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Mary Washington Hospital Competitors

A competitive landscape analysis has been completed for Mary Washington Hospital, Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center, Children's Hospital of Richmond, and Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center. The competitive landscape is on the attached spreadsheet.


The three competitors for Mary Washington Hospital were chosen based on annual revenues. Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center has an estimated revenue of $5.5 million, Children's Hospital of Richmond has an estimated revenue of $4.2 million, and Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center has an estimated revenue of $2.66 million. They are presented on the spreadsheet in order of the highest revenue to lowest.

Please note that Mary Washington Hospital and its system partner, Stafford Hospital, Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center, and Children's Hospital of Richmond are the only three hospitals in the Fredericksburg area. To complete an analysis of three competitors, I selected the next closest hospital to Fredericksburg, which is the Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center in Woodbridge, VA, which is about 34 miles from Fredericksburg. Since it is within a short driving distance of Fredericksburg, it makes sense to assume it is a competitor of the hospitals in Fredericksburg.

Mary Washington Hospital and Stafford Hospital are part of the same hospital system, so they are grouped together in column C. There was no separate website for these two hospitals, so it was not possible to analyze them as separate entities in terms of services offered. It also appears the competitive advantage applies to both hospitals since the advantage is related to the network of which both hospitals are a part.


The three closest competitors in order from the highest revenue to lowest, for Mary Washington Hospital, excluding its network partner Stafford Hospital, are Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center, Children's Hospital of Richmond, and Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center, with Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center offering services that most compare to those offered by Mary Washington Hospital.
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Mary Washington Hospital and Competitors Social Listen

Insight are provided into the social media presence and interactions for Mary Washington Hospital and its top three competitors. The information includes an analysis of the general statistics, followers, type of content and engagement of each profile as well as examples of comments. It is important to note that the comments from patient experiences on social media tend to come in the form of a "business review." These reviews are quoted verbatim.

Mary Washington Hospital — Facebook


3.6/5.0 stars
479 patient reviews
237 reviews scored 5 stars
131 reviews scored 1 or 2 stars

In terms of reviews, there were 479 reviews posted over about 2.5 years. A good amount of review comments have replies from hospital representatives; a few negative reviews had threads of 5+ comments with other patients empathizing and hospital representatives. The negative reviews tend to mention cost of services or lack of attention from staff to which hospital representatives respond by acknowledging the comment and/or providing informative or helpful resources. The majority of the positive reviews mention maternity services.

Review Examples:
5 Stars
Dec 30, 2017
"My son was born on the 14th of December and had to stay until the 29th. The Pediatric unit on the third floor has a wonderful and caring Staff. They made my family and i comfortable during our whole stay and they were great with my newborn son. I would Recommend anyone who has a child/children and they have to stay in the hospital to the pediatric unit. My family and I will miss the nurses and everyone we met during our stay in the hospital. My son is nice and healthy and I'm so happy to have him finally home. So, Thank you to all the Nurses and Doctors you all are GREAT!!! Nurses Miranda and Lauren baby Colton and I will miss you two very much. We hope you guys have a wonderful New Year."

1 Star
Aug 8, 2017
"I would give you zero if I could. Your bill department is a freaking joke. I'm not paying a bill that you didn't file through my insurance. The physician filed just fine through my insurance but your other department couldn't. YOU HAD MY INFORMATION so you guys can eat this bill because I AM NOT PAYING! I went rounds with them today and got nowhere. Even three-way called my insurance company with your billing department and my insurance called them out on this. I will never step foot in one of your facilities again."

Most posts are health blog-type news items with the following breakdown of content type: 31% photos, 55% notes, and 7% videos.

On average, Mary Washington Hospital's posts 3.1 times a day and generates between 3-5 likes per post. Posts about hospital staff tend to generate a higher engagement of 35+ likes. It would be important to note whether this engagement is generated by patient or staff likes. According to Lykealyzer, the Facebook page has an overall engagement rate of 7% (based on "people talking about this", (PTAT), and followers) and a 100% response rate with a 3-min response time. This is evidenced in both the reviews and comments on the page's wall.

Mary Washington Hospital — Twitter

4616 Tweets
1.88 Follower Ratio (Followers per following)

Overall the Twitter channel mimics the type of content shared on Facebook page with little to no engagement on tweets. The content, according to's word cloud, focuses on keywords such as Women, Hospital, Washington, Heart and Cancer. Hashtags are rarely used as a tool to insert into other ongoing Twitter conversations or to generate interaction with followers. Based on the content and account setup, this channel is used as a one-way communication tool to inform and share content.

Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center — Facebook


3.9/5.0 stars
143 patient reviews
89 reviews scored 5 stars
35 reviews scored 1 or 2 stars

The negative reviews tend to emphasize slow or inattentive service, while the positive reviews highlight caring service and state of the facilities. Hospital representatives rarely comment on the reviews and when they do, they only respond to those with a 5-star rating.

Review Examples:
5 Stars
"I went to the E.R. for anaphylaxis and was seen immediately. The triage staff was efficient and focused on starting treatment before my symptoms escalated. Once I was in a room I was seen by a charge nurse, my personal nurse and a doctor. Treatment continued and I never felt like I was "waiting" they were tentative and checked on me regularly. My nurse, Chrissie, was by far one of the best nurses I've ever had. If there is some way to have her recognized I seriously would love to know because she was amazing. I was eventually admitted to the hospital and had more great staff on the 4th floor. My nurse Raymond, charge nurse Shawn and care tech Joann were all very caring and did everything they could to keep me comfortable. I cannot applaud your facilities and staff enough for making a very scary situation go as smoothly as possible. I was taken great care of and greatly appreciate the time and attention given to me during my stay. Thank you!"

1 Star
"My daughter can in with chest pain, they were really busy so I expected to wait. There were at least 20 people in the waiting room some had got there before us, so after us. After waiting for 45 min they come and ask her what's wrong and get her temp and blood pressure. The nursing staff says to go back in the waiting room and they will come get her to run test. 2 hours of waiting and someone comes out and gives her 2 Tylenol, and says it's still backed up in the testing area. So we wait another 45 minutes, and by this time the waiting room is empty, everybody else that was called up was able to go through their testing, and they call us back to a room(after we went and asked what was going on) and said we are still waiting. So I walk over to the testing area and see NO ONE waiting to take any test or labs but yet they still tell us that we are waiting. By then it's 2 in the morning and my daughter said the pain has gone away, so we left still not knowing what is going on. I never plan to step foot in this hospital again."

Posts are external health articles, upcoming events and jobs with the following breakdown of content type: 23% photos, 38% notes, and 36% videos.

The engagement rate for the page is 5% (based on "people talking about this", (PTAT), and followers) with the majority of the posts receiving 1-5 likes. The posts with higher engagement included hospital staff. This page posts an average of 1.3 times per day.

Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center — Twitter

2334 Tweets
3.24 Follower Ratio (Followers per following)

The content on its Twitter page mimics the content shared on Facebook with no engagement with other Twitter accounts via mentions or retweets. Low use of hashtags. Main keywords are Community, Spotsylvania and Health. Similar to before, it is a one-way communication channel with little engagement.

Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU — Facebook


4.7/5.0 stars
531 patient reviews
447 reviews scored 5 stars
27 reviews scored 1 or 2 stars

The Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU has the highest rating from all the examples. Based on an analysis of the reviews, those few who had a negative experience and commented on it mentioned slow service or mistreatment. Hospital representatives commented on the majority of the reviews acknowledging the issue and providing a direct line to help improve their service.

Review Examples:
5 Star
"The best Hospital we ever been to. Took very good care of our daughter and made sure we felt like home. Everyone was so kind and friendly. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything and the wonderful toys' donation. Our daughter left the hospital happy and smiling.
I give VCU Children's Hospital of Rich. A 5 star!!"

1 Star
"It would be nice if you were seen at your scheduled time and NOT almost 2 hours later. Then to be told by the general pediatrician that their approach will hinge on the recommendations of the many specialists involved also did not rest well. Your system is broken and it needs to be fixed. It is the general practices job to explore all avenues and not just what the specialists might recommend."

Most posts are about staff and patients, and special community events; these usually have a few follower comments. This page had the most content that was local and interesting to followers. The breakdown by content type is the following: 45% photos, 29% notes, and 19% videos.

This page posts 1.4 times per day with posts having 35+ likes on average, which is still low considering the number of followers they have. According to Lykealyzer, this page has a 10% engagement rate (based on "people talking about this", (PTAT), and followers), the highest from all four, however, comments on posts are still few.

Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU — Twitter

4616 tweets
2.62 Follower Ratio (Followers per following)

This Twitter channel has more mentions and interactions with other Twitter pages, however, still a low engagement. The content is the same as their Facebook page. A high level of hashtag use gets them noticed in online conversations as evidenced by having the highest rate of mentions. Keywords associated with the content include Kids, Care, and Child. It does appear to have more tags coming from personal accounts of patients. Despite this, the engagement via this platform and ability to use it as a medium to gauge patient sentiment is low.

Sentera Northern Virginia Medical Center — Facebook


3.5/5.0 Stars
455 patient reviews
213 reviews scored 5 stars
142 reviews scored 1 or 2 stars

The majority of the negative reviews highlight the long waiting times and nurses' bedside manner. Those with positive reviews commented on the caring attitude of hospital staff. Hospital representatives respond to the majority of the reviews, both positive and negative, by acknowledging the comment and providing information where needed.

Review Examples:
5 Star
"The staff was awesome! Very polite and caring. Made my 8 year old feel at ease for his surgery. Everything was very clean. Got me a different chair and pillow for my injured back while we waited. Told me where to get free coffee while I waited. Wheeled him out to the car after surgery. Went over everything in detail. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you surgical team and staff."

1 Star
"Wish there was a 0, my husband and I decided to place a review to raise awareness to anyone with emergency to NEVER go to this wait room yes.... they converted it from an emergency room to a long-lasting wait room that has the most careless of children with emergencies. NEVER experienced such a neglect and careless as I have to my child who fell on her chin and needed stitches and waited for almost 4 hours till 3am and she was never seen.....
I saw other children who long waited ahead of us with critical conditions that couldn't be left for hours they left them for hours..... If you don't have enough rooms and doctors it's worth closing this hospital."

The majority of their content is self-produced with stories about patients, staff, upcoming events and occasional external and informative posts. Similar to the Childen's Hospital, this page had a high amount of local content. The breakdown by content type is the following: 82% photos, 6% notes, and 12% videos.

This page posts 1.1 times per day with posts having 15 likes on average. According to Lykealyzer, this page has a 2% engagement rate (based on "people talking about this", (PTAT), and followers), the lowest of the group.


11,900 tweets
8.0 Follower Ratio (Followers per following)

This Twitter page has the most engagement out of the whole with 304 likes and a higher follower ratio. The type of content shared is similar to their Facebook page; however, the content they are tagged in varies among local partners, industry professionals, and patients. Despite having a higher engagement, this channel does not provide enough insight into brand perception.


In each of the four cases, both Facebook and Twitter were used as a way to share information. The type of content was consistently on the topic of health, what varied was whether it was external content and links, or local content. The local content generated the most engagement. In terms of patient experiences, Facebook proved to be a better option to gauge patient sentiment and feedback via their business review section. This section provided the highest rate of engagement between the brands/companies and their followers via comment replies. The nature of the reviews depicted some perceived issues and strengths of each of the hospitals, but it's important to note that these varied greatly. Other than the reviews, there was little to no other way to successfully rate the brand's perceived reputation since there was little to no interaction on the posts or tweets.
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Major Marketing Materials

Mary Washington's top 3 competitors are Sentara, Children's Hospital of Richmond, and Spotsylvania. According to thorough research, all four hospitals predominantly use their own websites and social media to market their brand messages. Sentara stands out in its use of alternative social media, such as YouTube and Pinterest. The Children's Hospital of Richmond stands out as being the highest rated and most followed hospital of the four on Facebook.


Mary Washington Hospital brands itself as being award winning and community-focused. It has a comprehensive website as well as an active Facebook account. It also has a Twitter and Instagram account, but those mostly replicate what is posted on Facebook. It has a Facebook rating of 3.6 and 5,374 Facebook followers. It has 495 followers on Twitter and has tweeted 4,625 times. Campaign service events, such maternity tours, are advertised through Facebook. It highlights specific months of awareness, e.g. January being Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Its Facebook page posts events not only health and wellness events, but also baby-sitting and child safety. The same social media page offers Career Conventions, where citizens can discuss the variety of opportunities for and with lab professionals.

The community section of the Facebook page allows members of the community to post events that are sponsored by the hospital; post job listings; and honors exceptional members of the community and hospital, such as Dr. Chinault and Dr. Huhn, who have been using AccuBoost to treat breast cancer. The community section also allows citizens to post complaints about the hospital, and the hospital to respond with its plan to improve the situation.

The hospital's official website posts the latest news, upcoming events, a link to the hospital blog, and video center, and links to patient forms. The video center mostly posts patient stories and community recognition. The blog is a resource for healthcare advice, such as signs of arrhythmia heart rhythm problems.


Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center brands itself as being community-focused using its own official website and Facebook. It has a Facebook rating of 3.9 and 4,476 follow the page. It uses Facebook for most of its marketing and Instagram to post pictures of newborn babies.

The hospital's Facebook page posts a mixture of external links and its own resources. It uses the page to create specific events offered to the community, including a nurse recruitment event. Its Facebook page inlcudes information about all services offered, including mammograms, behavioral health, and labor and delivery. The community section of the Facebook page allows members of the community to post success stories. Spotsylvania does not appear to be active on Twitter.

Spotsylvania's official hospital page includes links to all services offered, career opportunities, classes and events, and you can even search to see if a specific doctor is available on any given day.


The Children's Hospital of Richmond stands out as the highest rated and most followed on Facebook of all four hospitals mentioned. It has a Facebook rating of 4.9 and 20,164 followers. On its Facebook page, it posts a mixture of its own content, third party advice, and makes event pages. Out of all of the hospitals, the Children's Hospital of Richmond uses the brightest and most colorful graphics in its marketing. It also add stickers to pictures, e.g adding Dr. Seuss hats to pictures of children to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday. The community section allows citizens to post events which the hospital sponsors or events for which proceeds go to the hospital.

The hospital's main website includes a calendar of events, awards, the history of the hospital, and its mission.

This hospital, along with Sentara, stand out as having the most local news coverage. However, some coverage of the Children's Hospital of Richmond is negative, e.g. a child with a rare and deadly disease being dropped from an experiemntal treatment trial.


Sentara is the hospital that stands out as using the most online platforms for marketing, including Pinterest. Its Pinterest channel mostly includes patient stories. Its own campaign site is regularly posted to Facebook. It has 14,791 followers on Facbeook. It also has the most followers on Twitter at 921.

Sentara's official hospital website includes healthy recipes, videos giving health and wellness advice, and events (including lectures and marathons). This hospital, along with The Children's Hospital of Richmond, receive the most local news coverage, albeit Spotsylvania receives positive coverage only, which that is not the case for The Children's Hospital of Richmond.


To sum up, Mary Washington and its three competitors all use their own official website and social media platforms as marketing tools. Sentara stands out as having the most positive local news coverage. The Children's Hospital of Richmond uses colorful, bright graphics and stickers to enhance the effectiveness of its marketing. It stands out as having the most social media followers, the highest ratings, and also receives a lot of local news coverage, but it is not all positive. All four hospitals are community-focused and offer services, events, lectures, and plenty of health and wellness advice.

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