List: Australian Laundry Pods OEMs

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List: Australian Laundry Pods OEMs

Four laundry detergent manufacturers that offer white label services in Australia are Natures Organics, Pental, FGB Natural Products, and PZ Cussons. Details of these companies are below.

Natures Organics

  • Natures Organics is a manufacturing company that is dedicated to developing green products that have the "lowest possible negative impact on the health of [the] environment."
  • The company's private label brands include Organic Care, Earth Choice, Turning Point, Purity and Natures Organics.
  • Laundry detergent products that Natures Organics manufactures include Earth Choice Ultra Concentrate Laundry Powder, Earth Choice Ultra Concentrate Laundry Liquid, Earth Choice Sensitive Ultra Concentrate Laundry Liquid, Purity Sensitive Laundry Liquid, and BioPlus Laundry Liquid with Stain Remover.
  • Natures Organics sources as many ingredients as possible from renewable and sustainable resources and is dedicated to replacing "synthetically-obtained ingredients as [it] discover[s] the availability of new plant-based alternatives."
  • Additionally, the company produces products using 100% recyclable materials in its cartons and 95% in its cardboard packaging for its dishwasher tablets and laundry powder.
  • Natures Organics never tests its products on animals, has installed a roof-mounted solar panel system on its facility, and has been committed to using "ingredients derived from palm oil and palm kernel oil... to move away from a reliance on petrochemicals and animal-derived ingredients."
  • The address for Natures Organics is 31 Cornhill Street, Ferntree Gully Victoria 3156, Australia, and its phone number is +613 9759 0300. Emails are also welcome at ua.moc.scinagroserutan@qne.


  • Pental is a manufacturer and distributor of "home care and personal care products in Australia and New Zealand."
  • Its private label laundry detergent brands include Martha's, Softly, Lux, and Pental's.
  • There is very little on Pental's website about sustainability, but it does say that it aims for Zero Harm in its products and business practices.
  • The address for Pental is 390 St. Kilda Road, Melbourne Victoria 3004, Australia, and its phone number is +613 9251 2311. No email address is listed.

FGB Natural Products

  • FGB Natural Products manufactures "innovative, natural products for healthier family living," including laundry detergent under the Bosisto's label.
  • Its private label brands include Bosisto's, Extra Life Nutritionals, Braun, Euky Bear, Vicks, and BabyStart.
  • The company states that it is committed to the "well-being of both the environmental and the community and strive to adopt both socially and environmentally sustainable practices throughout the business."
  • FGB Natural Products also gives back to its community through charities and community programs.
  • In terms of its environmental policy, FGB Natural Products uses eucalyptus oil in its products because it does not harm wildlife, improves the "diversity of floral species," and is a sustainable and renewable resource.
  • Additionally, the company was a signatory of Australia's Packaging Covenant, which aims to "reduce waste through consumer packaging and developing economically viable and sustainable practices."
  • The address for FGB Natural Products is 61 – 81 Clarinda Road (PO Box 74), Oakleigh South Victoria 3167, Australia and its phone number is +613 9542 0100. Emails are also welcome at

PZ Cussons