Medical Billing Software - Top Players

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Medical Billing Software - Top Players

Key Takeaways


Brightree, Precision Practice Management Software, and Alta Medical Management Software are the top players in the medical billing software industry. More information about the three has been provided below.


  • Brightree's website is available here.
  • Brightree is the leading provider of cloud based software solutions for the healthcare industry. Billing and revenue cycle management services are at the heart of the company's product and services.
  • In 2016, ResMed acquired Brightree for $800 million "in a bid to provide administrative solutions like billing services to users of its home/durable medical equipment."
  • The privately-held company is located in Georgia
  • Brightree has an estimated revenue of $126 Million

Precision Practice Management Software

  • The company's website is available here.
  • Precision Practice Management "provides medical billing and revenue cycle management experience and expertise for medical practices." The company's software help teams "resolve billing tasks, process patient statements, or manage denials and unpaid claims."
  • The company has an estimated revenue of $38 Million.

Alta Medical Management Software

  • Alta Medical Management Software is available here.
  • Alta Medical Management's medical billing services "identify and drive continuous improvements" to increase revenue and speed up payments.
  • The privately-held company is located in Salt Lake, Utah.
  • Alta Medical Management has estimated revenues of $7 Million

Research Strategy

We leveraged various industry reports from Market Watch, Advance Market Analytics, Data Bridge Market Research, Global Market Vision, and Research Moz for information regarding the top players in the medical billing software market. In addition, we included lists from Software Advice, SelectHub, Capterra and G2 on the top medical billing software companies.
We excluded companies linked with PM (Practice Management), EMR (Electronic Medical Record), and EHR (Electronic Health Record). To make sure of this, we evaluated each company on Software Advice to see if there was any mention of PM/EMR/EHR. We also visited each of the listed company's website to verify that they were indeed billing-focused. As a result, many of the listed companies did not make the cut. Most of them either offered billing as a service in addition to Practice Management, or had integrated Medical billing with EHR and/or EMR, or offered billing only as a component. We excluded both. Some large companies that were cut off include Nextech Systems, Azalea Health, DrChrono, NextGen, American Medical Software, AllegianceMD Software, CollaborateMD, TotalMD, among others.
We examined the revenues of the remaining companies to determine the top players.

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