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Youth Leadership Programs - Rows 2-5

For this program, I have identified four youth leadership programs targeted at high-school students throughout the United States. Those programs are the NSLC Mastering Leadership Program, the NTLP Weekend Leadership Camp, the FBI Youth Leadership Program, and the YW Boston: Youth Leadership Initiative.

In identifying programs to include in this report, I focused first on locating those youth leadership camps, seminars, classes, and/or programs offered to students in the United States. While I did include one program which is offered internationally, I did not focus on any program which excludes students in the U.S. Further, I focused exclusively on those programs which are offered to high-school aged students, and which are located outside of the high-school itself.

Once I had focused on these specific parameters, I narrowed down my search results to include only those programs which fit your requirement for programs which are seen as impactful and/or successful. To that end, I focused on accredited programs which serve large communities. Further, I focused on those programs which require that students apply prior to acceptance.

Ultimately, I have identified four different programs for this report, each of which operates somewhat differently. You will see a deep dive of my findings, including all requested information, below and on the attached spreadsheet. Per your request, I have kept the below information brief, focusing instead on providing the bulk of specific information requested on the attached spreadsheet.

This one-week program is targeted at high-school students throughout the United States. Program participants attend the one-week camp on the Georgetown University campus in Washington, DC.

Throughout the week, students meet with and attend seminars by a variety of "leaders in the fields of public service, government, and community development." In addition, students attend classes on vision and goal setting, persuasive communication, negotiation and conflict resolution, the distinctions of leadership, team building, group dynamics, and community service. Further, the camp includes opportunities for community service, and interactive leadership workshops. Upon completion of the one-week camp, students receive college credit.

NTLP offers a weekend camp aimed at high-school aged students. This program is designed to "motivate and inspire the leader within every teen," and is available to students in grades 9 through 12, as well as those in the 8th grade who will enter 9th grade by Fall of 2018, as well as high-school seniors who will graduate during the Summer of 2018. The weekend camp takes place from July 6-8, 2018.

During the weekend spent with NTLP, students attend classes, seminars, exercises, sessions, workshops, and interviews on a college campus. In addition, students attend three motivational speeches throughout the weekend. Throughout these activities, students are taught leadership concepts, bias awareness and diversity training, goal- and priority-setting, communication and interviewing skills, problem solving, and conflict resolution.

This eight-day program is offered to high-school students throughout the United States. This year's program takes place from June 21 – 29, at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA. Applications must be submitted by March 16, and students will be informed of their acceptance by May 11, 2018.

While limited information regarding the program specifics is available on the FBI NAA website, the program is a "week-long training event" targeted at students between the ages of 14 and 16, and is focused on developing students' leadership skills. Interested students are instructed to contact their local YLP Coordinator, who is determined by their state. Contact information has been provided in Column G of the attached spreadsheet. For general information, interested students can contact Laura Masterton at lmasterton@fbinaa.org.

The Youth Leadership Initiative (InIt) is targeted at high-school aged students throughout the Greater Boston Area. The program places a focus on "social justice education and training outside of the classroom, and supports their growth into socially responsible youth leaders." The program's goal is to cater to those students who care for and want to be leaders in social justice and community leadership, but who lack the tools to do so.

Throughout the nine-month program, students attend a combination of overnight, and one-day programs. For example, the program begins with an "immersion weekend," in September, designed to "explore how identity impacts your life, and the lives of those in your community." In addition to this weekend-long retreat, students engage in interactive workshops and community-based learning programs on designated program days which take place once a month from October through April. Finally, students work together on a community action project designed to take a leadership position and encourage improvement within their community.

Applications for the program beginning in September 2019 are currently open.

To summarize, the attached spreadsheet contains the requested information for four youth leadership programs aimed at high-school students in the United States. These programs have been chosen for their quality and reputation.
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Youth Leadership Programs - Rows 6-9

I have identified four youth leadership programs targeted at high-school students throughout the United States of America. The programs we were able to identify are:


To identify the programs I focused first on locating the youth leadership camps, seminars, classes and/or leadership programs in the United States. I targeted programs that offered services exclusively to high school aged students, and programs located outside the school itself.
Using these search parameters I was able to come up with the appropriate results to fit your requirements.
I was able to identify four different programs for this report. You will be provided with a full explanation of my findings, including all requested information, below and on the attached spreadsheet.

Future Leader Camp

This 2-week program is targeted at high-school aged students, intended to develop leadership potential in high-school students.
Throughout the 2-week program, students will be able to understand "small-group leadership techniques, leadership ethics, teamwork, problem solving and communication." In addition, the camp includes activities such as rappelling, paintball, first-aid, classroom instruction, sports, and a challenge course.
This is not a boot camp for students with disciplinary problems. Students planning to join the program should hold a minimum 2.5 GPA.

Leadership in the Business World (LBW)

LBW is a program targeted at a select group of rising high school seniors. It provides an introduction to a "top-notch undergraduate business education and the opportunity to hone their leadership, teamwork, and communication skills."
The program will run from July 7 – August 4, 2018, and the participants will be able to attend lectures and presentations from distinguished Wharton faculty and guest speakers, develop and strengthen leadership skills through collaborative teamwork, visit business enterprises and speak with successful leaders from several industries, engage in weekend and evening social activities, and they're going to be able to test their potential as future business leaders.

The Youth Leadership Program

The Youth Leadership Program (YLP) was created with the intent of "developing high achieving and diverse young leaders across Monroe County at the high school level." Their main objective is that students can experience a more interactive experience through weekly workshops and field trips, allowing for real-life exposure and a more hands-on approach. Through this free course, they will learn essential leadership, life skills, and service skills.

Students that have at least a 2.5 GPA or equivalent on a 4.0 scale to be part of this program.

Youth Leadership Greater Washington

It is a 5-month youth leadership development and community education program for high school sophomores and juniors in Northern Virginia, Suburban Maryland and Washington, DC.
The program is intended to provide leadership training to youth leaders while also raising awareness of acute regional issues.

Students meet for one day per month from January – May from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

They look for motivated high school sophomores and juniors in the Greater Washington region (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia) to be part of this program.


The attached spreadsheet contains the requested information for four youth leadership programs aimed at high-school students in the United States.
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Youth Leadership Programs - Rows 10-13

I have identified four youth leadership programs targeted at high-school students outside the United States. Those programs are:


Following the request's instructions, I focused on locating youth leadership campsites, classes, courses, and/or programs exclusively outside the United States. I also verified that none of the programs had been listed on previous requests. Although identifying "top" programs was not mandatory, I still wanted to provide you with programs that have received coverage as being successful. Therefore, to find the four youth leadership programs targeted to high school students outside the United States, I searched through trusted media websites, press mentions, and school recommendations.

Using this method, I was able to identify the four programs in this report. This report will provide you with insights and explanation on how these programs work. The information added below has been kept brief and you can find specific information on the attached spreadsheet.


This program was designed for all youth ages 15-18 years to be able to develop their leadership abilities by facing team challenges, captivating field trips, outdoor activities, inspirational guest speakers and new experiences.
This is a 2-week experience, but it also provides 6 months of post-program online coaching to ensure youth continue their personal development they committed to during the program.


This program is designed to provide younger adults 15-18 years old with an unforgettable 2-week summer experience packed with team challenges, engaging field trips, and amazing outdoor activities.
This is a 2-week experience where you will be able to build your confidence, provide service to others, take time to reflect, among other things.


It is nine-day residential summer enrichment leadership program for students going into grades 10, 11 and 12 from different backgrounds. It offers an ambitious curriculum of academics, collaborative projects, and recreational activities.
Some features of the program include:
— Site visiting with various companies within London.
— Teamwork, team building activities.
— Teamwork and leadership workshops that will be held through the program.


This program is unique in its "learning by doing" approach. It is designed to teach "the practical skills most-needed by effective and successful youth leaders."
Youth Leadership Development Program is open to high school students and also university students can register as mentors/group leaders.


I have identified four youth leadership programs targeted at high-school students outside the United States. The information of these programs was added to the attached spreadsheet.