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Three well-known learning and development programs available to enterprises are Organizational Learning in Action, Build a Company Learning and Development Program, and AIHR's Learning & Development Certificate Program.

1. Organizational Learning in Action

Program Overview

  • The Organizational Learning in Action (OLA) is a virtual program that helps corporate learning professionals in developing and implementing successful learning strategies across their company.
  • This 5-week program is divided into three phases, a preparation phase, live sessions, and a follow-up phase.
  • OLA aims to help corporate learning professionals and teams learn how to align their learning strategy with their company's overall strategy. It enhances their "ability to influence multiple stakeholders, discover leading practices in program and portfolio design and delivery, and establish and market a learning brand for their organization."
  • It also helps teams "create a common action plan and a shared commitment around their organization’s critical business issues, identify capability gaps, update skills, and create a winning team dynamic" to turn strategies into action.
  • The program brochure can be found here.

Program Curriculum

  • More details about the weekly program topics can be found here.

Unique Selling Proposition

  • Organizational Learning in Action (OLA) offers pre-and post-program support as well as follow up opportunities. Before the commencement of the virtual program, professionals and/or teams participate in a detailed diagnosis of their company's learning strategy and practices. In addition, they get access to pre-program webinars and preparation materials.
  • Each program class is carefully selected to represent a "truly international and diverse peer group." The average class participants are 44-year-old men and women (equal gender split) representing more than 15 industries and nationalities.
  • In addition, learners have the opportunity to apply the ideas and concepts to their own company throughout the program.
  • Program participants are also invited to the annual Chief Learning Officer Roundtable in June.
  • OLA also offers a team discount where the fourth participant from the same company takes the course for free.
  • Some impact metrics of the 2019 Organizational Learning in Action program can be found below:

2. Build a Company Learning and Development Program

Program Overview

  • Build a Company Learning and Development Program is a virtual L&D program featuring 10 courses created by industry experts and offered via LinkedIn Learning.
  • The program helps learning professionals "learn how to develop a corporate training program, from setting expectations with execs to developing content to creating a learning culture."
  • It also provides tips for "making learning decisions based on actual data, keeping [teams] engaged, and using success metrics to support learning initiatives."

Program Curriculum

Organizational Learning and Development

  • In this course, Britt Andreatta, an internationally recognized thought leader and consultant, explains "how to build an L&D program to attract and retain talent and help employees develop the skills" that keep an organization competitive.
  • She also "shares how to adapt your program over time, assess your organization's level of maturity, and design a learning program that maps to your organization's maturity level. She covers adult learning theory and methods, outlines the basics of instructional design, and explains the different kind of learning programs available."
  • More than 126,000 (126,630) people have watched this course.

Setting and Managing Realistic Expectations for Your L&D Program

Data-Driven Learning Design

  • In this course, Lori Niles "discusses the importance of data analysis on learner behavior prior to solution design. She also details how marketing uses data—and how L&D professionals can apply some of those techniques to increase content consumption."
  • Over 30,500 people have watched this course.

Unique Selling Proposition

  • Unlike other L&D programs which are taught by one instructor, this program features insights by 10 industry experts.

3. AIHR's Learning & Development Certificate Program

Program Overview

  • Learning & Development Certificate Program is an online, self-paced program featuring five courses, 39 video lessons, assignments, quizzes, and a capstone project. It is offered by the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR).
  • This certification program takes L&D professionals "from building a targeted L&D strategy to putting it into practice by building the learning culture and landscape" within their organization.
  • It also helps them "identify key learning needs, analyze skills gaps, and use learning analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of learning interventions and avoid wasting the L&D budget."

Program Curriculum

  • The five courses and a graded project included in the program are:

Unique Selling Proposition

Research Strategy

Our research indicates that information such as rankings of the top/best L&D strategy programs, number of clients/customers of a program, ratings/ reviews of L&D strategy programs, or revenue of a specific L&D program is not available. Most of the available resources focus on rankings or examples of companies and organizations with the best/most successful L&D programs and other training initiatives. In addition, there are several articles and reports featuring the best practices, tips, essential components, and guidelines surrounding learning and development strategies.

In the absence of information available to identify the "top" learning and development programs available to enterprises, we proceeded with identifying L&D strategy programs offered by well-known industry experts and/or learning organizations. Where available, we have included the impact metrics, number of customers/viewers, or ratings of the identified learning and development programs, however, in some cases, this information was specific to the organization offering the program.

Additional Information

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