Market Overview: Air Quality Sensors

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Air Quality Sensor Manufacturer Competitive Landscape

Hanwell and Erlab are two global manufacturers of air quality sensors.


  • Overview: Hanwell is a public company based in Letchworth, England. Formerly known as The IMC Group, an amalgamation of Lamerholm Electronics, Hanwell Instruments, and Jekyll Electronic Technology birthed Hanwell Solutions Ltd in 2007. The company provides "wireless environmental monitoring and control solutions" ranging from temperature to humidity, CO2, LUX, airflow, and others. Hanwell designs and manufactures most of its monitoring and control systems.
  • Product Offerings: Climabox air quality data logger kit and Climabox air quality radio transmitter are the two air quality sensors offered by Hanwell.
  • Competitive Advantage: Hanwell prides itself by its wealth of experience spanning from 1990. Its design department boasts an accumulation of over 100 years of experience in hardware and software development, adopting the latest computer-aided 3-D modeling, custom measurement products, and systems to offer a cost-effective and flexible service.
  • Target Audience: Hanwell targets clients from different industrial sectors such as pharmaceutical, food, health, industrial, heritage and many more.


  • Overview: Erlab has three headquarters in the USA, France, and China. Founded in 1968, Erlab is a "leader in the world for filtered fume hoods, ductless fume hoods, and filtered storage solutions." With a presence in over 40 countries and with 20 international patents, the company is an expert in air filtration for the safety and protection of laboratory personnel.
  • Product Offerings: Erlab's air quality sensor product is called Halo Sense Smart. It is available in three versions: VOC — for the detection of volatile organic compounds, Formaldehyde — for the detection of formaldehyde, and Acids — for the detection of acid vapors.
  • Competitive Advantage: Erlab has over 50 years of experience with 150,000 units of installed base spread across 40 countries with "cutting-edge plastic injection, precision metal, acrylic and filter cartridge manufacturing capabilities."
  • Target Audience: Erlab targets clients from laboratories in various sectors such as "higher education, chemicals labs, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, petrochemical, industrial, food & beverages", and others.