Market Research & Mark Intelligence Agencies (Pricing & options)

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Market Research Agencies

Brass Ideas, Market 8, InMotion Software, StoryLine, and Pinpoint are some agencies based in the United States that perform market research or market intelligence services. The five market research agencies identified provide quantitative, qualitative, and global research services through innovative means.


In order to identify the companies that perform market research or provide market intelligence services in the United States, we began our search by looking through industry-specific databases such as Agency Spotter and The Manifest. Through these channels, we were able to apply different filters of location and services. We found that market research agencies focus on various fields of research such as sales improvement, website design, software design, customer services design, and experience design. From the list obtained through the Agency Spotter database, we selected five companies that are based in the United States and provide market research services, not platforms. Each company was found to have a specific focus on research. We also made sure that the agencies selected do not use telephone or mail surveys. These companies are found to perform live or online surveys, live one-on-one interviews, and focus sessions, to name a few.
It has been observed that all five of the identified companies do not provide a direct price for their market research services. After an extensive search through each company’s website; media websites such as Forbes, PR Newswire, and Businesswire; industry-specific websites such as GreenBook, we found no information on the pricing information for the services offered by the five companies. However, during our search, we were able to find the estimated price ranges for Market 8 and InMotion Software alone. While the pricing information for the services provided by Brass Ideas, StoryLine, and Pinpoint is not available, we provided the average price range that a market research agency charges for their services.

Market Research Agencies

#1: Brass Ideas

Brass Ideas is a market research and advertising agency based in San Francisco. The company specializes in branding, technology advertising, and consumer advertising. The company also provides branding consultancy that focuses on developing brand identity, brand strategy, and ideation. Their services include creative advertising, marketing strategy, market research, brainstorming, and media planning.
Brass Ideas believes that market research must be provided to “illuminate” their clients rather than support. The purpose of their market research services is to “go beyond public face and into private life”. Thus, the company utilizes various innovative means of gathering information rather than the usual focus groups, such as one-on-one detail-oriented interviews. The agency provides qualitative, quantitative, and global research services. Brass Ideas’ research team believes in enabling their clients to leverage their research in a powerful way.
  • Qualitative: In a means to conduct effective qualitative research, the agency focuses on conducting a thorough investigation to obtain authentic results. They prefer to use one-on-one interviews to focus groups for this type of research.
  • Quantitative: The company’s quantitative research services are conducted through numerous means from sophisticated statistical analysis to interactive surveys.
  • Global research: Where global research capability is concerned, Brass Ideas has experience providing insights about the European, American, and Asian markets.
The agency provides pricing quotes and other information only when directly contacted through their contact page. According to an article published by Twentify, a market research project can range anywhere between $1,500 to $30,000 based on the agency used, the subject of research, data collection, research methods used, insights generation, business support, and report expectation.

#2: Market 8

Market 8 is a marketing, research, and SAAS development agency based in Florida. The company helps its clients with branding, utilizes the right measurements to obtain valuable insights, ensures to maximize the brand’s fit with quality, and specializes in various optimization processes. The agency’s research and decisions are based exclusively on real data rather than assumptions. The company prides itself by utilizing a customer-centric and data-driven methodology to ensure its clients’ success through measurable growth.
Market 8 offers customer-research services for clients looking to analyze their customers and buyers. The customer research service provided by this agency is primarily for clients working on developing customer-centric websites. Their customer research process consists of three specific steps — customer survey, buyers journey mapping, and buyer analysis.

  • Customer Survey: This step includes a customized questionnaire designed by Market 8 to learn everything there is to know about a client’s customers.
  • Buyers Journey Mapping: In this stage, Market 8’s research team identifies how the consumers make decisions and the various factors responsible for influencing the buyers.
  • Buyer Analysis: This part of the research goes into preparing detailed profiles of their clients’ customer-base that portray “real issues they have using the lingo they use”.
While the agency does not provide the pricing information for the services provided, clients can obtain price quotes through their contact form. The form, however, presents a budget range for client projects that can vary from less than $20,000 to more than $100,000.

#3: InMotion Software

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, InMotion Software is a consultancy market research agency that assists technological companies to create appropriate applications that are aligned with the needs of their audience. The agency provides design services, engineering services, and user research services. InMotion Software’s market research focuses specifically on the user. Their user research and testing services include on-site research, remote research, quantitative research, and qualitative research.

The company believes that it is vital for user research to be conducted before the client begins with software development. InMotion Software utilizes a combination of various methodologies to create a well-rounded user research strategy to suit each client's requirements. Their strategy is a combination of one-on-one and group interviews, competitive analyses, an audit of the different existing solutions, and field research. The company also conducts iterative qualitative and quantitative user testing after every stage of the process. The company ensures that they find something new to improve with every iteration such as factors to cut costs, better performance, reducing churn, and faster production.
The agency does not provide detailed pricing information for their services. However, clients can obtain a price quote from the agency by filling out the “contact us” form on their website. The form indicates that the budget for projects can range from $50,000 to more than $1 million.

#4: StoryLine

StoryLine specializes in connecting companies with customers to generate actionable insight through design thinking. StoryLine utilizes the concept of design thinking to gain customer insight and excel in creative problem-solving. The agency is headquartered in New Hampshire. The stages of design thinking consist of discovery, analysis, visualization, ideation, storytelling, and amplification. After qualitative market research is complete, the agency focuses on designing the project’s storyline. While framing the storyline of a research project, the agency makes use of various frameworks such as personas, journey maps, storyboarding, experience models, collaborative workshops, and competitive market analysis.
Once the insights are generated, the agency helps companies to use them as drivers to make appropriate changes, establish better processes, and develop new means of meeting the needs of the customer. StoryLine does not provide pricing information for their researching services. However, clients can request a quote from their website. On average, the price for the market research projects from an agency in the United States can range from $1,500 to $30,000.

#5: Pinpoint

Pinpoint is a research agency based in Nevada that specializes in providing design solutions and insights through market research and analysis. The company utilizes applied design methodologies to solve business problems. According to their website, Pinpoint uses outside-in, user-centric approach to provide clients with an objective perspective and clear insights through unbiased expertise and validation. Pinpoint conducts research, generates insights, and then applies them to develop effective solutions. The company’s services include strategic improvements, market research and growth, engagement analysis, developing innovative culture, and designing new solutions.
  • Strategic Improvements: The company provides its clients with a holistic view of the journey of their partners, customers, members, and employees. Pinpoint provides “outside-in perspectives” about the customers’ experiences.
  • Market Research: Pinpoint utilizes various research methods such as audience interviews, surveys, workshops, ethnographic research, and contextual inquiry to generate customer/market insights. Each method is customized to ensure that every goal and need of the client is met.
  • Designing Solutions: Once the market research is complete and insights have been generated, Pinpoint utilizes those insights to work on different design methodologies such as interaction design, visual design, business design, organizational design, service design, and experience design.
While Pinpoint does not provide details of their pricing information, customers can request a price quote along with customized information on their services through their website. According to Twentify, a market research project can range anywhere between $1,500 to $30,000 based on the agency used, the subject of research, data collection, research methods used, insights generation, business support, and report expectation.