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Connectivity Listservs - IoT

The identified listservs that focused on Internet of Things (IoT) are iotdm-dev, Comsoc-ETC-sub-IOT, iot-wg (RIPE Network), iot-pmc, iot-sc, iot-testbeds, iot-wg, iot-wg-integration, iottestware-dev, 3GPP_TSG_RAN_WG4_IOT, AIOTIWG3, 3GPP_TSG_RAN_WG5_IOT, AIOTIWG8, ETSI_AIOTI_Coordination, and NWIOT_testbed.

The above listservs are open for membership or subscribers and do not have any limitations in terms of professional practice and geographical location. These listservs are mostly focused for the United States but are also open for international subscription. I have summarized the details in the spreadsheet provided here.


1. iotdm-dev — Internet-of-Things data management development list

2. Comsoc-ETC-sub-IOT — IEEE Communications Society Emerging Technical Subcommittees of Internet of Things

3. iot-wg (RIPE Network) — According to the website, "this list was created to facilitate the exchange of information concerning the Internet of Things (IoT), particularly as it may have [an] impact on RIPE NCC." The list, iot-wg, is also a "platform to inform each other about proceedings in other relevant standards bodies or governance structures, and may be used to discuss and formulate common positions amongst participants on IoT related topics."

4. iot-pmc — PMC list for IoT top-level projects. It has currently 59 subscribers.

5. iot-sc — IoT Steering Committee with 8 subscribers

6. iot-testbeds — IoT testbed discussions with 36 subscribers

7. iot-wg — IoT Working Group mailing list with 386 subscribers

8. iot-wg-integration — IoT Working Group integration with 12 subscribers

9. iottestware-dev — IoT Testware developer discussions with 12 subscribers

10. 3GPP_TSG_RAN_WG4_IoT — This list has currently 74 subscribers

11. AIOTIWG3 — IoT standardization with 173 subscribers

12. 3GPP_TSG_RAN_WG5_IOT104 subscribers

13. AIOTIWG8 Smart Cities — IoT Smart Cities with 40 subscribers

14. ETSI_AIOTI_COORDINATION — IoT Coordination with 58 subscribers

15. NWIOT_TESTBED — IoT Testbeds with 22 subscribers


Details of the above listservs are provided in the spreadsheet attached, under IoT worksheet including listserve name, website or link, and instructions on how to post or subscribe.
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Connectivity Listservs - Data Transfer


I understand that you are seeking a list of US listserv applications focused on data transfer. On the attached spreadsheet, I have provided the requested information for 10 listservs. For each I have provided:

-Listserv Name
-Instructions on How to Post


The listservs were found through precompiled lists from Open Daylight, Cal EPA, AACRAO, and Listserv 16.0. Some listservs were not clear about posting information.

Open Daylight contains many public mailing lists that center around developer discussions and other Information Technology topics.

Cal EPA maintains its listservs for stakeholders interested in its programs. CERS EDT is for those "responsible for implementing electronic data transfer to the California Environmental Reporting System." The United Program is to "distribute program bulletins, announcements, and monthly newsletters."

AACRAO maintains a useful list of listservs for registrars and admissions officers.

Listserv 16.0 keeps lists that have been configured for public archiving, with topics centering around data transfer, analysis, or general group discussions.