Medical PAPR Sources

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Medical PAPR Sources

Four additional medical PAPR sources include, Life Science Products, Mopec, and, with company contacts listed as well as those for the eight original sources found in the first hour of research. The CDC recommends masks that are NIOSH approved only as the best rated to fight disease, while offering their own list with brands and links, and the MAXAIR No Hose series from Mopec was found to not only offer the widest range of use among professionals, but also the greatest innovation and ease of use.

Medical PAPR Sources

  • provides a product specialist at (800)-637-6606, and they offer a whole line of 3-M PAPR's and parts. They focus on offering a whole range of PAPR'a for a wide variety of uses, but also have multiple medical grade PAPR's as well.
  • Life Science Products can be reached at 800-638-9874 and their email is They offer a line of MAXAIR PAPR's that are NIOSH approved, with no hose filter, battery level monitoring, 16-20 hour or 8-10 hour batteries, and HEPA filters with a 99.97% efficiency rate, as well as one PAPR from Bullard, and all replacement parts.
  • Mopec can be reached at (800)-362-8491. They offer the MAXAIR CAPR® Series from Bio-Medical Devices International, with a highly integrated design that eliminates conventional PAPR reliance on air tubes and belt mounted blower units. Mopec solutions are among the top as shown by the number of America’s top healthcare institutions and facilities using their products, with a reputation that is built on "decades of superior customer service."
  • Icon Safety Company, or can be reached at 562-809-3066, and their email is Out of the four sources listed here they are the only to offer a line of CleanSpace high performance PAPR's, and they also offer a low profile half mask.
  • A list of sources that offer PAPR's, a majority of which are medical, can be found here.

Other Contacts

The list of contact information for the original sources found previously in the 1 hour of research are as follows:
  • ILC Dover's phone numbers are 1-302-335-3911 and 1-800-631-9567.
  • Bullard's phone is 877-BULLARD (285-5273) or 1-859-234-6616.
  • Jendco's toll free number is 800-449-9606, and their local office number is 614-449-9600.
  • Grainger's general number for sales is 1-800-GRAINGER (1-800-472-4643).
  • Honeywell can be reached at (800)-430-5490.
  • 3-M's number for customer service is 1-800-328-1667.
  • MAXAIR's phone number is 800-443-3842 and their email is

Top Rated Medical PAPR's

NIOSH Approved

  • The CDC recommends masks that are approved by them or the NIOSH, such as those sold by Life Science Products.
  • One report authored by Robert Huebner found that lab staff who worked while wearing PAPRs day in and day said that challenges to using PAPRs included relatively short battery lives, noise of the blower causing difficulty in hearing, and difficulties in seeing from the hood.
  • These problems would make the long battery life of the products that Life Science Products offers in the MAXAIR line up a top choice for consideration, as well as the MAXAIR CAPR® Series No-Hose PAPR from Bio-Medical Devices International offered by Modec whose unique design rids of the need for a long tubes and a large belt blower unit. Half face masks such as CleanSpace's on rid of the noted vision problems.


  • Mopec claims to be "Better By Design," and is among the very best of medical PAPR providers with many healthcare installations throughout some of America's top facilities using their services. They have a growing worldwide reputation founded on decades of excellent customer service, with a specialty in consultation and customization for clients.
  • Mopec offers the MAXAIR's CAPR® Series as "the most innovative line of medical PAPR's" offering one of the broadest ranges of applications and most economical respiratory options available. MAXAIR Helmets are lightweight when compared to conventional PAPRs and N95 respirator masks, and with their positive pressure air flow and unique safety LEDs, they standout as a "superior method of personal respiratory protection."
  • The CDC offers an extensive listing of medical PAPR's from different providers that are NIOSH approved, along with the model and the link to each website.

Research Strategy

After thorough searches through industry websites, varying providers, and medical websites, no data on the highest reviewed medical PAPR's could be found. This data may not be available as many medical websites did not offer the opportunity for reviews, and also for that fact that there is an abundance of products on the market that are ever evolving and changing, and the that major organizations usually purchase and not individuals who are more prone to leave reviews. Instead, recommendations for specific types and brands of medical PAPR's by the CDC are presented, as well as MAXAIR from Modec who has a significantly large number of users within the healthcare community.