Liquid Organic Fertilizers

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Liquid Organic Fertilizers

A competitive landscape of four liquid organic fertilizer manufacturers is provided below. These liquid organic fertilizer manufacturers include Grow Organic, BudJuice, OceanSolution, and FoxFarm. Grow Organic products are fast-acting, BudJuice products have no odor, OceanSolution fertilizers are OMRI listed and locally manufactured while that of FoxFarm are greenhouse tested.

Grow Organic

  • Grow Organic manufactures a variety of Peaceful Valley liquid organic fertilizer products such as organic all-purpose liquid fertilizer, organic liquid bloom fertilizer, organic liquid fish, and organic liquid kelp. Each of these products comes in various sizes such as 1 quart, 1 gallon, or 5 gallons.
  • Grow Organic's website can be accessed here. They cater to gardeners, farmers, landowners, or anyone in the agriculture and aquaculture industry. The company revenue is not reported.
  • Their liquid organic fertilizer products have no lower than 5-star ratings from their customers. This shows that their customers are very satisfied with the products. One of the company's competitive advantages is its products are fast-acting and are derived from natural resources such as fish solubles, seabird guano, and potassium sulfate. The company also offers quantity discounts for bulk orders.


  • BudJuice offers micro 100% advanced liquid organic fertilizer and nutrients. This comes at 500 ml, 1-liter, and 19-liter bottles. The company also offers 100% all-natural organic marine phytoplankton plant nutrients and fertilizer that comes in 1-liter bottles.
  • BudJuice's website can be accessed here. They also cater to gardeners, landowners, or anyone in the agriculture industry. BudJuice's revenue is also not publicly available.
  • All BudJuice products have a 5-star rating from their customers. One of its competitive advantages is its use of 100% all-natural plant nutrients. Also, their products have no bad odor.
  • One BudJuice customer said, "This is a great product so far! I've only used it a couple of times at this point, however, I've definitely noticed a big difference in my plants. There is also an added bonus. There is no bad odour like with other "fish based" products. I had previously bought a different brand of this type and every time I open the bottle I gag. I will definitely be purchasing this product again in the future."


  • OceanSolution manufactures the OcealSolution Pure and the OceanSolution 2-0-3 liquid organic fertilizers. These products come in quart and gallon sizes.
  • OceanSolution's website can be accessed here. The company caters to the agricultural, landscaping, hydroponic, animal feed, home and garden industries. OceanSolution has a revenue of $433,000.
  • One of the competitive advantages of OceanSolution is it is Green Plus Certified, Halal Certified, and OMRI listed for organic use. OMRI listed means that the product is suitable for certified organic handling, processing, and production. It is also locally owned and the fertilizers are manufactured in America.


  • FoxFarm offers a wider variety of liquid fertilizers. The products it offers include Big Bloom Liquid Plant Food, Grow Big Liquid Plant Food, Tiger Bloom Liquid Plant Food, Grow Big Hydroponic Liquid Plant Food, Cultivation Nation Micro, Bush Doctor Kelp Me, and Bush Doctor Wholly Mackerel among others.
  • FoxFarm's website can be accessed here. It caters to agriculture, landscaping, and gardening industries. The company has a revenue of $62.80 million.
  • One of FoxFarm's competitive advantage is its retail support and customer service. According to FoxFarm, the company offers promotional materials that make them stand out. The company also offers vendor events and workshops for their customers and retailers. In addition, FoxFarm formulas are greenhouse tested which ensures consistency and quality in its products.

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