Meijer Loyalty Program

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Meijer mPerks

Meijer offers rewards to all its customer under the mPerks program. The program provides members with discount credits that can be redeemed on next purchase or digital coupons that can be digitally clipped and applied in-store. The program was launched in 2010.

mPerks Loyalty Program

  • There is no membership fee for mPerks rewards program. All members who register on for an account are immediately made mPerks members.
  • Meijer's mPerks loyalty program offers three kinds of benefits to its members:
    • mPerks rewards: The members get $5 off on the next bill, for every total bill value of $250 or more. The $250 bill value can be accumulated via one or more bills purchased at different times. The $5 can be redeemed on any bill value for next purchase, using the mPerks ID.
    • Pharmacy rewards: The mPerks program keeps track of all the prescriptions by a user. For every 5th prescription, the user gets a reward credit that can be used on any Meijer store. One pharmacy reward credit is equal to $5 in value.
    • Credit card rewards: When the user enters his/her mPerks ID during check-out with a Meijer credit card, they earn a $10 reward for every in-store purchase of $750. The reward can be redeemed at any Meijer store by using the mPerks ID.
  • Members also get 10 cents off every gallon at Meijer gas stations, under the mPerks program.
  • Members can also clip digital coupons from the mPerks portal. These coupons will be immediately applied to the next in-store bill (when the members enter their mPerks ID during checkout).
  • On certain qualifying orders, mPerks rewards can also be redeemed via home delivery or pickup. Digitally clipped coupons can also be applied to home delivery or pickup orders if they qualify for the same.
  • Meijer also holds exclusive events for mPerks members. These events allow extra offers and discounts over already available rewards, like "10% off general merchandise" or "$5 off a $50 purchase"
  • Members can also keep track of their savings and their digital receipts. During in-store checkout, members are also offered extra digital coupons that can be clipped at their leisure.
  • mPerks smartphone app (available for both Android and iOS) can be used to access all the mPerks features.
  • After analysis of mPerks Terms and Conditions, it was found that there are no non-Meijer vendors where members can earn or redeem the rewards and coupons. The rewards can only be redeemed at the Meijer shopping centers.

Research Strategy

The number of current members of the mPerks program was not found during our research. To find this information, we scan searched the press releases found on the website of Meijer. Even after going through each press release, no qualitative or quantitative data indicative of the current number of mPerks members was found. We did find that Meijer has expanded its "scan and shop" technology to all of its stores.

Next, we searched through external news and media sources in hopes of finding some estimate of the current number of mPerks members. We searched through local media sources as well as national media sources. Financial sources like Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, Economic Times, and Wall Street Journal were also consulted. However, no trace of any exact or estimated data for the current number of mPerks members was found.

We next hoped to attempt a triangulation. Our strategy was to find the number of mPerks members for any of the previous years and the growth rate of the members. We then would have used the two data points to estimate the current number of members of mPerks. We searched through both the press releases (from Meijer official website) and external media sources for these two data points. However, both data points were absent. We extended our search as far back as 2015, but no reliable data turned up.

We, therefore, concluded that the current number of mPerks members is not publicly available. The most probable reason for this is that the Meijer has not released the figures publicly.

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Meijer Gas

Meijer has more than 240 stores in various locations across the states of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Out of these, more than 180 have a gas station on-premises.


  • Michigan has 118 branded Meijer stores.
  • Out of these, 89 stores have a branded gas station on-premises.


  • Ohio has 46 branded Meijer stores.
  • Out of these, 35 stores have a branded gas station on-premises.


  • Indiana has 37 branded Meijer stores.
  • Out of these, 30 stores have a branded gas station on-premises.


  • Kentucky has 13 branded Meijer stores.
  • Out of these, 10 stores have a branded gas station on-premises.


  • Illinois has 26 branded Meijer stores.
  • Out of these, 18 stores have a branded gas station on-premises.


  • Wisconsin has 10 branded Meijer stores.
  • Out of these, 4 stores have a branded gas station on-premises.

Research Strategy

To find the number of stores in each state and to classify them based on having a gas station on-premises: our first strategy was to use the store locator tool found on the official website of Meijer. However, the tool had a handicap that it can only browse up to a 50 mile from a given location point. This made our strategy outstretched and herculean. Therefore, we turned our attention to Google's location search tool. The tool has locations and details of every prominent store in the US. Using this tool for each state separately, we found the number of Meijer stores in that state. Next, we went through the profile of each individual store and identified the ones that did have a gas station on-premises. After manually counting the number of stores in each case, we have presented the findings.
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Meijer Store Format

Meijer is a pioneer of one-stop-shop format stores called supercenters. It has recently launched a smaller, grocery focused store format at some locations. It sells an all-encompassing variety of products at its supercenters.

Types of Products Sold

Store Dimensions

  • The general area covered by a Meijer supercenter is 150,000 sq. ft.
  • Meijer has recently opened a smaller, grocery focused store with an area of 37,000 sq. ft.