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Lidia Fonseca

Lidia Fonseca created Quest's Quanum brand and also worked on data analytics technologies. She also led in the creation of the MyQuest app, which has 6.5 million subscribers. Below you will find an overview of her accomplishments, partners, events, and organizations that have her support.


  • Lidia Fonseca led the effort to create Quest’s innovative Quanum brand of healthcare IT and data analytics technologies. These technologies help providers and health plans connect across the healthcare ecosystem and analyze health data to improve quality, health, and financial outcomes.
  • Fonseca has a passion to lead in transformation programs, driving digital enablement of the business, standardization across the processes and operations, and enhancing the customer experience. This has led to digital transformation.
  • Fonseca led in the creation of leading-edge consumer technologies and digital solutions including the MyQuest app that has 6.5 million subscribers. This suite of solutions was designed to address gaps in care, improve quality, optimize utilization, and support the industry’s evolution to value-based healthcare.
  • Her transformations at Quest were founded by her passion and belief that there is a need for a real understanding of the customer. She strives to experience the full customer cycle which ensures that she and the team are able to get the insight that helps generate top-line revenue and anticipate customer needs.
  • To realize these transformations, she spends 35-40% of her time with customers in order to provide effective solutions.
  • Fonseca worked closely with the customer experience staff at Quest and had a center of excellence focused on design thinking. She was focused on creating solutions built on empathy and understanding the consumer experience.
  • Given that she is a transformation agent by nature and enjoys taking on challenging missions, she was responsible for Quest’s bioinformatics. She focused on the use of data for advanced diagnostic services as well as efforts to digitally enable and standardize operations to better serve its customers.
  • She is a founding member of Synaptic Health Alliance, which is composed of leading healthcare companies using blockchain technology to improve provider data quality.
  • Fonseca likes leading business transformations because of its cross-functional effort in operations.


  • While introducing the digital transformation, Fonseca partnered with the Synaptic Health Alliance, Aetna, Ascension, Humana, MultiPlan, Optum, and United Health Care.
  • She is a fan of collaboration and this explains her success in partnership during various transformations.
  • She also led the formation of the Physician Decision Support platform, which was crafted through a partnership with Beacon LBS.
  • She has also partnered with AncestryDNA.


  • At the 2018 Forbes CIO Next event, Fonseca spoke about the value of blockchain.
  • At the White House AI Summit in 2018, she spoke about how AI has the potential to help solve some of healthcare’s toughest challenges including care quality, managing populations, and lowering costs.


  • Fonseca is a board member for Tegna (formerly Gannett), where she offers her perspective on the disruption taking place in the media industry.
  • She has served on the board of a public B2C company, which offered her valuable perspectives on her work at Quest as they expanded their consumer channel through solutions such as MyQuest.

  • "Quest Diagnostics is the world leader in diagnostic information services, with broad capabilities in data analytics and information technology that make us more than a lab"
  • "As Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Ms. Fonseca’s individual goals for 2012 were based on the improvement of the effectiveness of her areas of responsibility, delivery of the Beacon LBS Physician Decision Support capability and completion of the Propel Projet in line with her major responsibilities."
  • "I spend 35-40% of my time with customers [in order] to provide effective solutions"
  • "As technology folks, let’s face it: some of us think we know all the answers. Well, we don’t…. Let the emotional need drive what we need to do…. Tolerate failure…. Not everything is going to work. get the voice of the customer along the way … and change it so it works"
  • "How do we give them information and provide them services so they get to to what they need as quickly as possible?"
  • "I’m a transformation agent by nature, and I enjoy taking on challenging missions"
  • "You can have an impact on yourself, your team or your company, but when you can have an impact across an industry, it’s very attractive to me"
  • "As a healthcare leader, Quest is continually exploring the potential of new technologies to deliver insights that empower better health"
  • "AI has the potential to help solve some of healthcare’s toughest challenges, including care quality, managing populations, and lowering costs. By coming together at this summit, industry, government, and academia are taking important steps to collaborate to realize the potential of AI to better industry and society"