Lowe's Career Site Audit

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Lowe's Career Site Audit

Lowe's provides jobs for students, veterans, and military spouses.

Career Page Overview

  • The company benefits and perks paid are health, vision, & dental, 401k, life insurance, vacation or sick leave, dependent care resources, tuition reimbursement, flexible spending account, associate discount site, and on-site cafeteria.
  • The type of jobs are in categories such as business development, call center, communications, corporate, corporate administration, digital, finance, human resource, information technology, internships, legal, marketing, merchandising, project/program management, real state, sales, seasonal, security, service centers, stores, store operations, and supply chain.
  • The company is diverse, aside for their jobs, they provide opportunities for students, especially undergraduates and graduates internships. Moreover, they also offer opportunities for military veterans and military spouses.
  • In employee testimonials, the page provides a slider of testimonies from different employees coming from different segments or departments of the company. The slides provide information about the employee and their positive feedback on working at the company.
  • Aside from textual presentation manifested on their page, they also provide images and graphical icons attached to their contents. Most of the images depict their employees on job scenarios, and icons are related to job opportunities.

Recruitment Websites and Job Boards Overview

  • In LinkedIn, the company has posted at least one job advertisement daily over the past month.
  • In Glassdoor, the company has posted at least one job advertisement daily over the past month. They have a total of 15k jobs posted. Similar to its career page, the kinds of jobs listed on these sites include store and seasonal jobs.
  • In Monster, the company has posted at least one job advertisement daily over the past month.
  • Also, in Indeed, the company has posted at least one job advertisement daily over the past month.

Company's Response to Negative Reviews

  • In Glassdoor, with 20k reviews, there are 1,299 reviews positively view the company as "Good pay with opportunities for advancement."
  • However, there are reviews negatively viewed the company, the highest number of negative reviews are 619 in which they view the company as "Treated like a full-time employee but given fewer hours and limited benefits."
  • The company has not responded to any negative reviews left by employees through the recruitment websites and job boards mention above.
  • Due to negative reviews received, Lowe's wrote a statement showing that they value their employees for their hard work and commitment to serving customers.
  • Other of their responses are "make changes to specific roles," "make every effort to retain associates," and "offering the opportunity to transition to other roles in our stores," according to Business Insider.

Awards & Accolades

  • In 2018, the company won Best of the Best & Top Veteran-Friendly Companies of U.S. Veterans Magazine, Forbes 50 Most Engaged Companies List, Harris Reputation Award of Harris Poll and Military Friendly Employer of Victory Media.
  • In 2017, the company won Global 2000: Top Regarded Companies of Forbes and Top Veteran-Friendly Companies of U.S. Veterans Magazine.
  • In 2016, the company won World's Most Admired Companies of Fortune, Temkin Experience Ratings of Temkin Group, Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) & Pro Patria Award of Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), Top Employer and Top Supplier of Black Employment & Entrepreneur Journal, and Top Veteran-Friendly Companies of U.S. Veterans Magazine.

Website and Social Media Channels Overview

  • On their official website, they provide links under on its footer section. One of these links is the direct access to the careers page of the company. Moreover, they also provide details regarding their careers through their company information page.
  • The company created a social media accounts intended for its careers. On their Facebook page, they gained 21,110 likes, and 21,376 follows in which job events, videos, and images about their employees and job opportunities, testimonies, and links about articles and updates regarding their jobs.
  • On their Instagram, they have a total of 2,836 followers. They also have a total of 434 posts emphasizing events, job openings, job position updates, employee celebrations, and other job & employee-related contents.
  • They also highlighted Instagram stories; segments are about spring hire, intern, military, why Lowe's, D&I, technology and events.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Recruitment Initiatives Overview

  • On their Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR), the company says to be "proud to deliver numbers showing how it's beating some of its sustainability goals sooner than expected."
  • They gained 13.8% efficiency in 2018 and met our 2020 U.S. store energy efficiency goal. Besides, the organization continued to lessen carbon emissions by 29.8%.
  • For 2018, they also highlighted that 31% of the Lowe's Board of Directors are women, implemented a safer chemical policy, the company's associates performed 315,000 hours of community service through volunteering and Lowe's Heroes projects, and funded $46 million in the company's local communities within nonprofit partnerships.
  • As regards diversity and inclusion, Lowe's recruitment initiatives viewed in three areas, including talent, culture, and business. Diversity and inclusion organizations such as Executive Leadership Council, National Black MBA Association, Prospanica, United Negro College Fund, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Thurgood Marshall College Fund, National Minority Supplier Development Council, Women's Business Enterprise National Council, National Veterans-Owned Business Association, Urban League and Disability in which the firm is a member.
  • For their recruitment initiatives for veterans and military spouses, they partnered with SACC, Military Spouse Employment Partnership, United Service Organizations, American Veterans, G.I. Jobs, and First Command Financial Services.

Your Research Team Applied The Following Strategy

To address the request, we looked for Lowe's approach to employee brand and recruitment activities. We leveraged the career page, recruitment websites, job boards, website, social media channels to gather information. Findings found its overview on the career page, recruitment websites, job boards, the prevalence of employee reviews, website, social media channels, Corporate Social Responsibility, and recruitment initiatives. However, there was no evidence found for the interview process since the company career page has not detailed this part of the job process.
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Home Depot Career Site Audit

Home Depot approaches employee brand and recruitment activities by perceiving its employees as part of the "Home" Depot family that helps the brand to deliver its mandate to its customers. The company provides various benefits and perks to attract great potential and talent. In efforts to promote and strengthen its work culture, the company embraces diversity and provides equal employment opportunities for job applicants across the US.

#1. Home Depot's Career Overview

Types of Jobs

  • On its career page, Home Depot has published seven career categories that have job openings including retail careers, merchandising careers, supply chain careers, home service careers, corporate careers, contact center careers, and technology careers.
  • Besides, potential employees have the option of applying filters when searching for job openings that fit into their qualifications.
  • Presently, the job search page has 23,072 job openings available for potential applicants in all its locations. Job seekers can search for job openings by location, job type, and job ID or keyword of the career.
  • Additionally, the company showcases some featured career areas that provide hourly positions for job seekers including freight and receiving, customer service, merchandising, cashier, store support, and warehousing.

Company Benefits and Perks

  • The company's benefits and perks for full-time employees include flexible work schedules, performance bonuses, tuition reimbursement, 401(k) retirement plans, discounts with over 30,000 vendors, and opportunities for career enhancement.


  • The brand regards itself as an equal opportunity/M/F/V/D employer. This indicates that the brand does neither engages in any unfair employment practices with regard to the sex of the applicants or employees nor discriminates against the physical or developmental disability of its employees or applicants. Additionally, it also indicates that the brand provides equal employment opportunities for veterans.
  • Home Depot provides a work environment characterized by mutual respect and inclusion. This has been critical to the success of the company and its associates. The company perceives diversity as a way to provide more value to its customers, employees, and associates.


  • Each career category has its own web page that details the job description of the career.
  • While the company has not detailed its interview process, it has published several employee testimonials that are available on the web pages of the career categories.
  • Here is an example of an employee testimonial by Tim W., the company's Merchandising Execution Team Vice President. "I started with The Home Depot in 1997 and once I got in, I was addicted to the culture. I smile when I drive into work every day. I love being able to engage with people. I love the fact that we get things done. Also, I love the fact that the company sees the MET organization as a strategic advantage. We will play an integral role in the future growth of The Home Depot. That’s a challenge worth waking up to every day".


  • The company has posted four videos on its career page that reveals how the brand perceives its employees as part of the brand's family. These videos detail the work culture and the core values of the company.
  • Additional videos can be found on the different web pages that detail the various career categories that have open job positions. The videos in these categories detail the cohesiveness of the team members working in the different departments and the personal experiences of employees.
  • Here are examples of the videos published on the merchandising careers page, supply chain careers page, and retail careers page.
  • HD images of employees/ associates while at work or participating in CSR activities have also been used to enhance different pages of the company's website.

#2. Home Depot's Presence on Job Boards

  • Home Depot occasionally posts open job positions on major recruitment websites and job boards including Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Indeed.
  • On Glassdoor, the company has over 47,000 job openings.
  • On Indeed, the company has 18,377 job openings.
  • On LinkedIn the company has 22,755 job openings.
  • The brand posts both part-time and full-time jobs on different job boards. The jobs are posted whenever a position is available. The latest job positions were posted on Feb 29, 2020.
  • On Glassdoor and LinkedIn, current and former employees of the company have posted their reviews about the company. On Glassdoor, there are over 22,265 employee reviews while Indeed has 53,562 employee reviews.
  • Work culture is the highest-rated category from employee reviews with a rating of 3.7 out of 5.0 on both Glassdoor and Indeed.
  • Company management is the lowest-rated category from employee reviews with a rating of 3.1 out of 5.0 on Glassdoor and a rating of 3.3 out of 5.0 on Indeed.
  • The company never responds to any negative reviews left by employees on time.

#3. Awards

#4. Recruitment Marketing

  • The brand perceives its name "Home" Depot as the binding fabric that strengthens its culture and feeling of home among its customers, associates and employees.
  • The company's work culture is founded on the ground that its employees who work at the company's stores, corporate office, and distribution centers are considered as part of the "Home" Depot family that helps the brand to deliver its mandate to its customers.
  • The company embraces orange color as the brand identity of its culture across its stores, work uniform, websites, social media pages, depots, and marketing material.
  • Through its OrangeLife Advantage program, the company provides special benefits to some select full-time employees who meet the eligibility criteria of the program. These benefits include paid time off and vacation, tuition reimbursement, employee stock purchase plan, 401(k) savings plan, comprehensive medical plans, home insurance, lifetime CARE solutions, and discount plans from over 30,000 merchants.

#5. Corporate Social Responsibility and Recruitment Initiatives

  • The company primarily engages in CRS activities through The Home Depot Foundation and Team Depot, which consists of associate-led volunteers who take part in charitable causes.
  • Since 2011, the company's foundation has focused on improving the lives and homes of war veterans cross the US. The foundation alongside the team of volunteers has helped improve over 40,000 veteran homes by committing over 100,000 hours in community service.
  • The Foundation has invested more than $250M in supporting veterans and plans to spend an additional $250M by 2025.
  • The company engages in charitable activities by partnering with local nonprofits that serve target communities.
  • Through its foundation, Home Depot provides grants to support the local communities across the US. For instance, in January 2020, the foundation donated a grant of $500,000 to fund the training of students in home construction careers.
  • The foundation also provides funds to help communities during disasters by contributing $1,000,000 annually to the American Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program to support its preparedness to respond to disasters.

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Menards Career Site Audit

Menards' career page features benefits and perks, job listings for various divisions, and one employee testimonial. The company has posted thousands of job advertisements on Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed. Menard's upcoming hiring events will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Stout and Chippewa Valley Technical College.

Overview of the Company's Career Page

  • The benefits and perks listed on Menards' career page include advancement opportunities, instant profit-sharing bonus, medical, life & disability insurance plans, dental plans, weekend bonus pay, management bonuses, paid holidays, paid vacations, earnings deferment into 401(K) plans, store discounts, holiday bonuses, and training opportunities.
  • The types of jobs listed on the career page include internships, management trainees, and other job types specific to the corporate office and store, distribution, and manufacturing divisions.
  • Menards has stated that it is an Equal Opportunity Employer and "do not and will not discriminate in employment and personnel practices on the basis of race, sex, age, handicap, religion, national origin or any other basis prohibited by applicable law."
  • The company's career page features only an employee testimonial by General Manager Matt Stanton where he talked about how he joined the company in 1989 and received multiple promotions in the 1990s.
  • Menards' recruitment and events page contains a video of the company's career fair.
  • The career page does not provide any information on the interview process.

Overview of the Company's Presence on Recruitment Websites and Job Boards

Prevalence of Employee Reviews on Job Boards and Websites and the Company's Response to Negative Reviews

Awards or Accolades the Company Has Received Regarding Workplace or Culture

  • Menards has not received any awards or accolades regarding workplace or culture over the past five years.
  • In 2019, the company was ranked number 13 on Forbes' America's Best Employers by State list for Iowa.

Overview of How the Company Is Using Recruitment Marketing on Its Website and Social Media Channels

  • Menards has created a Facebook account for recruitment purposes.
  • Menards' website and Facebook career page have published employee testimonials and quotes but not actual employee spotlights.
  • Menards has used its website and Facebook career page to promote hard-working characteristics and Midwestern values as part of the company's work culture.
  • Both the website and Facebook career page do not feature any information about diversity and inclusion except stating that it is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Overview of the Company's Corporate Social Responsibility and Recruitment Initiatives

  • Menards' stores have been serving as drop sites for a nationwide toy drive during the Christmas period for several years.
  • The Menard family has donated $2.36 million to the Stout University Foundation to expand the programing for the Study of Institutions and Innovation at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.
  • The company's recruitment initiatives include holding hiring events at college campuses and other sites throughout the year.

Research Strategy

To identify awards or accolades that Menards has received regarding workplace or culture over the past five years, we first examined the company's main website, career site, and LinkedIn profile. These sources are typically used to announce awards received by companies. However, they did not provide any information about any awards or accolades that Menards has received.

Next, we conducted a press search for articles that mentioned Menards over the past five years and examined websites of organizations that annually give out awards or accolades related to workplace or culture such as Forbes, Fortune, and Glassdoor. A press search did not reveal any articles that named Menards as the best/top-ranked employer or similar accolades. Menards' highest position on "best of" lists for workplace or culture was number 13 on Forbes' 2019 America's Best Employers by State list for Iowa.
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Ace Hardware Career Site Audit

A few approaches Ace Hardware takes in recruitment activities are promoting the importance of diversity, priding itself as an equal employee employer, and appealing to military veterans, earning them multiple awards and accolades along the years. Ace Hardware is also active in the community, partnering with hospitals and the American Red Cross.

Careers Overview

  • On Ace Hardware's careers page, job openings are categorized as retail, distribution, and corporate.
  • Interested applicants are able to apply search filters while searching for job openings such as filte4 by job category, job family, and job types.
  • On their official website, Ace Hardware has posted 53 job openings within the last 30 days.
  • A few examples of job openings include, but not limited, to merchandising director, warehouse specialist, loss prevention officer, customer care agent, senior auditor, janitor, forklift specialist, and driver.

Company Benefits and Perks

  • While there is no mention of employee benefits on their careers page, testimonials from employees have suggested there are benefits to a certain degree.
  • Benefits include paid time off, dental insurance, and employee discount.
  • On Glassdoor, the rating for employee benefits is at 2.8/5, with the most mentioned employee benefit being employee discount.
  • On Comparably, employee benefits is ranked D+ with a score of 59/100.


  • Ace Hardware prides itself on being an equal employee employer.
  • The company acknowledges the "importance of diversity and leveraging and leveraging the skills and talents of all people to the mutual advantage of each individual and the organization."
  • On Comparably, Ace Hardware ranks in the top 25% of other companies in the US with 1,001-5,000 Employees for Diversity Score.

Recruitment and Employee Testimonials

  • As one of its recruitment strategies, Ace Hardware has made a career with Ace Hardware appealing to military veterans.
  • Ace Hardware appreciates the unique skillet that veterans bring to their machine and are proud to hire the country's heroes.
  • Work-life-balance is highlighted as one of the key reasons one should consider working for Ace Hardware.
  • They are active on Facebook, with 630,435 followers and 640,900 likes. There is good rapport between their Facebook page and respondents, with its posts being engaging.
  • With over 75% of U.S. households being located within a 15-minute drive of an Ace Hardware store, Ace uses their social media platforms to connect with communities, increase engagement and amplify local visibility.
  • On Glassdoor, Ace Hardware has received a rating of 3.6/5 out of 1,177 reviews, with 68% of respondents stating that they would recommend this job to a friend.
  • On Indeed, Ace Hardware has received a rating of 3.8/5 from 5,400 reviews.
  • Ace Hardware has not responded to negative reviews on Glassdoor.
  • They are active on job boards and recruitment websites.
  • On LinkedIn, Ace Hardware has a total of 123 job openings currently.
  • On Glassdoor, there is a total of 210 jobs available.


  • Ace Hardware has been recognized as one of the top workplaces in 2019 by the Chicago Tribune.
  • The National Association of Business Resources has recognized Ace Hardware as "one of the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in the Nation"
  • The award was "for positively impacting employees’ lives, helping them achieve fulfillment in their careers and go home happier."
  • In addition to these awards, Ace Hardware has also been recognized "as one of Chicago’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in 2018 by the National Association of Business Resources."
  • Ace has ranked "Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Home Improvement Retail Stores, Eleven Years in a Row."
  • Ace Hardware is ranked No.2 on CareerBliss' "list of "the happiest retailers to work for in 2015."
  • A Market Force study has named Ace Hardware as "America’s Favorite Home Improvement Store."

Recruitment Marketing (Social Media)

  • Ace Hardware leverages Facebook for its recruitment marketing by doing employee spotlights such as one that celebrates their longest working employees, which amassed over 41,000 likes.
  • Another example of how Ace Hardware uses social media for recruitment is by having a "Jobs" tab on its Facebook page that lists current job openings and allows for an interested applicant to apply with ease. Currently, this section contains information on various positions at Ace Hardware's locations throughout the country, including the job title, a description of the position, location, employer details, and whether it is part-time or full-time.
  • Its locally-owned establishments also utilize Twitter and Instagram to conduct recruitment marketing, such as Ace Alameda Station in Denver, Colorado, which uses social media to alert any interested individuals of job openings and where to apply.

Hiring Process


  • At the very top of the careers page, there is a video showcasing the value they place on their employees.
  • There are high-quality images of their employees over their website. A few recurrent themes throughout are happiness, unity, and helpfulness.

Community Involvement

  • Ace Hardware believes in giving back to communities they do business in as well as helping those in need.
  • Since 1991, Ace has been a partner of Children's Miracle Network (CMN) and the American Red Cross.
  • Ace Hardware has raised over $100 million for CMN Hospitals "and have supported the American Red Cross through both monetary and product donations when a disaster strikes."
  • A few ways Ace supports their local CMN hospitals include their "Miracle Bucket promotion, change round up at the register, in-store fundraising events and more."
  • Each year, "Ace selects a patient who was treated at their local CMN Hospital to serve as the ambassador for Ace’s fundraising efforts for the year."


We began our research by exploring the company's website. We were able to identify several key information that would prove useful to the research. We then gathered information from websites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and Comparably to get an idea of employees' perception of the company. Next, we searched for articles and examined websites in order for us to get an overview of the awards and accolades received by Ace Hardware over the last five years. We were able to get all the information requested and have compiled the data as seen above.
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Walmart Career Site Audit

An overview of the company’s career page, including any information on company benefits and perks, types of jobs, information on diversity, information on the interview process, employee testimonials, and multimedia content.

Walmart's careers page advertises almost every job position the company has available, which can make it quite the mountain to search through. Jobs categories are listed as stores and clubs, corporate, healthcare, technology, and distribution centers, and drivers to make things easier for the viewer. The page also has great tips and information on landing a job a Walmart. Those tips explain what kind of people they are looking to hire.


  • Walmart offers a range of health plans depending on the employee’s healthcare needs, preferences, and budgets.
  • The Premier, Contribution, Saver, or Local plans give easy access to better living through some great programs designed to benefit not just the employee's health but peace of mind, too.
  • Walmart also offers paid time off, financial protection, an employee discount card, future planning, and more.

Types of Jobs

  • Walmart's Career site is looking for thousands of potential employees, ranging from cart pushers to meteorologists, car drivers, food scientists, and all that are in between.
  • Walmart is recruiting Full Time, Part Time, Temporary, and Internship in All Career Areas
  • STORES & CLUBS : Cashier, Sales Associate, Stocker, Fresh Food Associate, and Cart Attendant
  • CORPORATE : Technology & Software, Merchandising, Human Resources, Supply Chain & Logistics, and Accounting & Finance
  • HEALTHCARE : Pharmacist, Optometrist, Pharmacy Manager, Nurse Practitioner, and Pharmacy Intern
  • DRIVERS & DCS : Drivers, Distribution Centers, Georgia DC Jobs, Texas DC Jobs, and Florida DC Jobs


  • Walmart believes that they are best equipped to better support their employees, customers, and societies when they know them. This ensures this diversity–the various cultures, backgrounds, personalities, ideas, and opinions–is knowing, respecting and valuing while being accepted by everyone.
  • The dedication of Walmart to diversity and inclusion reaches beyond the boundaries of the organization. It also reaches to the neighborhoods where Walmart customers live and work.
  • Walmart has productive relations with organizations that reflect American society's diversity so that the company can work together on issues important to customers and neighbors.
  • The associates of Walmart include prominent civil law associations, as well as less well-known but highly effective advocacy organizations.
  • Ten years of active Associate Resource groups
  • 100 2016 Disability Equality Index
  • 43% of Walmart managers are women

Interview process

  • Walmart interviews three candidates for every job, and they choose the best candidate for those three. But here's the kicker: You will be interviewed by three people at the same time! Each interviewer will ask questions. And some questions are multi-part questions.
  • After the interview, they send you home with the reassurance they will call you within seven days with a decision.
  • If they're interested in you, when they call you back, they will ask you to come in for a second interview. This means you were the best candidate for the three they interviewed! This interview is almost exactly like the first. There will also be three interviewers and mostly the same questions. If they still want you at this point, you will fill out some paperwork for a background check. Then they'll send you to a drug screening if your position requires it.
  • After the results of the drug test and background check (about three days), they'll call you for orientation.

Employee testimonials

  • None found on the Career page.

Multimedia content

  • Several short video clips were seen, along with informative and eye-catching graphic content.

Presence on recruitment sites


  • Last month Walmart posted 1,672 job offerings on Glassdoor.
  • There were 1,504 postings for full-time positions.
  • There were 52 postings for par-time positions.
  • Many of the available jobs were for technical and legal positions.
  • Walmart reviews on Glassdoor totaled 45,937 English reviews, and averaged a rating of 3.2.
  • 55% said they would recommend to a friend.


  • There were 33,000+ total Walmart jobs posted on LikedIn.
  • There were 1,332 new jobs posted.
  • Walmart is currently advertising jobs such as copywriter and manager for brand strategy through LinkedIn. Internships for design research and customer experience can also be found there.
  • No reviews were found.


  • Monster had 5,291 Walmart jobs posted. There were no specific time frames and no reviews were found.


  • Work-Life Balance: 3.3
  • Pay & Benefits: 3.3
  • Job Security & Advancement: 3.3
  • Management: 3.1
  • Culture: 3.4


  • In 2018 Walmart won The Sustainable Gold Award from the International Council of Shopping Centers for excellence in innovation and creativity
  • Walmart won 3 awards in 2017. In 2017, Walmart won for Best Product Teams, Best Marketing Teams and Best Operations Teams
  • Walmart Office Photos won the award on Glassdoor.

Recruitment marketing on social media

  • Walmart is trying a new recruiting approach. They are using social media, and offers high school students free SAT and ACT prep, subsidizing a part of their tuition, and the chance to earn some college credit.
  • Walmart has 34,000,0000+ Facebook Likes (that’s just their national Facebook page.)
  • It has 210,000+ Twitter Followers on @Walmarthub (one of 7 Twitter handles.)
  • There are 33,000+ Followers on Pinterest.
  • Also, there are 20 bloggers called “Walmart Moms.”

Community involvement

Each year, Walmart's U.S. stores and clubs award local grants in amounts ranging from $250 to $5,000. These grants are designed to address the unique needs of the communities where we operate. They include a variety of organizations, such as animal shelters, elder services and community clean-up projects. In FY2019, our stores and clubs provided more than $42 million in local grants.

Research strategy

The research team did a thorough investigation of the Walmart Career Site. We concentrated on every page of the site in order to give the most informative overview of Walmart's recruitment agenda.


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