Legal Technology Framework and Disruptors

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Legal Industry Technology Framework

The typical technology framework in the legal industry includes the use of prediction technology and analytics to forecast litigation outcomes; due diligence technology to advise clients; knowledge automation technology to free up time and resources used on manual processes; intellectual property technology to reduce the risk and costs involved in IP management; and electronic billing to control external legal spend. This framework is described in detail below.

Prediction Technology and Legal Analytics

Due Diligence

Knowledge Automation

Electronic Billing

Intellectual Property (IP)

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Legal Industry Technology Disruptors

Examples of emerging disruptive legal industry technology companies products include Lex Machina for prediction technology and legal analytics; Westlaw Edge for legal research; Kira Systems for contract due diligence; ThoughtRiver for contract review; Everlaw for eDiscovery; PerfectNDA for knowledge automation; Brightflag for electronic billing; and TrademarkNow for intellectual property. These and other technology disruptors are discussed below.

Prediction Technology and Legal Analytics

1. Lex Machina

2. Docket Alarm

3. Context by LexisNexis

  • Context Judge Analytics looks through many case law documents and finds the precedents, judges and language that a particular judge finds most persuasive. It is a unique product that was launched in 2018.

4. Bloomberg Law’s Litigation Analytics

5. Gavelytics

6. Premonition

7. Ravel Law

8. Intraspexion

9. LexPredict

  • LexPredict helps corporate legal departments and law firms to extract insights from their data with solutions such as predictive analytics, case prediction and outcome forecasting. It is listed by The Future of Earth as one of the top disruptive AI companies using automation to solve legal tasks.

Legal Research

1. Westlaw Edge

2. ROSS Intelligence

3. Casetext

4. Loom Analytics

5. Judicata

6. Blue J Legal

7. Knomos

Contract Due Diligence

1. Kira Systems

2. Leverton

3. eBrevia

4. Diligen

5. Seal

6. Luminance

7. LitIQ

8. LegalSifter

9. Cognitiv+

10. iManage’s RAVN

Contract Review

1. ThoughtRiver

2. LawGeex

3. Legal Robot

4. Beagle


1. Everlaw


3. Catalyst

4. Exterro

5. Brainspace

6. Relativity

7. Opentext

8. TextIQ

Knowledge Automation

1. Neota Logic's PerfectNDA

2. Robot Lawyer LISA

3. Autto

4. JPMorgan's COIN

5. Scissero

6. Signal Media

  • Signal Media turns several sources that are rich in content into useful business knowledge, through the use of artificial intelligence. It is listed as one of the latest legal tech solutions on Templafy.

7. Avvoka

  • Avvoka allows for large-scale collaboration on global trade mark projects and multi-jurisdictional matters. It is listed as one of the latest legal tech solutions on Templafy.

Electronic Billing

1. Brightflag

2. Smokeball

Intellectual Property

1. TrademarkNow

2. ANAQUA Studio

3. SmartShell


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