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Trends in Purchasing of Logo-ed Items from Organizations

Logo items have come back into fashion in 2017 and are predicted to stay trendy for 2018. It is especially relevant for apparel and clothing items. Various trends are apparent for 2017/2018 with the major one being the return of logomania, the fashion that consists of wearing clothes with large logos on them. Within this main trend, there are a number of "sous-trends". These are the popularity of luxury logos, but also of mainstream ones such as Nike or Hanes, the surging of "bootleg" clothing logo, logos of nostalgia "classic" brands and a trend of collaboration between brands to market clothes with both logos.

The come-back of Logomania

The trend of wearing apparent branded clothing was abandoned after the 90s but came back into popularity recently. However, the reason for their popularity is different this time around. People do it more to show their belonging to a "gang" or group rather than to show their wealth. In this era of individualization and expression, customers wear a particular logo when they identify with the ideals and beliefs of a brand, and to reflect those that represent them. In terms of sales, Levi's managed to sell more than 3 million logo tee-shirts in the first semester of 2017, one of Net-a-Porter's logo items represented their best sale ever across all their categories, and trend forecaster WGSN recorded a 67% growth in logo-heavy products available online in the US in 2017. Some brands such as Coach are planning to dedicate around 20% of their floor space to logo items. Millennial customers are one of the generations that is strongly coming back to preferring logo-ed clothes.


From 2017, luxury brands experienced a resurgence in the sales of their logo items, giving them more shop floor space and acknowledging that trend in their earning calls. This was the case for famous brands such as LVMH, Gucci, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Donna Karan. As for Chanel, the company takes advantage of this trend by applying a higher price to their logo bags compared to the ones without the famous CC logo, the difference in value reaching 30%. Some of these brands such as Dior and YSL have even used their logo to design some products, with a certain success. This was the case with the J'ADIOR collection and YSL heels.

Mainstream brands are also selling

Logomania is not currently limited only to luxury brands. It is also apparent in mainstream brands such as Nike, Hanes, Under Armour and many others. It is part of a trend that does not make a distinction between luxury and mainstream, and is more focused on brand loyalty and showing what "team" represents you best.

Nostalgia is important

Brands that had lost popularity such as Reebok and FILA are coming back into fashion, proudly displaying their logos on their new collections and doing well with customers with less disposable income. Those want to show that they are cool by wearing those "classic" brands, and show their uniqueness and personality.

The "Bootleg" trend

It is the act of taking a luxury logo and playfully modifying it as a cultural statement. This trend has been launched by a designer called
Demna Gvasalia, who worked as a creative director for Balenciaga and Vêtements. He used bootlegs to make these brands successful by using pop culture icons in his creations. An example of this is one of his Vêtements creations with a DHL logo that achieved great commercial success. This trend fits in with the current desire customers to show their individuality through their clothes and use them as a mean of expression.

Growing collaboration between brands

A recent trend of collaboration between brands has emerged recently that consists of including two logos in clothes. Vêtements and Tommy Hilfiger are a good example, starting with sweatshirts including both logos, and moving towards a whole unisex collection with beanies, t-shirts and even socks. Vêtements brand is especially keen on collaborations, having done it with over 17 brands previously such as Levi's, Reebok or Eastpak. Another example of such collaboration is Louis Vuitton and Supreme.


In the world of logo-ed items, various trends have emerged recently in the midst of a resurgence of logomania, back from the 90s but with a modern twist adapted to current generations. Indeed, those customers wear those logos to individualize themselves more than to show their social status. Luxury brands clothing with logos have come back into fashion, but also forgotten brands such as FILA or Reebok and mainstream brands' logo items are also included. A cheeky "bootleg" clothing trend has also been made popular by an up-and-coming creative director named Demna Gvasalia. Finally, some brands are collaborating with others to create collections that include both logos.