Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil Pricing

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Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil Pricing

MCT oil pricing was not available from any of Stepan's name competitors. Some limited pricing information from other sellers of bulk MCT oil and powder is described below.

Abitec Corporation

  • Abitec's medium chain triglyceride products are Captex and Nutrisperse. Neither product has pricing information publicly available.
  • Interested parties can request samples or contact the sales team on 1-800-526-4547 or

IOI Oleo

  • IOI Oleo also has two MCT products, Migyol and Witarix.
  • Full spec sheets are provided for these products but no pricing information is offered.
  • The sales contact is Tristan Fock, telephone number +49 (0)40 280031-364 and e-mail


  • Oleon's MCT product is called Radiamuls MCT.
  • No pricing information is offered for any of Oleon's products. Their Contact Us page lists the phone numbers for its various worldwide offices.

Other MCT Oil Suppliers With Pricing

  • Jedwards International sells 60/40 MCT oil for $24.61 per gallon or $109.80 per 18kg pail
  • Essential Wholesale prices their MCT oil at $9.25/lb.
  • LabAlley has standard MCT oil for $48/gallon and organic for $3,300 for a 55-gallon drum and USP/FCC grade oil for $3,000 for 55 gallons.
  • Hoosier Hill Farm sells MCT powder for $19.99 per pound.
  • On Alibaba, foreign manufacturers advertise MCT oil powder for around $10/kg.
  • This supplier offers MCT powder for as low as $7/kg.

Research Strategy

Pricing information is rarely available directly from manufacturers, as they prefer to keep quotations and pricing available upon request from serious parties. Thus, pricing for MCT products from Abitec, IOI Oleo and Oleon was not available. The only way to find any pricing information was to go up the supply chain one step and look at wholesalers. We were able to gather 3 different prices for MCT oil and powder from wholesalers or foreign manufacturers.

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