in total for the reasons previously stated. Lastly, we found the average number of hours that both companies' stores are open for through articles, which provided that information.