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Marketing Strategies - The Exchange

The Exchange Restaurant uses social media marketing strategy through Facebook, Instagram, Yelp and TripAdvisor and digital marketing strategy by featuring their restaurant page on Freehand Hotel's website in order to attract current and potential customers.

The Exchange restaurant marketing strategies

A) social media marketing strategy

1) Facebook

  • The Facebook social media marketing strategy of The Exchange Restaurant focuses on inbound marketing posts such as photo contents promoting the food and dishes they offer, links to articles or blog posts showcasing their restaurant, and event details they are currently offering.
  • They also published a video on March 26, 2019, about Los Angeles Lakers' Kyle Kuzma's visit to The Exchange Restaurant to hang out with chef Alex Change and featured one of their restaurant dishes, the Whole Fried Vermillion Rock Cod. It currently has 93 views and 4 likes.
  • The target audience of their Facebook posts mainly include NBA enthusiasts, basketball enthusiasts, Kyle Kuzma fans and Los Angeles Lakers fans.

2) Instagram

  • The Instagram social media marketing strategy of The Exchange Restaurant provides photo promotions of their Tel Aviv dishes that are locally-inspired.

4) yelp

  • The Exchange Restaurant's Yelp! social media marketing strategy is about promoting their restaurant by showcasing dishes to increase brand awareness and posting different reviews of the customers.
  • It provides details about the restaurant, their menus, and photos posted directly by their customers.
  • This strategy's target audience includes people that are interested in Middle Eastern dishes, breakfast & brunch, cocktails. The campaign targets customers with budgets of around $11 to $30.

5) tripadvisor

  • The Exchange Restaurant's TripAdvisor social media marketing strategy is about promoting their restaurant by showcasing dishes to increase brand awareness and posting different reviews of the customers.
  • Their page provides photos of the food and ambiance of the restaurant as well as customer reviews.
  • The target audience of this strategy caters to people that like Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Israeli, American, and vegetarian food. It also caters to customers that are willing to spend around $20 to $80.

B) Digital marketing strategy

1) restaurant Page

  • The Exchange Restaurant features a restaurant page on Freehand Hotel that uses vibrant photos showcasing their food and ambiance to attract current and potential customers.
  • It provides clear details and information about the restaurant, with lists of menus that they offer for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert.
  • The target audience of this strategy is every foodies around Los Angeles. It also caters to foodies that are looking for multi-cultured tastes and ingredients, but are locally inspired.

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Marketing Strategies - Best Girl Restaurant

Best Girl Restaurant uses festivals and promotions, social media, and influencers to market its products and services. In addition, the restaurant partners with other organizations to promote its services.

Festivals / Promotions

  • Best Girl Restaurant partnered with Saatchi Art, Society6, The Other Art Fair, Deny Designs, SheFinds, and Curious Elixirs on an art giveaway. Its target audience included artists and designers.
  • Best Girl Restaurant enlists in food fairs and festivals to showcase its cuisines. The restaurant targets everyone in these events.
  • An example of a promotion is when the restaurant offers 2 tacos and $5 beers. The target audience for this promotion is food and beer lovers.

Direct marketing


  • Best Girl Restaurant uses food bloggers and writers to attract customers. Social media influencers and bloggers use their respective platforms to market the restaurant.
  • Influencers can easily persuade their audiences to go to the restaurant through their social media and blog posts.
  • Best Girl Restaurant has used Eater Los Angeles to achieve this strategy.

Social Media

  • Best Girl Restaurant use its social media account to advertise and post restaurant promotions and pictures.
  • Some food the restaurant posts on social media includes Lobster Biscuits and gravy served with a jalapeño biscuit, Maine lobster, gravy, and "sunny side up" eggs.
  • Most of the feedback and reviews on the restaurant's Facebook page is positive.
  • The restaurant has a variety of events posted on its social media accounts such as Valentines Day, Beer/Whiskey Party and Comedy Events. These events target adults, couples, and party goers.

Research Strategy:

While we found the marketing and advertising strategies of Best Girl Restaurant, we were not able to find the restaurant's media spend. Our first strategy was to look through articles, news, magazines, and food blogs, such as Eater Los Angeles, Forbes, and LA Weekly. We were hoping to find information on the restaurant's marketing and advertising strategies and paid media spend. Unfortunately, we did not find any publicly available information.

Our second strategy was to look at annual reports and SEC filings that would give us insights on the restaurant's marketing strategies and media spend. However, searching through these websites did not yield any positive results. The websites provided information that did not relate to Best Girl Restaurant.

Lastly, we used Best Girl Restaurant's social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Yelp. We manually looked at the posts made by the restaurant to gain insights on its marketing strategies. Using this strategy, we determined that Best Girl Restaurant uses social media to advertise, however, we did not find any information on media spend.
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Marketing Strategies - Breva Restaurant

There is no information in the public domain revealing the marketing or paid advertising strategies of Breva Restaurant. The company gets almost all of its website traffic organically through the search engines, according to reports by SpyFU and SimilarWeb, respectively, which signifies that they have implemented search engine optimization (SEO) to make the restaurant visible to online searchers. Also, Breva Restaurant has listings on relevant online aggregators including Yelp, TripAdvisor, and OpenTable, as well as mentions on popular media websites including PureWow, L.A. Weekly, the Los Angeles Magazine, and others, which likely helps to promote the restaurant to users on these external platforms. Furthermore, the restaurant's social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have posts promoting the menus and serenity of the restaurant to followers, but there is no information revealing paid advertisement campaigns by the company on these platforms in the public domain.

Helpful research Findings

  • The Breva Restaurant's official website gets most of its traffic organically from search engines for relevant keywords according to SimilarWeb's site analysis report, which indicates that the company has implemented search engine optimization to be visible to prospects online.
  • Similarly, SpyFU's site analysis of the Breva Restaurant website showed that the company only gets site traffic organically from the search engines and has no paid advertising campaign.
  • Breva Restaurant's site has a section for visitors to submit their email addresses to join the company's newsletters, which is an indication that the company could be promoting their restaurant to prospects on their email list via email marketing.
  • The media section of the Breva Restaurant showed that the company gets media coverage and mentions by media portals including PureWow, L.A. Weekly, the Los Angeles Magazine,, and others; unfortunately, there was no info on the reports by these external directories indicating it to be a sponsored or strategic marketing effort embarked by Breva Restaurant to promote its business.
  • BentoBox is the platform that powers the Breva Restaurant website, as per information on its official directory.
  • BentoBox is a subscription-based platform that enables restaurants to create a comprehensive mobile-friendly website capable of providing a "simple, hospitality-focused management system, hosting and exceptional customer support."
  • BentoBox does not reveal the pricing of its subscription plans publicly, and there was no info on its website showing the subscription Breva Restaurant uses.
  • According to AdBeat, a database that stores the online paid advertising assets of companies, Breva Restaurant has not embarked on any paid online campaign, as of the time of this report.
  • Breva Restaurant has listings and reviews on relevant directories including OpenTable, TripAdvisor, and Yelp, which likely promotes the restaurant to users on these platforms.
  • Breva Restaurant has a Twitter account, where the company post about its menus, delicacies, and serene environment; however, the company's last post on Twitter was in October 2018, showing that they have not been active on this platform recently.
  • On the Breva Restaurant's Facebook page, the company has just 299 followers, and posts on this platform get little to no engagements; however, there is an instant chat box to engage those visiting the page.
  • Breva Restaurant's Instagram account is the busiest of all its social media accounts with over 4,100 followers; as per our investigation, posts by the restaurant on this platform gets over 25 likes and between 1-7 comments.

Research Strategy

To describe of the marketing and advertising strategies of Breva Restaurant, we researched the company's official website in search of news reports and press releases with insights into the company's marketing and advertising efforts. This research did not yield any information showing the strategies by Breva Restaurant relevant to marketing and advertising. Instead, we located the media section of their website showing that the company gets media mentions and coverage by popular significant media portals such as PureWow, L.A. Weekly, the Los Angeles Magazine, Thrillist, and others. Also, we identified that Breva Restaurant has a section where its site visitors can submit their email address, which indicated that the company likely promotes its business to email subscribers via email marketing. Unfortunately, there was no information in the public domain by the media directories that mentioned Breva Restaurant in their reports indicating that it was a strategy undertaken by Breva Restaurant relevant to marketing or advertising the brand on these media platforms. Also, there was no way to identify the email marketing efforts or spend by Breva Restaurant, as such info is not publicly available. Furthermore, this investigation revealed that BentoBox powered the Breva Restaurant website. However, researching the BentoBox platform did not reveal information relevant to the marketing and advertising strategies of Breva Restaurant.

Next, we proceeded to examine reports on marketing websites, as well as the online directories of magazines hoping to identify info pertinent to digital copies or images of print advertising relevant to the marketing and advertising strategies of Breva Restaurant. For this, we researched domains such as Ad Week, Forbes, L.A. Times, Branding Los Angeles, and others. This investigation revealed the reports by L.A. Weekly, the Los Angeles Magazine, and others earlier identified mentioning Breva Restaurant as one of the significant places to eat in Los Angeles. Again, there was info in the public domain by these portals highlighting the marketing or advertising strategies of Breva Restaurant either in the digital copies or images of print advertising categories. Therefore, we researched the company's social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but this research only produced regular posts by the company with no info showing if they embark on marketing or marketing campaigns on these social platforms.

We then switched strategies to research online efforts by Breva Restaurant to attract visitors and customers to its website using site analysis tools such as SimilarWeb and SpyFU, respectively. Still, this investigation did not reveal any helpful info relevant to the advertising and marketing strategies of Breva Restaurant. Instead, we found that the company gets almost all of its website visitors organically from the search engines and has not carried out any paid advertising campaign. This finding was supported by our examination of the Breva Restaurant by AdBeat, a database that provides a library of the paid advertising campaigns by companies worldwide, which showed that Breva Restaurant is yet to execute any paid online campaign. Furthermore, we examined the listing of Breva Restaurant by review portals, including Yelp, TripAdvisor, and OpenTable hoping to identify if the company advertises on these platforms. Unfortunately, these platforms only had positive and negative reviews of Breva Restaurant, which could help to promote the restaurant to users on these external platforms, but there was no info pertinent to the marketing or advertising strategies by Breva Restaurant to promote the company on these review domains.

Thus, due to the lack of the required information regarding the marketing or advertising such as digital copies or images of print advertising by Breva Restaurant in the public domain, we provided the helpful research findings found from our investigation, as a proxy for the requested info.

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Marketing Strategies - Openaire Restaurant

The marketing and advertising strategies of Openaire Restaurant are posting designed imagery on Instagram, collaborating or partnering with consumer brands, using real-time online reservation networks, and publishing events hosting on Facebook.

About openaire restaurant

Marketing & advertising strategies of OPENAIRE RESTAURANT

    • Opernaire Restaurant marketing strategy includes using designed imagery of their upcoming holiday events like Father's Day. Also, they post about food and drinks and restaurant design imagery on their Instagram official account.
    • The target market for their advertising strategy is those families who wanted to celebrate Father's Day and/or their Instagram followers who are food enthusiasts and love uniquely designed restaurants.
    • Opernaire Restaurant also collaborated and partnered with FreePeople, Calpak, and Youth to the People last Spring to give free brunch meal, FreePeople gift certificates, luggage set, and travel packs.
    • The creatives consist of an Instagram post and a link redirecting to the promotion page.
    • The target market for this advertising strategy includes their Instagram followers and fitness enthusiasts. Travelers are targeted as well, based on the prizes to be won — overnight stay, luggage set, travel set, etc.
    • Openaire Restaurant uses a real-time online reservation network like OpenTable. This allows the customers to make a reservation or find tables easily in the restaurant.
    • The restaurant uses Tripadvisor as a real-time online reservation network for customers.
    • The target market for this advertising strategy includes the OpenTable website members.
    • Opernaire Restaurant hosted an event in celebration of community, storytelling, and food & feelings towards a transformative day of sustenance in honor on May 4, 2019.
    • Hand & Rose offered seasonal spring arranging classes with edible flower bites offered by Openaire's chef held in Opernaire Restaurant. Hand & Rose is a mobile truck and online flower marketplace that provides floral gifts and workshops.
    • The target market of this advertising strategy includes the Facebook followers who are near the restaurant or locals in Los Angeles, California.
    • Another target market includes those who are florists and or flower lovers.

Your Research team applied the following Strategy:

Despite an extensive search, we were unable to find paid media advertising and media spend of Openaire Restaurant.

Strategy #1

First, in order to find the data, we examined media sources such as Forbes, US News, Business Wire, Journal Today, etc. However, the results were extraneous and did not answer the question. Most of the data talked about Line Hotels, different travel guides, and booking engines redirecting to Openaire Restaurant.

Strategy #2

As our second strategy, we tried to look for qualitative information from the CEO or restaurant's management about the restaurant's marketing efforts, how they use it for years now, and how much money are they allocating for the marketing strategies. We scanned several press releases and articles and found one by the chef of the restaurant, Josiah Citrin. The article stated how the chef wants the menu offerings to be simple and authentic to Los Angeles, Cuisine and he does not want to overdo things because the company's main highlight is the hotel, which is The Line Hotel. We did not include this information to our findings except for acknowledging the name of the chef.

Strategy #3

Lastly, we tried to expand the scope to address the marketing strategy that restaurants, in general, are currently implementing. We looked into advertising companies in Los Angeles and/or individual articles about top marketing strategies that restaurants in Los Angeles are currently using. We looked for this information to provide it as a proxy. However, we did not find anything relevant. Since Openaire Restaurant is under the management of The Line Hotel, paid media advertising and media spend of Openaire Restaurant could be included in the overall paid media advertising and media spend. Furthermore, we tried to look for The Line Hotel declared paid media advertising and media spend. But, we could not locate it, possibly because the restaurant is a private company and does not release any information on their financial spending.
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Marketing Strategies - The Nomad Restaurant

The NoMad Restaurant has made various marketing efforts such as offering dining cards, organizing events and publishing articles in print media. The NoMad targets luxury travelers.

Marketing strategies of The Nomad Restaurant:

Social Media:

1. Instagram:

2. Facebook:

Research Strategies:

Strategy 1: Restaurant website and press releases

We started the research by directly searching for any information on the marketing & advertising strategies of The NoMad Restaurant through its official website and press releases. After checking through the official website, we came across various marketing efforts such as dining gift cards and events organized at the restaurant.
In addition, we came across a detailed list of print media mentions for the restaurant, along with its official video regarding the cocktails served in the restaurants. However, the sources did not provide any information on how much spending was done on such content.
We also checked through the website for Sydell Group, owner of The NoMad Restaurant. However, the information provided there about the marketing & advertising strategies of the NoMad Restaurant was very limited.

Strategy 2: Social Media:

Further, we started to search through various social media pages for The NoMad Restaurant. The idea here was to identify any specific marketing & advertising strategies employed by The NoMad Restaurant through its posts and also to check for any paid media content. We checked through the restaurant’s Instagram page, which only provided photos of various food cuisines posted by the restaurant. Similarly, the restaurant’s Facebook page also provided photos of various food cuisines posted by the restaurant. However, no posts could be found that would provide any useful information on marketing & advertising strategies of The NoMad Restaurant. In addition, most of the posts related to events were related to the NoMad Hotel and none were organized in the restaurant.

Strategy 3: Advertisement databases and case studies

Further, we started to search for any useful case studies on The NoMad Restaurant through various advertising and case study databases including but not limited to WARC and Creative Brief. However, none of the databases provided any case studies specific to The NoMad Restaurant,

Strategy 4: WritTEN Media Articles and Reports

As a last resort, we started to search for any news articles, press releases and media publications that would include any information on the marketing & advertising strategies of The NoMad Restaurant. We came across articles published by LA Downtown News and WWD that provided generic information on the opening of the restaurant in LA. However, these articles did not provide any information on how the restaurant marketed itself or ran advertisements.
Therefore, after exhausting the above mentioned strategies, we concluded that limited information is available on marketing & advertising strategies of The NoMad Restaurant.


  • Information on some marketing strategies implemented by the restaurant.
  • Information on what the restaurant offers.


  • Any specific advertising strategies of The NoMad Restaurant.
  • Information on any paid media advertising and media spending for such paid ads.


  • One of the probable reasons for the unavailability of such information could be that the restaurant in Los Angeles is primarily relying on the popularity of its main restaurant located in New York.
  • It could also be possible that since the restaurant has only been open since March 2018, no detailed reports or case studies have been compiled as yet.
Since I was able to find limited information on marketing & advertising strategies of The NoMad Restaurant, I have submitted this as a partial client update. I have summarized the insights in the findings section.

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Marketing Strategies - Cassell’s Hamburgers

Using mainly photos of their dishes, Cassell’s Hamburgers use social media, magazine ads, and their website to promote their services focused on a classic 50s menu as well as premium beef.

Marketing & advertising strategies of Cassell’s Hamburgers

Social Media

Their social media profile is mainly focused on showcasing their dishes as well as their locations. The channels Cassell's Hamburgers use are:

  • Their Twitter account has around 207 tweets and 167 followers.
  • Their main content is focused on photos of their dishes, mostly their traditional hamburgers.
  • Their Twitter account has been inactive since 2016, with their last tweet posted on August 2016.
  • In this example, we can see a retweet from a follower of one of their premium burgers.

Magazine ads

  • Their magazine ads focus on their specialty, which is premium beef burgers.
  • In their gallery section, Cassell’s Hamburgers provide an example of their magazine ads.


  • Cassell’s Hamburgers' website has a banner announcing their Shop Merch & Gift Cards ad. It is not available yet, and it is "coming soon."

helpful findings


Cassell’s Hamburgers promotes themselves through their press release section, in which they gather their good reviews from other media sites or magazines, such as:
  • Their Yelp account has an average of 4 out of 5 stars from 1,421 reviews. An example of the reviews is, "Best burger in LA. They make their potato salad with horseradish. They put everything in a cool picnic lunchbox. Go check it out."
  • Although there was no available information on the specific target audience of the restaurant, they stated on their website that their focus is on a classic 50s menu as well as premium beef, ground daily in house.

Research Strategy

We began our search by scouring the company website. We hoped to find marketing & advertising strategies of Cassell’s Hamburgers inside the Hotel Normandie and their target audience since official websites typically contain all the media sites where the company advertises itself. Also, it is common to find corporate information in the About Us section, which may contain information about their advertising strategies and their target audience. However, while we were able to find some of their advertising and strategies, we were unable to find their target audience.

For their advertising strategy, what we found was their social media profiles, merchandise, examples of their magazine ads, and features by magazines like LA Magazine, Eater, and Zagat. Examples of such features are "Classic burger joint & diner with a bar" by Zagat and "David Chang Would Put Cassell’s Hamburgers on the World’s 50 Best" by Eater. It is important to mention that those articles were specifically about Cassell’s Hamburgers inside the Hotel Normandie.

For their targeted audience, what we found was a mention in their main page where they stated that their focus is on a classic 50s lunch counter experience and premium beef. Although this was not a straightforward answer, it provides helpful insight into which kind of experience they are trying to sell to the public. We also found an article from Los Angeles Times called "Cassell's Hamburgers reopens at Hotel Normandie in Koreatown" where it was stated that they "have something for vegetarians in their menu," but this was not robust enough to present it as a relevant finding.

We then continued our search through articles and press releases from media sites like LA Weekly, Forbes, LA Magazine, and AD week, among other sites, since some news and media publications have marketing-related articles about certain companies. Unfortunately, through this strategy, we did not find any information related to the restaurant's marketing strategies and spending. What we found were articles reviewing the food or service provided by the restaurant, like "Cassell’s Comeback: A Classic Burger Done Right In Koreatown" published by LA Food or "Inside Cassell's Hamburgers' Complete Rebirth in Koreatown" by Eater. Unfortunately, this, also, did not provide any insights about the marketing spend.

We then keep searching for marketing & advertising strategies including their spending ads inside the Hotel Normandie and their targeted audience through their social media sites. We searched through Cassell’s Hamburgers' social media accounts listed on their official website and tried to find if any information about paid ads was available or any relevant information about their targeted audience since restaurants use their social media accounts to announce if they had any type of collaboration with another company to promote themselves, like a magazine or an influencer or even links to other media sites dedicated to promoting themselves as a company. Unfortunately, we did not find any relevant findings.

Then, we changed our strategy and searched for advertising strategies, marketing spend, and targeted audience and went to the company's websites to see if they had released any type of annual report or investor outlook information and SEC's website for their financial filings. However, this strategy also did not provide any insights because as with most private entities, Cassell’s Hamburgers has not elected to make that information public. Even after exhaustive research, we were unable to find any type of report from Cassell’s Hamburgers.


From Part 05
  • "NoMad Los Angeles hosts events throughout the year in various spaces within the hotel and restaurants. Events are often ticketed, but open to the public and guests of the hotel. "
  • "More details about currently scheduled events can be found here and will be updated regularly. "
  • "Building upon the celebrated NoMad in New York, for the first restaurant outside of their hometown, Chef Daniel Humm and Restaurateur Will Guidara have reimagined their vision of dining within the grand hotel in Downtown L.A."
  • "Inspired by local ingredients and the vibrant culture and traditions of Los Angeles, NoMad offers a variety of options for dining, drinking and socializing in the heart of this dynamic neighborhood."
  • "Anchored in their approach to both cuisine and hospitality, the restaurants are refined yet approachable; complemented by a world-class wine program and our innovative and distinguished cocktails."
  • "The NoMad Hotel transformed the former Bank of Italy building at Seventh and Olive streets into a boutique destination with an expansive dining area in the lobby"
  • "Andrew Zobler, CEO of the Sydell Group, noted that while the Freehand is more of a value-driven hotel that aims for a younger clientele, the NoMad targets luxury travelers. "
  • "Zobler said that the idea is to keep an informal atmosphere rooted in California’s culture. It’s a destination for high-rolling travelers, he said, but is just as easily open to Downtowners looking to grab a coffee and a pastry in the morning."
  • "I wanted people to feel like they were in Europe, but also that they’re part of this new, revitalized Los Angeles, which celebrates its historic architecture,” he said, explaining that he spared no expense in restoring the landmark building while adding his own touches."