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As the world continues to embrace digital platforms, marketing firms have continued to exploit these platforms, especially when approaching new clients. Some of the most effective best practices for digital marketing firms include social media, pay-per-click (PPC), integration, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Social Media Contests to Increase Traffic to Fan Page

  • Today, the average internet user has at least seven social media accounts. Reports indicate that 97% of American adults under the age of 65, log in to social media, at least once a month, while the vast majority are on it daily.
  • Reports further show that 62% of Americans are on Facebook, while 76% of Facebook users in the U.S are on Instagram, and 51% of Instagram users, log in to the app every day. Also, 30% of social media users mention a specific brand when celebrating or reminiscing milestones in their lives. With these statistics, it is evident that digital marketing firms stand to gain new clients if they use social media strategically.
  • Digital marketers could use contests and discounts to attract new clients through social media platforms. In this case, digital marketers could invite audiences to participate in contests on the brand’s fan page. Generally, people love discounts, and through contests, digital marketers can attract a lot of new clients.
  • Social media users spend 37% of their time on virtual platforms interacting with brands and branded content.
  • During a contest, digital marketers can ask willing participants to fist like or follow a brand’s fan page. Once a new audience is on board, digital marketers can utilize the interactions to inform the public on new products and engage with both new and existing clients.
  • Facebook’s Messenger is also a great marketing tool for digital marketing firms, as 1.3 billion people worldwide who use Messenger every month; 8 billion people and businesses interact on Messenger every month. Digital marketers can curate well-targeted sponsored ads, to reach new audiences, seeing that conversations through Messenger are becoming a common trend.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) through Strategic Keywords and Phrases

  • Pay-per-click (PPC), also known as cost-per-click (CPC), is a simple concept where digital marketing firms can pay publishers when their advertisements are clicked. Often, publishers charge a standard amount per click for ads ran on their websites.
  • To successfully attract new customers through PPC, digital marketers must apply tactics such as the use of key phrases and keywords. By using keywords and phrases, the placed ads appear whenever potential customers look up these keywords. Studies show that 54% of companies today use PPC to generate a lead for their businesses.
  • Some compelling benefits for digital marketers to use PPC for advertising include; quick entry, measurable and easy to track, compatibility with other marketing channels, and massive useful data. PPC has positive impacts as it attracts valuable traffic and revenue. High-level and medium digital marketing firms can benefit from PPC contribution.
  • Digital marketers must also use popular search engines such as Google, Microsoft, and Bing, which allow ads to rum on top of their search results page. These ads run as a sponsored link. PPC is an inexpensive and easy-to-use yet effective digital marketing firm that can attract new clients, as it is a unique, scalable form of online marketing.
  • Digital marketers can also exploit the most popular search engines, Google, which runs ads through automation and AI.

Email Marketing Campaigns to Attract New Subscribers

  • Email marketing is an excellent way for digital marketers to target new customers and promote products and services to a list of subscribers. In this case, digital marketers can add new emails to their lists every month.
  • Alternatively, digital marketing firms can also add subscriptions to their blogs or websites to easily add data about their target audience. The new subscribers can receive an email whenever a digital marketing firm publishes a new article on the site.
  • Email marketing campaigns can be more successful if the email open rates are high. Digital marketing firms must, therefore, boost click rates and manage the unsubscribe rates as much as possible.
  • To achieve this, digital marketers must use email segmentation to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns drastically. Reports show that 82% of digital marketers have experienced an increase in open rates due to mail personalization.
  • To get effective and efficient results from this technique, digital marketing firms can optimize their mailing frequency and create a visually attractive design, to attract as many correspondences as possible. A visually appealing design is fundamental as it helps to increase CTR and website traffic.
  • Digital marketers can enhance email marketing campaigns by using automation, which ensures that digital marketing firms save time and money, in addition to organizing campaigns that reach the target audience with ease. Digital marketers can also request email addresses whenever people download content from their website, as it is evident that those people are already interested in the product or services of a brand.

Targeted Messages Using Omnichannel Marketing to Target New Clients

  • Omnichannel marketing has proven to be a useful tool for digital marketing firms, as it supports marketing across multiple platforms. Through omnichannel marketing, digital marketers get to create a consistent voice and brand message through various channels that connect the brand and the target audience. As a result, digital marketing firms can enjoy more engagement, increased frequency, and higher customer retention rates.
  • To achieve this, digital marketing firms can use omnichannel platforms to know their target audience and segment this audience. Through segmentation, digital marketers can create targeted messaging for more natural alignment of content, with the new customer journey of specific segments. From there, digital marketers can engage their target audience and tweak content for each platform, to interact with the target audience.
  • According to a survey, 63% of customers in North America expect personalization from brands. With this information in mind, digital marketing firms must personalize data to give and get meaningful omnichannel experience when attracting new customers.
  • A personalized experience can be achieved through a wide range of integrated touchpoints. Digital marketing firms must, therefore, do what is best for the target audience and prove that they can give a unique customer experience. Once the new customers get on board, digital marketers must customize the journey, retain the new customers, and track their journey across all channels through URL builders.