Leveraging SaaS Project Management Apps

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Leveraging SaaS Project Management Apps

According to a Databox survey, 80% of the marketing agencies reported that they currently use a project management tool. Chatbots will play a crucial role in the area of project management in the near future. The details are outlined below.

Use of Software To Handle Project Management

Current Process of Project Monitoring

  • Harshil Karia of FoxyMoron Digital Agency Love the slick interface" as well as the marketing workflows. They are changing the game for Brightpod’s SaaS. Harshil Karia is the Co-Founder of FoxyMoron Digital Agency and is currently the Founder & Managing Director of Schbang.
  • Gray Mackenzie, from DoInbound, said, “Many agencies think that a different ‘project management tool’ is the answer to their problems. In reality, they just need to use their tool better.” Gray Mackenzie is the Co-Founder of the SaaS company called DoInbound with 500+ paying users.

Names of Specific Software/Tool

  • ProofHub software is utilized by more than 85,000 teams and businesses worldwide, including Netflix, Disney, Nike, Google, Pinterest, Trip Advisor.
  • Vox Media, AdRoll, Scripps Networks Interactive, and other marketing agencies use Asana for their Project Management needs.
  • According to Jeff Bullas, top influencer of Chief Marketing Officers by Forbes and the world's top social marketing talent, some project management tools for creative and marketing agencies include ProofHub, Microsoft Project, and Asana.
  • Jeff Bullas also mentioned Basecamp, Trello, Workzone, Redmine, Float, Workbook and Harvest among others in the top 10 project management tools for creative and marketing agencies.
  • Project management tools used for scaling a digital marketing agency include Trello, Monday, Jira Software, Podio, Asana, Wrike, Basecamp and Custom Project Management Tool.
  • Microsoft Project is used by more than 20 million users for project management, resource management, and portfolio management.

Evolution of Alternate Options to SaaS Project Management Apps

  • Chatbots play a crucial role in the area of project management as, by 2020, over 50% of medium to large enterprises are expected to deploy product chatbots according to Gartner.
  • The use of AI models based on past project quality data in project management can help identify and alert project teams about the risks that can occur.
  • According to CIO, “estimation, resource management, and KPIs are just a few of the key areas where machine learning and predictive analytics can have a positive impact on project outcomes.”

Research Strategy

To identify insights on what the world's best performance-driven marketing agencies or digital marketing firms are doing in the field of project management, we scoured through the industry reports and blogs written by industry experts from Databox blog Jeff Bullas, journals, Forbes, among others. We then dug deep into these sources and focused on whether the use of software to handle project management is popular, what the industry-leaders or c-level executives say about their current process of project monitoring, whether they name any specific software/tool, and whether alternates to SaaS project management apps have evolved recently. Our findings were mainly based on these reports, statistics and testimonials from industry-leaders or c-level executives.