Leading Bespoke AI/Machine Learning Consultancies

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Leading Bespoke AI/Machine Learning Consultancies

Tryolabs, Addo AI, Cambridge Consultants, Keyrus, and ISS Art are five of the leading consultancies providing bespoke AI/machine learning engineering services for healthcare companies.


  • Tryolabs' website can be located here.
  • Tryolabs serves the health, payments & food tech, marketing & media, and telecommunications industries.
  • Tyrolabs provides Machine Learning & AI consulting services, Full-stack Development, and IoT Development solutions.
  • The company's ML & AI consulting solutions include data science consulting & research, bespoke machine learning development, and production ready infrastructure.
  • In Full-stack Development, Tyrolabs uses Python with JavaScript to generate unique applications from prototype to deployment.


  • Addo AI's website can be found here.
  • Addo AI serves the healthcare, banking, financial services, cybersecurity, telecommunication, and retail industries.
  • Addo AI services include building data lakes, data engineering and reprocessing, automation, and generating new revenue models using AI.
  • The company excels in data architecture, both on-premise and cloud, to build data lakes.
  • Addo AI's data engineering and reprocessing solutions include extracting, storing, disseminating, and transforming clients data.
  • AI & automation services include deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and optimization.


  • Cambridge Consultants' website can be found here.
  • Cambridge Consultants serves the health, telecommunications & mobile, semiconductor, defense & security, and consumer industries.
  • Cambridge Consultants' expertise includes consulting services, applied science, product & service realization, wireless, human-centered design, smart technologies, software, and mechanical systems.
  • The company offers consulting services in Innovation management, Strategic advice, Digital services, Product Realization, and Service design.
  • Smart technologies solutions include augmented reality & virtual reality, AI & analytics, robotics signal processing, and tracking & location.
  • Cambridge's applied science solutions are optics, physical sciences, sensing, and synthetic biology.


  • Keyrus' website can be found here.
  • Keyrus serves the healthcare, banking, telecommunication, pharmaceutical, retail, real estate, transportation and hotel & catering industries and more.
  • Keyrus expertise are in the areas of management & transformation, data intelligence, and digital experience.
  • Under the management & transformation service, the company assists its clients with project support, performance management, digital transformation, and strategy & innovation.
  • Keyrus' data intelligence solutions are business intelligence, information management, big data analytics, enterprise performance management, externalization & training.
  • The digital experience solutions are innovation & digital strategy, user experience, digital marketing & CRM, digital commerce, and digital performance.


  • ISS Art's website can be found here.
  • ISS Art serves the healthcare, manufacturing, education, media, and IT industries among others.
  • ISS Art's key services include the full cycle of software development, technical & business solutions audit, and minimum viable product development (MVP). (Source 21)
  • The company's expertise in the full cycle of software development includes computer vision, machine learning, AI and IoT.
  • For the technical & business solutions audit, the company conducts system architecture audit, code quality and maintainability audit, scalability audit, and algorithm optimization audit.

Research Strategy:

Our initial search included combing through industry research databases such as Research and Markets and McKinsey Global Institute for precompiled lists of consultants focused on developing custom (bespoke) AI/ML solutions for the Healthcare Industry. However, no precompiled report to this granular level existed as the studies did not clarify the areas of focus for the AI consultants ranked. After finding no respected listing of leading AI consultancies offering customized solutions, we examined various news outlets, including Globe Newswire, APAC CIO Outlook, KD Nuggets, EM 360 Tech and AI Multiple along with review sites such as G2Crowd that publish information on AI consulting companies. These databases provide comprehensive lists of the well-known AI consulting companies across a range of industries. For example, AI Multiple and EM 360 Tech recognized ten companies and KD Nuggets acknowledged over twenty. We then examined each of these lists and selected those consultancies providing bespoke AI / ML services. From that list, we chose those that serve the healthcare sector. Using this method, we were able to identify 5 companies that meet the criteria. These companies receive media attention across more than one platform and/or appear in various rankings of top consultancies in the field of AI/machine learning; thereby, forming our conclusion that they are well-known.