Casual Dining Market in Venice, California

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Venice, California - Affordable and Simple Dining Options

Customer reviews of area restaurants as well as eatery features across local media highlight the fact that people in Venice, CA are looking for simple, approachable and affordable dining options.

Customer Reviews Favor Affordable & Approachable Dining Options

  • An extensive analysis of customer reviews for restaurants in Venice, CA suggests that many of the most frequented and favored dining options are those that are affordable and approachable.
  • For example, according to a recent analysis of customer reviews by review aggregator Yelp, only 1 of the 30 best restaurants near Venice had a "pricey" or "ultra high-end" price point, while a preponderance of the best dining options featured menus with approachable food items including burgers, ice cream sundaes, french fries and pizza.
  • Similarly, a listing of the 15 best inexpensive dining options in Venice by local travel guide Foursquare highlighted a robust cohort of highly rated Venice restaurants that unanimously received positive customer reviews because they were "cheap" and offered approachable menu items such as tacos, ice cream, coffee and burritos.
  • For example, the "cheap" La Isla Bonita food truck in Venice had an almost perfect 9.1 out of 10 rating, featured Mexican street food such as tacos and burritos and received highly favorable reviews by almost 100 area customers.

Many Featured Restaurants are Simple & Approachable

  • Moreover, the fact that local lifestyle and food industry media regularly feature restaurants with simple and approachable menus as the best dining options in Venice suggests that both the publication's staff and local Venice audiences have a preference for such restaurants.
  • Notably, local food industry trade Eater Los Angeles, local LA blog This Beautiful Day, local broadcaster CBS News Los Angeles, the Los Angeles section of lifestyle magazine Timeout and lifestyle outlet Thrillist all highlighted dining outlets with simple and approachable menus within their recent rankings of the best places to eat in Venice, CA.
  • For example, all five of these publications featured the "super chill" pasta restaurant Rose Cafe as well as the "quick-serve" bakery and deli Gjusta on their best restaurant lists.
  • In addition to these simple and approachable options, a number of "down home" restaurants such as BBQ shop Baby Blues BBQ, ice cream shop Salt & Straw, sausage restaurant Wurstküche and even food truck La Isla Bonita were also frequently mentioned as area favorites.
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Psychographics - Venice, California

People living in Venice, California have a habit of crowding the beach and leaving the streets secluded. Their hobbies include surfing, skating, and playing ball games.




  • Venice has a big problem with crimes. In fact, it is ranked 36th out of 209 cities in violent crimes and 15th out of 209 cities in property crimes.
  • Hypodermic needles and human wastes appearing on sidewalks and at local playgrounds, as well as continued break-ins, are an indicator for moral decadence in the country.
  • Some residents lack compassion since they are advocating for driving the homeless out of Venice.
  • Despite all the immoralities in Venice, it has embraced its counterculture past unlike its bougie neighbors.
  • Excluding the crime and violence, people there are reported to be friendly and relaxed.
  • In fact, many celebrities call Venice home because of the relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Spending Habits

  • Eating healthy is part of Venice residents dining habits. This is achieved by presence of local farmer's market for fresh veggies and fruits as well as a whole foods market, hence experiencing an ultramodern and ultra healthy grocery shopping.
  • The residents have a dining habit of visiting daytime casual cafe with bowls, breakfast and coffee bar, since it's very hard to find someone who doesn't love daytime cafes.
  • Venice has some of the best restaurants in all of Los Angeles, with 33 of the top dining destinations in America being in Venice, offering quality seafood, cocktails, and other types of foods, which is an indicator that the residents love dining.
  • The expenses on food for Venice residents have increased by 2.8% in comparison with the national average, indicating an increase in their spending on dining.

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