Legal Technology Framework and Disruptors (2)

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Legal Technology Framework and Disruptors (2)

Examples of emerging disruptive legal industry technology companies or products include LexisNexis PatentSight for patent analytics; ADR Notable for alternative dispute resolution; Priori for crowdsourced or on-demand lawyers; ComplyRight for employment law; Broadridge for corporate formalities; Bestpractix for contract life cycle; and CPA Global for intellectual property. These and other technology disruptors are discussed below.

Patent Analytics

1. LexisNexis PatentSight

2. Minesoft

3. Derwent

4. Patent-Pilot

5. InnovationQ

6. Relecura

7. Juristat

8. Patent Insight Pro

Alternative Dispute Resolution

1. Virtual Courthouse

2. ADR Notable

3. ADR Systems

4. Miles Mediation and Arbitration

5. Micropact

6. AbacusLaw by Amicus Attorney

7. Arbitration Resolution Services

8. Vast Edge

  • Vast Edge has online dispute resolution software that helps in faster resolution (within days) as compared to other alternatives which take years.

Crowdsourced or on-demand lawyers

1. Priori

2. UpCounsel

  • UpCounsel is a crowdsourcing platform with over 5,000 experienced lawyers where clients can get either one-time consults or entire freelance legal departments.

3. Aggregate Law

4. Court Buddy


  • gives clients a platform where they ask legal questions, get proposals from attorneys, then hire the right lawyers for their respective questions.

6. Advocado

  • Advocado allows both businesses and individuals to describe their legal concerns then get contacted by a lawyer that fits a particular situation.

7. Montage Legal

8. Hire an Esquire

9. Flex Legal

Employment Law

1. ComplyRight

  • ComplyRight provides solutions and resources that help businesses to comply with employee-related laws. Their solutions include employee management, labor law compliance and tax information reporting.

2. Workforce Software

  • Workforce Software provides a breakthrough employee experience with solutions for human resources, workforce management, maximizing financial performance and operational efficiency.

3. Rocket Lawyer

  • Rocket Lawyer provides human resource help for businesses including recruitment, employment contracts, business policies and employee management.

4. Access

5. Open HRMS

  • Open HRMS provides human resources software for law firms, which handles functions such as recruitment, attendance tracking and work laws.

Corporate Formalities

1. Broadridge

2. Envisual

  • Envisual provides company formation software that helps firms to ease the load of handling large volumes of company incorporation.

3. Nasdaq Boardvantage

  • Nasdaq Boardvantage facilitates paperless board processes and reduces meeting preparation time significantly. It serves law firms among other types of companies.

4. Clio

5. Carta

6. Midaxo

7. DealRoom

8. Zola Suite

  • Zola Suite is a practice management software that manages different aspects of a law firm including tasks, documents, schedules, contacts and client portals

Contract Life cycle

1. Bestpractix

2. Concord

3. Lexion

4. Outlaw

5. Parley Pro

6. ContractWorks

  • ContractWorks is a contract management software that helps in doing more with contracts using a smaller budget, smaller team and less time.

7. ContractRoom

8. CMx ContractExperience

9. Contractbook Suits

Intellectual Property (IP)

1. CPA Global

  • CPA Global has IP intelligence solutions that use big data for IP life cycle activities including idea generation, portfolio management and licensing.

2. AcclaimIP

3. IPlytics

  • IPlytics offers comprehensive IP intelligence tools, whereby users can visualize data points, link and process several data sources, and get up to date information.