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Luxury Clinics (Part 1)

There are about 668 private clinics in Germany with specializations in services such as ophthalmology, heart surgery, neurology, psychiatry, among others. Most of these clinics are found in the states of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, and Lower Saxony. Below is the detail of our findings.


To provide the number of luxury private patient clinics present in Germany, we found a designated database for private clinics in Germany. While there is no standard rating which classifies these clinics as "luxury," we have leveraged information provided by third-party sources to make that determination. For instance, an article listed Helios-Kliniken and Asklepios-Kliniken among the top private clinics in Germany, which is corroborated by their respective websites. The websites of Helios-Kliniken and Asklepios-Kliniken hinted that they provide 5-star quality standards in their facilities and services. The source provides 61 Helios-Kliniken and 49 Asklepios-Kliniken in the country. Therefore, at least 110 (61+49) listed private clinics from the source can be considered as "luxury clinics".

We have also classified "luxury" by the services offered by each clinic. In the profile pages of the private clinics listed in the portal, it is common to find descriptions wherein they promote their clinics as equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology and a treatment experience that makes one feel as if he/she is on a holiday, such as that of AirportClinic M. Others would also mention the scenic location of their clinic like that of Akutklinik Albstadt. For this request, such definitions were treated as indicative of luxury private patient clinics. Considering these assessments, we assumed that for a private clinic to be listed on the portal, it should be at par with those surveyed clinics to create a fair selection for would-be patients consulting the portal. It is based on this assumption that we have used the available list of clinics to provide an estimate on the number of luxury private patient clinics present in Germany.

Breakdown by state

  • Baden-Württemberg = 116
  • Bavaria = 156
  • Berlin = 42
  • Brandenburg = 15
  • Bremen = 2
  • Hamburg = 22
  • Hesse = 46
  • Mecklenburg-Western = 16
  • Lower Saxony = 75
  • North Rhine-Westphalia = 46
  • Rhineland-Palatinate = 24
  • Saarland = 1
  • Saxony = 29
  • Saxony-Anhalt = 16
  • Schleswig-Holstein = 36
  • Thuringia = 18
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Luxury Clinics (Part 2)

In Germany, there are approximately 60,816 luxury beds out of a total of 391,725 clinic beds in the private sector. Some of the clinics that offer luxury services include Helios, Asklepios, Hallwang Clinic, Isar Klinikum and Clinic Jagerwinkle. Below is a methodology that we used to find some of the figures presented in this research.


We started the search by checking the total number of clinic beds in Germany and the allocation among the public and the private sector. These statistics were obtained from credible statistics platform, the OECD and online industry sources like Hospital Healthcare. We then used the percentages provided to calculate the number of beds in the private clinic sector:

Total number of beds: 663,941
Public sector: 41%
Private sector: 59%
Number of beds in private sector: 59% * 663,941 = 391,725

The second strategy was to use triangulation to identify the number of luxury beds within the private sector. In this case, we turned to Statista, which provided an overview of the revenues generated by private clinics in the sector. We then went through the list of clinics and focused on their individual websites to identify whether they could be termed as luxurious based on the services they offer their clients and the setting whereby this is offered. Our intention was to sum the number of beds that are offered by leading clinics with luxury services. Based on the revenue generated, below is a list of companies that offer luxury services and the number of beds in each facility.

Helios has 34,000 beds
ISAR Klinikum has 240 beds
Asklepios has 26,500 beds
Hallwang Clinic has 16 beds
Clinic Jagerwinkle has 60 beds

34,000 + 240 + 26,500 + 16 + 60 = 60,816 luxury private beds in Germany

During the research, we excluded larger private clinics that are associated with the German Hospital Federation and Deutsche Krankenhausgesellschaft since there is no mention that they offer luxury services. Similarly, we have also excluded smaller clinics that are specialized but did not mention the number of bed spaces they have. Some of these smaller clinics also had minimal online presence and media attention.


  • In Germany, there are a total of 663,941 clinic beds that are available for both the private and public healthcare sectors. Out of these, the public sector holds 41% and the majority, 59% is held by private healthcare clinics.
  • There are 391,725 private beds in total across Germany, and approximately 60,816 are considered luxury beds.

Examples of Germany Luxury Clinics

This is a private healthcare group of clinics with 112 outlets in the country with 34,000 beds. It offers high-quality medical services and option luxury services such as private rooms with bath and shower, internet access and television. The Helios group treats over 4 million people annually.


The 240-bed clinic is located in Munich and offers advanced treatment medical services while providing luxury care for its clients. Some of the optional VIP services include a la carte dining and hotel style rooms.


The 26,500-bed private clinic offers patients with different suites. Its deluxe suites have been praised for having the best hospital mattresses in the world. Catering is offered 24 hours a day.


The clinic provides oncology services only. Its cancer clinic is high profile and offers individualized treatment in a luxurious environment complete with excellent food in a beautiful setting in the Black Forest region in Southern Germany. The clinic has only 16 beds.


The 60-bed clinic also provides treatment in luxurious settings complete with amazing views of the mountains. Patients are housed in high-end suites complete with terrace views and balconies.


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