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Investment Funds (Part 1)

TenOneTen Ventures, Wave Capital, Science, Okta Ventures, Core Innovation Capital, FINTOP Capital, Compound, Lateral Capital, Chicago Ventures, and Origin Ventures are the ten US-based investment funds that satisfy the required criteria.

1. TenOneTen Ventures

2. Wave Capital

3. Science

4. Okta Ventures

5. Core Innovation Capital

6. FINTOP Capital

7. Compound

8. Lateral Capital

9. Chicago Ventures

10. Origin Ventures

Research Strategy

To find the US-based investment funds meeting the required criteria, we first ran a press scan to find any precompiled lists of investment funds in the US. We reviewed several media, startup, financial, and investment resources including, Forbes, BusinessInsider, and TechCrunch, among others. However, no such precompiled lists of investment funds were available. We then looked into company databases such as AngelList and Crunchbase for this information. We used a two-pronged approach and first looked for lists of financial companies in the US and then individually reviewed the investors that have invested in these companies. We were able to locate some funds using this method, however, this approach proved in-efficient as a majority of these companies were some of the largest or most popular companies which have received huge investments from large funds. We then looked for venture capital and other investment firms in the "Financial Services", "Fintech" and "Finance" categories and reviewed their Crunchbase profiles to pick the companies that meet the fund size and typical investment size criteria. Using these approaches, we were able to find the requested US-based investment funds.
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Investment Funds (Part 2)

1. GrowthX

2. Hyperplane Venture Capital

3. Vestigo Ventures

4. Flybridge Capital Partners

5. Homebrew

6. The Venture Reality Fund

7. Contour Venture Partners

8. Forerunner Ventures

9. Osage Venture Partners

10. MissionOG

11. Draper Triangle


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