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Halifax, Nova Scotia Management Consultancies

Based on several criteria, top companies in the management consulting field in Halifax include Dillon Consulting, Sierra Systems, BoardWorks, and Barrington.

There was no pre-compiled list that directly states the key management consultancy firms in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area.
There are several high quality management consultancy firms found in this location but some of them don't have an online presence. We then decided to determine the major players based on their relative number of employees and local presence coverage compared to known similar businesses in the area. A few consulting firms such as Mara Consulting and KPMG LLP had a number of employees but no client listing or relevant details about their company can be found on their website. We then decided to single out firms with 500-1000 employees. However, we found that some companies only have 11-50 employees. We were not able to find any other major management consulting firms with large number of employees and significant local presence in Halifax, Nova Scotia that offered marketing services. Furthermore, even if these companies have hundreds of clients, only a few of them were listed in their websites.

After taking into account the conditions above, we have finally settled on the following companies that met these criteria: Dillon Consulting, Sierra Systems, BoardWorks, and Barrington.

All the information on the identified major players are indicated in the linked spreadsheet.

1. Dillon Consulting

With their Halifax office established in 1975, Dillon Consulting provides a full menu of services focused on infrastructure, communities, environment, and facilities to private and public sector clients. Dillon's services include infrastructure design, community planning, environmental assessment, site contaminant management and remediation, project/program management, hydrogeology, waste management, and public consultation. The firm focuses on being a trusted partner with their clients rather than simply an advisory service. This company is a major player because their Halifax office is one of the company’s largest and includes engineers, geoscientists, environmental planners and support personnel. The company has over 699+ employees. With a “one company” mindset, for each project Dillon leadership handpicks a team to include the best and most suitable individuals from any one of the 17 Dillon consulting offices. Dillon consulting services used to focus on design and activation of industrial facilities. Now, the company has enhanced and expanded to provide a wide range of risk and environmental management services. Construction, environmental, manufacturing, legal, and financial service companies all benefit from Dillon’s expertise. The following services are offered by the company: • Strategy and Policy for Sustainability • Carbon Management and Climate Change • Renewable Energy Services • Shaping and Influencing Healthy Complete Communities • Sustainable Community Planning and Design • Sustainable Transportation • Infrastructure Services • Waste Management and Remediation Solutions Dillon Consulting did not have a client listing available on their website, but did have a list of awards that somehow cemented their key player status. The company does not provide marketing services.

2. Sierra Systems

Sierra Systems is an IT services and management-consulting firm that offers a full range of advisory services, systems integration, and managed application services. The company is a major player that has over 800 employees in all nine offices in Canada. It is also one of the largest, independent North American IT services companies. The company focuses on improving organizational efficiency to achieve business objectives. Primary areas of focus are information management and IT strategy, organizational readiness, and effectiveness. Sierra offers their expertise and services to the following sectors: government, justice and public safety, health, energy, and commercial.
Here are the details of Sierra's service areas: • Business Process Innovation — Minimize operational costs and increase revenues via detailed analysis and adoption of more efficient and strategic approaches to supply chain management. • Vision and Strategy — formulation of strategy plans, business case development and IM/IT road maps. • Organizational Design and Change — cultural, and readiness assessments. Stakeholder engagement/ communications plans. Support and training of internal change networks. • Engagement and Collaboration — Reduce future costs minimizing project and operating risks through engaging stakeholders at the outset. Increase organizational accountability, effectiveness and transparency in decisions.

3. BoardWorks Consulting

BoardWorks Consulting focuses on governance, strategic planning, facilitation, and coaching, to help startups achieve clarity of purpose, roles and direction. It employs between 11 and 50 employees. The company supports the development of leadership talent through coaching services and its Applied Governance program for board leaders, directors, senior management and young professionals.

BoardWorks Consulting services include: • Governance — helps clients define their process and structure for decision-making. • Strategic Planning — focus on helping clients create a road map to their desired future. • Facilitation — helping groups have productive conversations. • Coaching — helping new CEOs, Board Chairs, and board members optimize their board performance. Some local clients are: The Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage, Province of Nova Scotia, Tourism Nova Scotia, Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia, Easter Seals Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Foundation for Heritage and the Arts, Symphony Nova Scotia, Halifax International Airport Authority, Nova Scotia Community College, Nova Scotia College of Physicians and Surgeons, Halifax Grammar School, and Halifax Chamber of Commerce.

4. Barrington Consulting

Barrington Consulting provides customized, cross-industry, business and IT consulting services with focus on offering “big firm” services and knowledge with a “small firm” client-centric approach. The company has between 11-50 employees. It is involved in the following sectors: healthcare, private and public sectors, transportation, government registries, and intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

All the company information above including the firms' overview, list of services, client list, and marketing consulting services data, if available, are all summarized in the linked spreadsheet.


The key players in the management consultancy field that are located in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area are the following: Dillon Consulting, Sierra Systems, BoardWorks, and Barrington.