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Top Text-to-speech Apps

Three of the top text-to-speech apps are Pocket, Voice Aloud Reader, and T2S. Details regarding these apps have been provided below.


  • Pocket is an app that allows users to save articles and read or listen to them later when they are offline. It is free and available on android and iOS.
  • The app uses cloud storage to save stories. Users can also read articles while the audio is playing.
  • Pocket supports multiple languages and voices. The app has adjustable speed and pitch.
  • Moreover, Pocket supports background playback. Therefore, a user can listen to the app while doing other things on the smartphone.
  • Pocket has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play.

Voice Aloud Reader

  • Voice Aloud Reader is a text-to-speech reader for android users. The app reads the content displayed on a user’s screen, such as doc files, PDF files, emails, and web pages.
  • In addition, the app can be used as an ebook, document, and HTML reader. The app allows users to save web pages and other content.
  • The app filters irrelevant content in a web page. It ignores ads, navigation, and menus.
  • Voice Aloud Reader has a share feature where users can share content from other apps. Facebook posts and tweets can also be shared with the app.
  • Moreover, the app works with URLS. Users can paste a site’s address into the reader and the app will automatically read the relevant parts.
  • Voice Aloud Reader has more than five million downloads.


  • One of the unique features of T2S is that it has its own browser. One can opt to access and read content from a website through the app.
  • Another feature of the app is that it allows users to listen to web pages instead of copying and pasting links to the app.
  • T2S has a copy-to-speak feature where a pop-up button appears when text is copied in other applications. Pushing the button prompts the app to instantly start reading the copied content.
  • T2S allows its users to save and share audio readouts.
  • The mobile app has more than one million downloads on Google Play

Research Strategy

To find the best text-to-speech apps, we looked through industry sites such as Make Tech Easier and Make Use Of. We then selected the apps that were mentioned the most by these sources. In addition, we made sure that the apps we selected had more than one million downloads.
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Top Distracted Driving Apps

DriveMode, CellControl, Life Saver, and Safe Drive are the top distracted driving apps in the United States.


What it does

  • DriveMode (by AT&T) is a free app that blocks calls and text messages when the user is driving.


  • DriveMode has an over 15 mph-plus automatic activation feature (doesn't require manual activation every time). The app can be automatically launched and closed "with Bluetooth pairing".
  • It can read text messages, control music, and search navigation using "hands-free voice". Voice-enabled commands allow users to interact with apps such as Google Maps, Pandora, Waze, and Spotify. Users can also reply to an urgent message using hands-free voice.
  • The app launches quickly and has an intuitive interface that allows operation using gestures, without having to focus on the app/phone.
  • The music player can be overlaid "on top of a navigation app".
  • Auto-replies can be set up for text messages.
  • Drivers can view their driving history.
  • It can also make recommendations to call someone or visit a place.
  • It notifies parents if their teenage kid were to change the app settings or deactivate it.

Number of downloads

  • DriveMode is an AT&T app and comes preloaded on Android phones. The avg. monthly download for the app is 30,100.


What it does

  • Truce (formerly CellControl) was designed for business owners and parents to limit or simply monitor drivers' phone usage. "Texts, messages, camera, social media, and other distracting applications" are disabled over a certain speed limit.


  • Truce has features such as "accident tracking, mileage tracking, activity monitoring, time tracking, vehicle tracking, productivity analysis, smart detection, behavior tracking, management consoles, dashboards, and more".
  • Trucking features: driver management, driver settlement, routing, trip locks, vehicle management.
  • EHS management features: incident management, occupational health management, risk management, "Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)", industrial safety management.
  • Employee monitoring: activity monitoring, productivity analysis, time tracking, and time & attendance.
  • Mobile device management: automatic user/device recognition, data management, deployment management, remote monitoring and management, synchronization scheduling, and software management.
  • Safety management: incident management, safety risk assessment, training management, "corrective/preventive actions".
  • The app also has a sleep management feature to ensure driving safety and optimally manage business-related work.
  • Business owners and parents are notified when the driver removes or deactivates the app.
  • The app allows the driver to receive notifications from specific apps or contacts or be notified during any emergency.
  • Phone usage policies can be customized based on user preference or convenience.
  • It generates phone usage and compliance reports of the user's phone habit while driving.

Number of downloads

  • The avg. monthly download for the app is 976.7.


What it does

  • LifeSaver locks the phone above a certain driving speed (set by the user) to prevent the user from making calls or text. It uses GPS monitoring plus a rewards system (Parent Rewards) to break unsafe driving habit patterns. It offers premium features for fleet operators (Fleet Portal) and corporate users.


  • Life Savers has features such as "injury reporting, contact management, mileage tracking, automatic tracking" and GPS.
  • Business users can opt for the multiple-group-policy-management-option feature on the app. Additionally, industrial safety management, employee management, injury reporting, and training management features are also offered.
  • LifeSaver allows parents to lock their children's phones via the app every time their teenage kid begins driving the car.
  • It sends automatic SMS notifications about every action, command, and report.
  • It also creates summary and daily reports for behavior rewarding.
  • LifeSaver informs the user's family when they have safely reached a destination.
  • LifeSaver offers both "free and subscription-based services".

Number of downloads

  • The avg. monthly download for the app is 393.3.


What it does

  • SafeDrive blocks texts while the user is driving. The driver accumulates shopping-discount reward points at participating stores every time they drive without using their phone. If the driver opts to use their phone while driving, they lose all the points accumulated during that particular drive.


  • It locks the phone and disables notifications.
  • Reward points accumulated can be used to avail of discounts at participating stores.
  • Users are allowed to check the traffic without losing points.
  • Both the parent and teenage driver install the app and the driver invites the parent to observe her/his driving habits. The observer is able to monitor the location and speed of the driver.
  • The parent also gets notified if the driver exceeds the set speed limit by over 5mph. The parent also gets notified in case the teenage driver disables or enables speed recording.
  • Multiple drivers can be monitored via the same app.
  • The app measures the driver's speed and uploads it to iCloud (for Apple phones).

Number of downloads

  • The avg. monthly download for the app is 175.1.

Additional Information

  • TrueMotion Family, In-Traffic Reply, and Motovate are some other popular distracted driving apps. TrueMotion has a unique feature called "trip score": the app collected driving data of the teenage driver, including all the time he/she uses the phone. It allows a parent to compare their driving score with their kids.

Research Strategy

The top distracted driving apps were determined based on the frequency of mentions across multiple sources (listing popular distracted driving apps) and the average number of monthly downloads (triangulation is shown in the attached spreadsheet).

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