What makes people switch laundry detergent brands?

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What makes people switch laundry detergent brands?

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To answer this query, I’ve looked at corporate websites, industry reports, and trusted media sites.

A Forbes article on July 2016 talks about the death of brand loyalty where a changed philosophy of buying led to the erosion of consumer loyalty among the most esteemed brands. The article talked about why customers are no longer loyal and the underlying value of loyalty isn’t considered relevant. There has been a cultural shift where the standard for brand switching is no longer because of the failure of a brand to perform but rather its inability to make purchase seem like a new experience. However, this decline in market share among 90% of the top brands can’t simply be explained by evolution in consumer behavior.

A Market Research on Consumer Preference towards Detergent Sector looks at the buying habits of consumers and the influence on brand choices. This study states that brand loyalty needs to address psychological satisfaction and more convenience in retail shopping. As a result, customers are willing to pay more for products that are quick and easy to use and have huge stock in the market.

In summary, factors affecting the switch between laundry detergent brands are:

Packaging Preference: Consumers prefer different quantities available with preference mostly for packets up to 500 grams and some for packs ranging between 500 grams to 1 kg.

Brand Image: The overall impression in the customer’s mind about a product or brand affects the customer’s preference when purchasing a particular product. The brand image affects the customer’s loyalty, perceived quality and awareness regarding the products to be purchased.

Country of Origin: Place where laundry detergents are manufactured is also a factor for the customers. The most vital influential factors when buying a particular detergent, according to a group of consumers, is the whiteness the detergent provides, the gentleness on hand, good stain removing capacity and effect on fabric.

Role of price: Price along with the consumer’s income plays a significant role towards the sale and purchase of a product.
Customers who are loyal to their respective brands do not intend to buy diverse branded products.

Peer Influence: This is one of the important factors influencing consumer behavior towards detergent products as it is a psychological phenomenon of human beings. Friends and relatives, self-experience, advertisements and neighbors are major influencers identified.

Style Statement: This influences the consumer’s preference towards laundry detergent brands as it also affects the psychological domain of human beings. Consumers prefer brands that will take them to a higher level of the social circle.

An article from Dupont states that buying in bulk, "greener" earth-friendly detergents, work well in cold water, and overall value are factors that consumers are looking for and reasons they might change brands. This supports the country of origin factor where ingredients and materials are considered.

Also, an article from Marketing Schools talks about consumer psychology in relation to purchasing products such as laundry detergent. Overall, the message is that consumers want to feel that it is personalized, just for them and will switch brands if another brand gives them that message. This supports the style statement factor that influences customer preference.


To summarize, there has been a cultural shift in the sense that consumers are switching brands because brand names and loyalty are not as important anymore as they have been in the past. At present time, brand loyalty is all about the consumer’s emotion. Brand Channel states that it all comes down to delighting the customer and creating an emotional bond. Stealing Share states that emotional branding is more important than just advertising as this can help keep or convert a customer like in the case of laundry detergents.

However, there are still various factors affecting the consumer’s behavior in terms of purchasing and switching between laundry detergent brands and these are packaging preference, brand image, role of price, peer influence, and style statement.

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