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Life Coaches in Nashville

Life/career coaches in Nashville, Tennessee include Laura Weldy, Darlene McDowell, Chyrl Mosley, Shellia Kirkendoll-Cooper, and Jim Schettler. After scouring review platforms and expert listings, a brief biography, contact information and pricing structures for these life/career coaches have been provided below.

Laura Weldy

  • Laura Weldy is a Nashville-based life coach focused on women. Through her organization, The Well Supported Woman, her coaching sessions are aimed at building self-love, confidence, and empowerment. After experiencing personal crisis and self-discovery, Weldy began her career as a life coach. Over the years, she has assisted "women to find their passion in life and play to their strengths in the business world." Laura Weldy's work has been featured in known publications like The Huffington Post, Tapered magazine, Thetique, and Darling magazine. Client feedback indicates that this life coach has built a "reputation for the strength and drive that she brings to helping every client."
  • Her website:
  • The contact information for Weldy: Address — Nashville, TN, 37216; phone — (651) 497-5078; e-mail —
  • For new clients, Weldy offers free coaching consultations that last for 30 minutes. Depending on the client's needs, her sessions cost between $299-$3,000.

Darlene McDowell

  • Darlene McDowell provides a broad range of life coaching, hypnotherapy, profiling, and handwriting analysis services. Her life coaching is focused on people who seek to "navigate career changes, achieve financial goals, gain self-esteem, stop procrastination, find motivation, and overcome personal obstacles."
  • McDowell received training in neuro-linguistic programming and specializes in handling smoking cessation, post-traumatic stress disorder, weight loss, attention deficit disorder, anxiety, stress, substance abuse, and phobias. Also, she is a specialist in relationship counseling.
  • Her clients mention that her "sessions are comfortable and relaxing, and they are taken aback by the enormity of the positive change they have achieved with her help."
  • Her website:
  • The contact information for McDowell: Address — Brentwood, TN, 37027; phone — 615-414-7939. She can also be contacted through e-mail directly from her web page.
  • Darlene McDowell charges her clients based on sessions. However, every new client is offered a free consultation. Her prices range between $70-$150 per session.

Chyrl Mosley

  • For over 20 years Chyrl Mosley, a Nashville life coach, has helped people to achieve their goals. Her life coaching sessions typically last for three months and are focused on "empowerment and creating healthy relationships."
  • She also offers speaking engagements for schools, churches, and other organizations.
  • Common reviews provided by her clients center around her ability to help people "overcome personal and professional challenges, as well as helping them to find balance and purpose in their lives."
  • Her website:
  • Her contact information includes her address — Nashville, TN, 37115; phone — 800.991.7844, 859-753-8505; and e-mail —
  • Mosley charges $150 per session. Her clients can make payments every month, based on the number of sessions that suit their needs.

Shellia Kirkendoll-Cooper

  • Shellia Kirkendoll-Cooper, through her organization, Inspiration Life Coaching, offers hypnotherapy and marriage counseling services for clients in Nashville.
  • Her customized life coaching sessions cover areas like stress management, goal management, smoking cessation, weight loss, academic coaching, and career coaching.
  • As a certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, Kirkendoll-Cooper provides relationship coaching, anti-bullying classes, parenting classes, and anger management classes for adolescents and adults.
  • Her website is
  • Contact Information: Address — 1900 Church Street #300 Nashville, TN 37203 ; phone: (615) 479-8460; Instagram — @shelliainspirationallifecoach.
  • New clients are offered free consultations which last for 30 to 45 minutes. Discounts are also offered for group therapy. Additional pricing based on client's needs can be received upon request.

Jim Schettler

  • With over 20 years of therapy experience, Jim Schettler focuses on helping people who struggle with various issues like anxiety, depression, relationship problems, addiction, work-related issues, stress, and trauma.
  • Schettler is a certified Life Coach whose coaching is targeted at helping people create a "balance in mind, body, and spirit."
  • Feedback provided by his former clients reveals that Schettler is "a great source of motivation and encouragement for them".
  • His website link:
  • Contact Information: Address — 2000 Glen Echo Rd, Suite 207 Nashville, TN 37215; phone — (615) 601-1540; e-mail —
  • Pricing: Schettler charges his clients per session, with prices ranging between $130-$140.

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