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Profile of Maclaren Baby

Maclaren Baby is an England-based manufacturer of baby strollers with a stated mission to craft products in an environmentally sustainable fashion. The latest revenue estimate reveals that the company had generated $1,693,375 in one year. Maclaren has been making strollers since 1965 and its products are regularly ranked among the top strollers being manufactured. Despite its longstanding reputation and its position as a top player in the industry, Maclaren has a history of financial difficulties and it is reported to be winding down operations.

brand history

Owen Finlay Maclaren, a renowned test pilot and aviation engineer, designed the first Maclaren stroller in rural England in 1965. The product was unique in the way it folded in on itself—a method that came to be known as the "umbrella fold." The stroller was lightweight and a person could feasibly fold it with one hand while holding a child in the other arm.

The inventor marketed his product as the Baby Buggy. By the time Maclaren died in 1978, more than 250,000 of the buggies had been exported to more than 30 countries. The brand eventually became so popular that the trademark, Baby Buggy, became an eponym used to describe an entire class of umbrella-folding baby strollers.

Currently, the company states that its brand "represents luxury and prestige" and it has a vision to be "the ultimate lifestyle parenting brand, desired now and forever by parents who expect the best."

major competitors

Industry analysts have listed Maclaren as one of the top four baby stroller manufacturers, so we have identified the other three businesses listed as top competitors. Those competitors are UPPAbaby, Peg Perego, and Bugaboo.

Peg Perego is an Italian company founded in 1949 that sells a variety of baby products, including strollers, car seats, classic carriages, and toys.

Bugaboo began operations in the Netherlands in 1994 and it offers strollers as well as luggage—the company has an emphasis on engineering products so that worn or broken parts can be individually replaced.

UPPAbaby is an American company offering lightweight and full-size strollers, car seats, and accessories.

Performance in the industry

Although Maclaren has been an industry leader for decades, the company has seen major financial trouble in recent years. Its financial peak was in the mid-1990s when it turned annual profits of about £2million. But business has dropped off since then, with many parents turning to other options for baby transport, including the more modern buggy, featuring larger off-road tires, air filtration systems, foot warmers and all-weather hoods.

In October 2017, the company reportedly laid off more than 150 workers after a £20 million rescue package failed to fix the falling sales. Maclaren is in receivership and is winding down operations.

Still, the company's products are regularly listed among the top baby strollers being sold.

core values

Maclaren's mission is to "maintain and strengthen its iconic position, inspired by its heritage, a rich history and a firm focus on the future, with its consumers always at the heart of its thinking." It often celebrates its history, describing its products as "timeless," though not "traditional."

Maclaren also markets itself as a company dedicated to environmental sustainability. It employs the motto, "Safe Baby, Safe Planet." To that end, the company states that it uses partially recycled cardboard in its packages and it no longer uses PVC plastic in its packaging process. Maclaren also runs a program to recycle its baby strollers after customers have finished using them.

social responsibility efforts

Somewhat in line with its stated commitment to sustainability, Maclaren has been very publicly involved with efforts to protect elephants around the world. In 2015 the company partnered with Elephant Family, an organization that works to protect the endangered Asian elephant as well as its habitat and people who live alongside the animals. Maclaren held a series of fundraising events for Elephant Family, culminating with a large motorbike rally across Rajasthan, India. Maclaren's partnership with Elephant Family continued in subsequent years. Maclaren has also helped conduct public awareness campaigns about dangers to elephants, including some that involved education to children.


Maclaren does not list its employees on its website, nor was information about its staff readily available in the media or within industry reports. However, information is available on LinkedIn. The Group CFO/COO at Maclaren is Guy Rothschild. The head of marketing services is Natasha Saadat. The head of technology is Jim Ramsey.


Maclaren Baby has long been an industry leader in the baby stroller business, marketing the lightweight and easily foldable Baby Buggy since 1965. The company's products continue to be listed among top baby strollers, although sales have dropped significantly since a peak in the mid-1990s. The company has hit its most severe financial dilemmas in recent years and is now winding down production.