Market Growth - Do-It-Your Self weatherization Products

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Market Size - Do-It-Your Self Weatherization Products

The estimated market size for DIY weatherstripping seal in the United States is around $2.37 billion, however, this figure is likely a bit higher when considering other, non-seal types of weatherstripping/weatherization products. Below, you will find a deep dive of our findings.


In order to conduct this research, we first began analyzing market reports, industry reports, consumer surveys, and hard data published by trusted media sites and professional organizations to hopes to gather as much information as possible regarding anything related to the consumer and DIY sales of weatherization/weatherstripping products. During this process, we were able to reconfirm the lack of publicly available data on this topic that was previously established in our first report.

Despite this overall lack of data, we were able to creatively pull together existing data to arrive at an estimate for the size of DIY weatherization/weatherstripping market in the U.S. Please note that, while we feel this estimate is likely the best that can be arrived at given the extensive limitations of the existing data, we also feel like this estimate is a bit low due to the fact that it may not be factoring in every single type of weatherization product on the market, but instead focuses on those products that are weatherstripping seals specifically (which based on our general analysis appears to likely be the most common type). Therefore, please keep in mind that the actual market size for the DIY weatherstripping market in the U.S. is likely a bit higher than the estimate we have provided below.

the diy weatherstripping market size in the u.s.

In order to calculate and estimate this market size, we had to make a series of triangulations using available data that we uncovered during our research. To begin, we first needed to calculate a market share for weatherstripping products within the overall home improvement market. To do so we were able to locate global data showing the market sizes of weatherstripping seal and home improvement. For this step, global data to be relied on to understand the market share due to the fact that more geo-specific data was not available after extensive research across market reports. However, we feel this is okay for this first step, since we will narrow the data down to the U.S. level later in the triangulation.

The following data was used to triangulate this market share:
  • Weatherstripping seal has a global market size of $9.6 billion as of 2018.
  • The global market size for home improvement is $800 billion as of 2018
Therefore, weatherstripping seal has a market share of 1.2% of the total home improvement market, or (9.6 billion x 100) / 800 billion = 1.2.

Next, we used this global market share as a proxy to further calculate an estimated market size of weatherstripping seal in the U.S. by calculating the share again the U.S. home improvement market. To do so, we found data showing that the size of the U.S. home improvement industry is around $420 billion as of 2018. Using this figure and the market share we triangulated above, we calculated that 1.2% of the U.S. home improvement market is $5.04 billion, or (420 billion x 1.2) / 100 = 5.04 billion.

Therefore, the weatherstripping seal market in the U.S. has a size of $5.04 billion.

Lastly, we further narrowed down this market size to just the DIY segment. To do so, we relied on data from a 2019 report which states that 47% of home projects are completed by homeowners (i.e. DIY). Using this data, we calculated that the DIY segment for weatherstripping seal in the United States is about $2.37 billion, or (5.04 billion x 47) / 100 = about 2.37 billion.
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Market Share by Company - Do-It-Your Self Weatherization

After conducting extensive research, we were unable to provide the market shares that Frost King, AM Conservation Group, Prime-Line, Cinch, and M-D Building Products have in the US "Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Weatherization" products industry, as the information is not publicly available. However, we found that about $137.8 billion is spent on house weatherizing every year in the US. We have provided the research strategies used to determine that the requested information is not publicly available, as well as some useful findings in the research brief below.


We began our search to provide the market shares that Frost King, AM Conservation Group, Prime-Line, Cinch, and M-D Building Products have in the US "Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Weatherization" products industry by looking for precompiled industry reports of the products in sources like Market Research, PR Newswire, Reuters, Allied Market Search, and DEC research, among others. While we were able to find reports on weatherization services and insulation products, we were unable to find a readily available report with data for the overall market size of the US industry or confirm if the information was available through these sources, as they were hidden behind a paywall.
As our next step, we decided to search through each company's news, articles, blogs, press releases, and annual reports to find the percentage of their annual revenue that was due to DIY weatherization products. We planned to triangulate this info to calculate their market share in the industry, and if the market sizes were unavailable, we would at least provide a market share among these top 5 brands. However, the information was not present in the company's website, and in most cases like Cinch, Prime-line, and Frost King, they had no news section or the information published was very minimal when it came to financial details and more focused on how-to guides.
We then expanded the search by looking through the databases of business websites like Crunchbase, Pitchfork, Hoovers, etc., and noticed that Frost King and Cinch are brands from other companies, and thus do not release financial reports of their own. We also noticed that their parent companies, Thermwell Products Co. and M-D Building Products (one of the companies in our list), are private companies and as such are not required to release their annual reports publicly. This result was the case with the remaining two companies; AM Conservation Group and Prime-Line. All five brands are from private companies, and as such, their financial information is very restricted.
While we managed to locate the total revenue of most companies and brands, lack of access to their annual reports prevented us from separating the earnings correspondent to DIY weatherization products. Thus, the total revenue presented includes other products and does not reflect only the market requested.
Next, we tried to find the annual report information from industry magazines, financial magazines, and databases. We found the annual reports for Thermwell, Frost King's parent company, and M-D Building Products. However, we could not access the information as they were behind paywalls.
Finally, while looking for Cinch's revenue information, we found a valuable data point from the US Department of Energy, which stated the average amount spent by American families in 2018 to weatherize their houses during hot and cool weather. We tried to use this data as a starting point to triangulate the requested information. We first obtained the number of American families and households, then calculated the approximate market size of weatherization products by multiplying both values.
Although we tried to use this value to triangulate the market share, the information was insufficient to know if this reflected only on DIY weatherization or it included paid services. Also, the revenue we obtained from the brands were not for DIY weatherization products only. Thus, we could not triangulate the requested info.


The US Department of Energy stated that the average American family spends $1,080 every year weatherizing their houses for hot and cool weather. As of 2018, there were 127.59 million households in the United States, leading to about $137.8 billion ($1,080 x 127.59 million = $137,797,200,000) spent on house weatherizing every year in the country. Market Study released a global report for the insulation products industry, including the ones in the US.

Frost King

Frost King is a DIY brand owned by Thermwell Products Co., and it is mainly known for its weatherstrips. However, they develop other products, as well. Thermwell is a company dedicated to DIY weatherstripping, with Frost King (acquired & merged) being its signature brand. Most of the company's news focuses on Frost King's brand expansion. Thermwell's annual revenue is estimated to be $191.65 million, while Frost King's annual revenue is estimated to be $10.2 million.

AM Conservation Group

AM Conservation Group was named one of the fastest growing companies in South Carolina in 2017 with a yearly revenue above $10 million. They are a privately held company which manufactures weatherization, energy, and water conservation products. Their annual revenue is approximately $14.8 million, and their line of DIY weatherization includes a catalog of 11 products. AM Conservation Group did not cover the revenue generated by their DIY products in their news and blog.


The estimated annual revenue of Primeline products is $6.12 million. Primeline is a privately held company that offers supplies and equipment to repair windows and doors.


Cinch is a privately held brand, owned by M-D Building Products. Their DIY products which are used to protect doors and windows from the weather are available in 2,200 hardware stores and home centers in the US. Cinch is a brand from the M-D Building Products company.

M-D Building Products

M-D building is a private company with annual revenue of $181.5 million.

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