Media Consumption of Execs

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C-suite Executives - Media Habits

C-Suite executives use LinkedIn more often than other social media platforms. They typically prefer long-form articles from popular, trusted sources. Please note that a global Quartz study was used for some of these findings. Though the study does not focus solely on the U.S., it can still provide a good insight into the habits of C-Suite executives, and the findings are similar to those found in additional research focusing on North American habits. I will extend upon these findings below.

According to a global Quartz study, C-Suite executives prefer to use LinkedIn as their primary social media platform, with Facebook ranking in second at 68% and Twitter following at 53%. When viewing content, 84% of executives prefer long-form articles over charts/graphs, visuals, videos, breaking news, and virtual/augmented reality. However, many executives report only scanning the text for main points, rather than reading through the entire article.

A reliable, trusted, and popular source is very important to executives when making the decision to read or share content. The top ten most popular sources shared by executives are as followed:
1. Forbes
2. The New York Times
3. Business Insider
4. TechCrunch
5. Inc.
6. Harvard Business Review
7. The Wall Street Journal
8. Medium
9. Fortune
10. Mashable

Executives are more likely to share content related to business, finance, and/or technology. Executives who use Twitter will often share (or retweet) similar content, with the top five Twitter accounts retweeted by executives being:
1. @WSJ (The Wall Street Journal)
2. @HarvardBiz (Harvard Business Review)
3. @SportsCenter
4. @Inc
5. @TheEconomist

The top five Twitter accounts that executives most often mention in their Twitter posts are:
1. @Forbes
2. @WSJ
3. @nytimes
4. @Linkedin
5. @YouTube

Executives, specifically CFOs, state that their primary source of daily news comes from free news apps/websites, followed by television. Only 8% report using social media platforms for news purposes. Executives will most often read content that is related to their clients and has some form of innovative value. The use of mobile devices for content viewing has been increasing among executives in recent years, particularly among CIOs, though the most often internet-capable device used for content viewing is the laptop.

In conclusion, C-Suite executives favor LinkedIn over other social media platforms, and they typically prefer long-form articles that are related to business, technology, and/or finance. They will generally choose to read and/or share media written or shared by a trusted source, especially if that media pertains to their clients or offers innovative ideas.