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Marketing PR Case Studies - Global

As the methods by which consumers are obtaining information are transforming to more technological forms, the ways in which businesses market to current and potential customers must also transform. Traditional marketing methods are no longer working like they used to. In Europe, the consumption of digital media has climbed from 44 hours/week to 48 hours/week between 2009 and 2015, while traditional media consumption decreased by 2.5 hours/week. Due to the change in consumption habits, the global spending on social media advertising by businesses has grown by 40% since 2011, now using up (on average) 60% of any given business's marketing budget. Social media advertising and other similar digital methods permit businesses to spend less money on individual marketing techniques, while still increasing the amount of word-of-mouth marketing by consumers. As businesses begin to focus their efforts on using digital media sources to increase both PR and marketing tactics, greater ROIs are being seen for all businesses. Below you will find four case studies of global companies that have benefited from transforming their marketing tactics to more creative methods involving media, which is also benefiting their public relations status.

Case Study 1: Oliver Wyman Method

Global management company Oliver Wyman published an article regarding case studies of multiple businesses that they have helped through their own digital marketing techniques. The business names were not publicly stated in this article, but the results from certain global companies and the type of business that they were, was provided.

In general, the method used by Oliver Wyman is a five step process that helps businesses to realize what marketing methods are the most beneficial to their specific company. The steps are as follows:

1. Assess current marketing spend and build a marketing database
- This is where businesses determine where they are currently allocating their marketing budget, and how it is or is not working for them. Additionally, businesses will identify potential methods of marketing spending, particularly in digital formats, that could better benefit them.

2. Perform ROI analysis
- Upon implicating the first trial of new digital marketing methods, a preliminary analysis of the immediate results are used for comparison.

- Businesses work with Wyman to determine a system that considers all potential risks and outcomes of different marketing techniques, in addition to configuring an optimal spending level and budget for marketing methods.

4. Design & conduct in-market experiments
- Based on the methods determined to potentially increase ROIs, information is gathered regarding customer spending and how the current budget is working for the business.

5. Institutionalize & update marketing database
- When the methods built are determined to be working in favor of the business, a new marketing database is put in place that analyzes the budget, produces forecast models, and optimizes the functionality of techniques.

The outcome of a U.S. based wireless carrier that followed this method by Oliver Wyman led to an increase in $50 million in incremental EBIDTA, and a 50% increase in marketing ROI for the company. A global tech company that followed this method worked to analyze multiple advertising media strategies to find what worked best for them. Upon determining a solution, the company saw an additional $500 million in incremental revenue without increasing their advertising spending at all. Additionally, a European subscription-based service provider that worked with Wyman to analyze their ROIs in terms of the long-term value of their subscriptions ended up seeing a €14 million increase in incremental profits, after increasing their marketing budget by €10 million.

Case Study 2: Augean PLC

Augean PLC is a leading waste management company located in the United Kingdom that also provides disposal for specialized waste. This company worked to increase their public image through digital marketing techniques, especially focusing on social media and email marketing. They worked with digital marketing agency Single Grain to develop innovative methods for increasing customer engagement online. This was done by first implementing workshops for the marketing employees of Augean PLC to help teach them how to use social media to increase customer engagement, brand loyalty, and obtain and retain a solid customer base. The business learned how to regularly publish new content on multiple social media platforms, in addition to promoting specific products and services through email marketing. As a result, Augean PLC is seeing a 10% increase in visitors to their website every year.

Case Study 3: Sovos Compliance

Sovos Compliance is a global software company that helps provide businesses with tax compliance information and reporting solutions. In order to increase their leadership and visibility in media, with the goal of reaching larger-scale banking businesses, the company turned to a PR company for technology solutions, ARPR, in order to increase their digital exposure to the public. The business worked with ARPR to identify three major product lines that could draw in a wider audience. Within these three product lines, ARPR worked to strategically outline information to be sent out to customers or be posted online about current global tax implications, and solutions that Sovos could provide as a result. This process led to an increased market for Sovos, more heavily covering retail, manufacturing, and banking companies, in addition to the business successfully securing at least two leadership media placements every month in multiple trade outlets.

Case Study 4: DisabledGo

DisabledGo is an online service that provides information to people in the United Kingdom and Ireland regarding locations that they can go that are accessible. This includes over 120,000 places such as parks, bars, museums, and more. DisabledGo formatted an entirely new website that was more user-friendly, with the intention of gaining new customers while still retaining their current audience. By working with Single Grain, the business was able to produce an SEO migration strategy that immediately directed users online from an old platform to a new one, across a total of 301 redirection links. This process permitted the business to retain between 90% and 99% of their ranking power in online searches by users, and also boosted their total visitors by 21% in just one year.


Business that are utilizing more creative and innovative digital methods for marketing are seeing a greater increase in the status of their public relations among customers. Many companies tend to utilize other organizations in order to help them manage their investments and come up with new marketing techniques. For some businesses this involves contributing an additional amount to their marketing strategies, but many are also able to optimize their methods without any additional spending. By focusing efforts on increased presence online and constantly publishing new and relevant information, businesses are beginning to see higher ROIs and customer growth/retention rates.