A List of Neobanks

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A List of Neobanks

Key Takeaways


We have provided five neobanks similar to Revolut and N26. The banks are available for citizens of Germany, allow opening of accounts entirely online, and have favorable online reviews online. However, none of the banks provided allow for sending of credit cards to any address worldwide. All of them send cards to physical home addresses. For each neobank, we have provided the website link, headquarter location, geographic footprint, a 1-2 sentence description, and verbatim reviews from Trustpilot.

Neobank #1: bunq

Positive Customer Reviews

  • "I have been a bunq user for over 5 years now and I can safely say that it is the most transparent and innovative bank of all the ones out there. The users of this bank are prioritized in every way and the bunq app has all the features you'd love to have, and more! I have great experiences with reaching out to customer support and have never had anything going wrong with my funds and/or account. In my opinion you're not using your smartphone to the fullest if bunq is not being used on it!"
  • "Useful bank account with a good range of features. I like the API access to your own account. If you can write some basic Python or PHP you can automate a lot of things."
  • "bunq is really making life easy. Have been a bunq user for years and have used many of the features for quite some time now, still can't get enough of them. Automatically get your salary sorted into sub-accounts, see Direct Debits come in before you actually have to pay for them, convert between currencies within a matter of seconds, even during the weekends! The ability to arrange everything in seconds by just using the app is really a revelation compared to my old-fashioned bank account at another bank ;-)"

Negative Customer Reviews

  • "I took an "easy bank" subscription for a company credit card. Subscription should have been 5 euros a month and by now I have been charged 25 euro's a month for 3 months straight. I tried to contact BUNQ about this multiple times and finally they informed that this was a bug and that I should have never been charged this fee. They told me to block the cards, but did not give any information on how to do that and receive a refund. Terrible service all around."
  • "Being one of the early adopters, Bunq used to be really great at the beginning, but it went popular and it's basically now just another traditional bank, but with less security. The main concern is that there's no support anymore, ended up multiple time with my account inaccessible for multiple days, their phone number promise a 10 minutes call-back which never happened after 30+ calls. Another example recently my account balance went negative, and they immediately blocked my account, as well as all my other accounts under different names (professional and business accounts), which is outside the scope of their terms and conditions, so expect them to rule your money as they feel like. I love Bunq, and still, I would really suggest you not to put your money there."

Neobank #2: Monese

Positive Reviews

Negative Reviews

  • "If I could rate zero stars I would. Literally the WORST company I have ever dealt with."
  • Absolutely avoid this scam of a bank!!! My account was blocked around September 2021 for no reason at all, I emailed their support team who told me they had passed my case on to the Complaints team. It was all a lie! I emailed support 2 times more with no response, I sent DMs to their Twitter help account and surprise surprise, I was told to go back and email the same support team who have ignored me for months!!! Now I have made an erroneous payment into the Monese account and these scammers are still not answering me!! I’ve sent emails, contacted their Facebook and Twitter, and tried calling their scam automated line. No answer!!! It is highly frustrating and so annoying, the FCA and Financial Ombudsman should close down this farce of a banking company. MONESE GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!! I WORKED FOR IT AND DIDN'T STEAL IT!!! AVOID MONESE AT ALL COSTS!!!"

Neobank #3: Vivid Money

Positive Reviews

  • "Great service overall. The only downside is that review of documents took few days, but that's kind of expected considering current world situation."
  • "It is just everything you could need in one banking app! Great layout, easy to find you way around and fast support."
  • "I've had Vivid for a month, so far everything is great. Chat help works really fast, they are nice and helpful. I send money to Poland to the ING bank - it arrived very quickly, the money from the Raiffeisen Bank employer is transferred to my account after a few hours. The most important thing is that the chat employees answer very quickly and always ask if they can help somehow, I have 2 cards, one virtual, the other real, I paid for online purchases, everything fine."

Negative Reviews

  • "My account was terminated even before I received my card and was able to make the first transaction. So before I did anything with my account, they chose to terminate my account without explanation. Thank god I did not have any money on there or I'm sure I wouldn't have it today. Support was of absolutely no help, they simply said that because of security reasons they cannot provide me the service. "Security"? I have never done anything wrong + I have accounts with other (major) banks that have no problems with me. Vivid is a very shady company."
  • "That is the worst and absolutely not transparent bank in Europe. They (or their partner Solarisbank) blocked my account after 2 years of using it without any notice and reason behind this decision, so I have to change all subscriptions and salary account because of that. In addition, they stole all stock reward that I received while paying for the Prime account and to return fund on the main account you need to fill a pdf form which is incredibly annoying."

Neobank #4: Sogexia

Positive Reviews

  • "My experience was incredibly pleasant, the service is excellent. Thank you for making a personal problem for me less stressful. Thank you to the Support and Mail staff."
  • "Sogexia is great. Excellent support from the staff. Punctual and comprehensive. I highly recommend it."

Negative Reviews

  • "Inefficient compliance process! Customer services states " Average e-mail response time: < 1 working hour" but it took a day to reply. We submitted an application for the client and they requested additional information, but minutes later whilst we were preparing to submit this information, it was automatically rejected without any particular reason! Our client is a high net worth individual. It is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve a copy of the emails sent to my client from this company and will be happy to provide them at your convenience."
  • I am very disappointed with this bank they have the worst client service on this planet in the 4 years I have had an account in their establishment twice they have changed my bank details and thrice they have asked me for my personal details, it's as though they don't take proper registry. Then to top it all of today they blocked my savings of over €30 650 leaving me with no clue what happened whatsoever, I've tried to contact them as usual but I have not had any form of contact from them to explain why they blocked my account. Over the past four years I have tried on many occasions to contact them regarding small issues but I ended up giving up because they never responded or they sent a message one month after my request. I will not accept them to just close my account and take my money away without reason. This is criminal and these institutions such Sogexia should not be allowed to operate or have any form of activity in this industry. I am appalled, disgusted that this is our society today."

Neobank #5: Tomorrow


  • "I am really happy with this bank. They are transparent and have good values. The contact with any problems are phenomenal and they help very quickly. I can recommend it!"
  • "It is just so easy to swap your banking and there is not a single reason why you shouldn't do it today! The Tomorrow App works very intuitively and your banking runs very smoothly in everyday life. The big effort of making your money be part of the solution is done by Tomorrow - everything you have to do is take a little time to create an account!"
  • "For an online bank everything what I need and friendly, organic and progressive. 💜 to hamburg to tomorrow."


  • "Hello. I decided to go to this bank because people recommended it and it is apparently sustainable. It was the worst decision ever. Out of some reason they canceled my account. No real explanation. I didn’t do anything wrong and they cannot give me an explanation for canceling my account. Sorry, but I never had problems with a bank, I am super disappointed. At least give an explanation."
  • "Tomorrow has a terrible service. Terrible. They have blocked the access to my account with no warning and no apparent reason. For a month they haven’t let me access my money, to transfer it, to withdraw it or to use my card. And when I finally decide it is enough and to close my account, they refuse to make the transfer to a new account in a new bank. You talk to the chat, you call them, and the only feedback is that they will contact you when the problem is solved. They don’t give you answers or a due date to solve the problem. This bank is the equivalent of stealing one’s money and should be consider a felony this practice they do. Denying me the access to my account and my money. If you want an online bank please choose some other bank and stay away of Tomorrow."

Research Strategy

To provide the requested information, we searched through pre-compiled lists of neobanks operating all over the world, focusing on those in Europe and those that allow German citizens to open accounts entirely online. The sources we used include Neobanks.app and Monito. These lists have an exhaustive list of all neobanks globally. We then searched through each neobank's website, especially neobanks in Europe and Germany. We used the inclusion criteria requested to narrow down our list from the hundreds of neobanks to only five that meet most of the criteria. One feature that was missing for all neobanks available for German citizens, except Resolut, is the sending of cards to temporary addresses abroad.

Most of the leading neobanks operating in Germany, or available for citizens of Germany, do not have the option of sending credit cards to any address worldwide. Most of them send credit cards to customers’ physical addresses within Germany when customers apply for a first time card. Since the neobanks selected do not send credit cards to just any address globally, including temporary addresses for when a client is traveling, we have prioritized them according to ratings from third-party rating websites such as Trustpilot.

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