DIY Weatherstrip/Door Seal US Market Size

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DIY Weatherstrip/Door Seal US Market Size

Weatherization Strips/Door Seal market report

  • Paid Report: The Weatherization Strips market report by market experts shares insights on the Global and US market share along with key market players from the US including Frost King, Clopay, CR Laurence, and Prime Line Slide Co.
  • The global Weatherization Strips Market report by Industrial Herald shares key information on the Weatherization Strips industry chain outline along with market shares and revenue of key players from the US including Clopay, CR Laurence, and Frost King.
  • The International Trade Administration of US shares industry publications relating to the Top Markets in the country.
  • The US Window and Door -Building Products market report shares the overall US window and door market ($768 million), but no segmentation of market size related to Weatherization Strips/Door Seal is provided.

Clopay Building Products Company

  • Clopay is North America’s largest residential garage door manufacturer along with producing products including door seal pads, corner seal and Insulation.
  • The Annual revenue of Clopay Building Products Company is approximately $234.37 million.

CR Laurence

Frost King & Thermwell Products

Other Information

  • The construction drive news article shares the news on the new weatherstripping kit introduced by BILCO Company wherein the easy do-it-yourself project also rids homeowners of the loud slamming noise and weather stripping kit installs in minutes.

Research Strategy

STRATEGY 1-Market research reports
  • Firstly, to find the statistics on the market size of the do-it-yourself weatherstrip/door seal industry in the United States, we searched through credible market research reports from Global and US Market including Ibis, Markets and Markets, Million Insights, Market Expertz, and others.
  • Through the search, we found limited reports about the given topic, and most of the reports available were for overall Door & Window/Building products market with no bifurcation specifically for door seal industry. Although, we found various paid global market reports on the Weatherization Strips market which shared insights on the industry segmentation by product type, market revenue, along with market size based on regional distribution including the US region. The report also shared references of key players in the industry from the US which are Frost King, Clopay, and Cr Laurence. The report was based on their market revenue, but as the insights were secured behind the paid walls, no relevant information could be extracted.
STRATEGY 2- Key players official website and reports
  • Based on the above information, we decided to triangulate the response based on the estimated market revenue possessed by the key players(Frost King, Clopay, Cr Laurence) identified by more than one credible market reports. We also planned to analyze their revenue secured through do-it-yourself weatherstrip/door seal products to estimate the market size of the industry in the US.
  • We also searched through each of the companies' official websites and searched through their annual reports, news, press release, products, and investor presentations. We also corroborated information along with company database sites such as Hoovers, Crunchbase, and Zoom Info. Through this search, we found that these companies possess a broad product portfolio (even more than 50,000 for CRL) and do not present their financial reports for each product category or identify the product which makes their largest share in the revenue. Furthermore, they do not share consolidated market revenue reports. Frost king and CR Laurence, being private entities, do not share official revenue reports. Hence, this search could not provide sufficient insights to respond to the request completely.
STRATEGY -3-Industry Association
  • Next, we looked through the publications released by the International Trade Administration of the US, which regularly releases the top Markets industry reports and their market share in the The search sourced a market report on the overall US Window and Door -Building Products industry ($768 million) but no segmentation of market size related to Weatherization Strips/Door Seal is provided.
STRATEGY 4-News articles
  • We also looked through multiple credible news articles from the US, which reports industry analysis and information on the various segment which could help in estimation of the market size of the door seal industry. This includes PRNewswire, Forbes, and many others.
  • Through the search, most of the information found was related to the market developments in the door weatherstrip seal companies and ways to secure the door by using weatherstrip./do-it-yourself seals, but no information relevant to the market size of the door seal industry was found.