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Youth Serving Non-Profits - US

Through our research, we were able to find a number of organizations that qualify as Youth Serving Non-Profit programs that facilitate educational leadership. We have included the names, the program's mission statement, and a brief description of what the program offers. This information has been added to a spreadsheet to allow for easier reading of the information.

We have compiled a list of youth-serving, non-profit organizations that facilitate educational leadership programs. The organizations we found are as follows:
Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Foundation (HOBY)
Multi-Ethnic Education and Economic Development Center (MEED Center)
National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC)
The ASPIRA Association
CORO Northern California
On the attached spreadsheet, we have provided the names, basic information about the organization as well as the links for each of the organizations where the information was found.

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Organizations that are in the K-12 school space that facilitate educational leadership programs - US

Following the request for a list of organizations facilitating K-12 educational leadership programs, we have identified 20 organizations arranged in the ordered list below and have provided a brief description of the programs offered by each organization.

(1) Teach Beyond

TeachBeyond's K-12 Leadership program provides educators who have cross-cultural experience with "essential skills", "competencies" and "practical knowledge" required to provide leadership to small intercultural schools. They have designed an online program to help emerging school leaders in different areas including; "Operational Leadership", "Leading in Community", "Instructional Leadership" and "Managing Change" while embedding principles of transformational education throughout the course. The course is completely online and lasts 6 weeks.

(2) Central Michigan University (College of Education & Human Services)

This institution has 4 programs under their K-12 leadership program. They are Master of Arts in Educational Leadership — aimed at preparing students with necessary skills for leading schools and meeting the needs of 21st century learners, Specialist in Education in General Educational Administration — aimed at equipping professional educators with "instructional and leadership" skills, Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership — aimed at providing in depth knowledge and skills to educational leaders interested in transforming educational institutions through practice, and Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership — the Ph.D. degree aimed at providing in depth knowledge to educational leaders also interested in transforming educational institutions through practice.

(3) Vanderbilt Peabody College

This institution offers 3 degrees in their K-12 educational leadership program. They are Masters of Public Policy, Doctorate in Education (Ed. D) in Leadership and Policy, and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) in Leadership and Policy Studies with a focus on K-12 education. The programs are designed with a focus on understanding and enhancing social institutions as well as the organizational context of schools and other places of learning.

(4) Lehigh University College of Education

This institution offers a Master's in Educational Leadership and Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership as part of their K-12 educational leadership program. They also offer the following certifications; K-12 principal certification, Director of curriculum and instruction certification, and Superintendent of schools certification. They focus on K-12 education at national and international levels.

(5) University of Rochester (Warner School of Education)

The Warner School of Education K-12 leadership program prepares prospects for NYS school building leader (SBL) and school district leader (SDL) certification. They offer an Advanced Certificate Program, and a Masters Program aimed at creating skilled leaders passionate about fostering change in American schools.

(6) Nicholls State University

The K-12 leadership program of this university is offered as a 2-year program, made up of a combination of lectures and practical learning. The program is designed to equip future educational leaders with skills to effectively manage school curriculum and facilities and includes a two-semester internship as well as a comprehensive final semester examination which students are required to pass.

(7) University of Mississippi (School of Education)

This institution offers a Master of Education (M. Ed.) under their K-12 leadership program. The program which is designed to equip candidates with necessary skills for effectively handling administrative positions in K-12 schools is an 18-month program made up of three semesters and two summer terms. The program also includes a 400-hour internship that runs throughout the entire duration of the program.

(8) Michigan State University (College of Education)

The K-12 leadership program of the Michigan State University offers a Masters program for school-level leadership, Doctor of Educational Leadership program for system level leadership, and Ph.D. program for researchers and aspiring academics, which is aimed at preparing educational leaders for leadership and policy roles both locally, nationally and internationally. The program has frequently been ranked among the top ten in the U. S over the last decade.

(9) Microsoft

In partnership with its edX member universities including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Michigan and the University of Queensland, Australia, Microsoft offers 4 courses under its K-12 education leadership program. They are; Design Thinking for Leading and Learning, Leading Ambitious Teaching and Learning, Deep Learning through Transformative Pedagogy and Launching Innovation in Schools. These programs run for a duration of 4-7 weeks and require 2-6 hours per week.

(10) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

This institution offers an Educational Specialist (Ed. S.) program in Educational Leadership designed to prepare candidates for leadership and administration at the district office level of K-12 schools, and an Educational Leadership doctoral program (Ed. D.) designed to prepare administrative leaders at the local, state and national level.

(11) Western Illinois University

Under its Department of Educational Studies, this institution offers K-12 leadership courses aimed at "Educating and empowering future practitioners and leaders". Their courses under the K-12 leadership program are Master of Science in Education (M.S. Ed.), Educational Specialist (Ed. S.), and Doctorate of Education (Ed. D.).

(12) Northwest Missouri State University (School of Education)

This institution offers a Master of Science in Education and a Specialist in Education degree in educational leadership under its K-12 leadership program. Their Masters of Science program offers students the opportunity to choose their focus areas either in elementary, K-12 or secondary education, while the Specialist in Education degree offers a choice of elementary school principalship, secondary school principalship or superintendency.

(13) University of Wyoming (School of Counseling, Leadership, Advocacy, and Design)

Under its K-12 leadership program, this institution offers degrees and certificates designed to create effective educational leaders, by equipping students with leadership skills required to manage K-12 schools. Their degree program includes; Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership, EDD in Educational Leadership, and Ph.D. in Educational Leadership. While their certificate program includes; Principal Certificate , Superintendent Certificate , and Special Education Director Certificate.

(14) Regent University (School of Education)

This institution offers a Doctor of Education (Ed. D.) degree under its K-12 school leadership program. This program is conducted online but has limited face-to-face requirements. The program includes 4 key components; Critical thinking, research, writing and learning from a Christian worldview which all students must undergo as well as a submission and successful defense of a doctoral dissertation. This program requires prospective students interested in undertaking the course to already have a professional teaching license.

(15) Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

This institution offers an online Masters in Educational Leadership under their K-12 leadership education program. The program provides courses to equip students with management, research, and training skills and can be completed in under 2 years.

(16) Widener University

This institution offers a doctorate degree in K-12 educational leadership focused on helping students establish and speed up their careers in educational administration. The program offers Principal, Supervisory and Superintendent certifications, as well as concentrations in school system leadership, instructional technology leadership and pupil services leadership.

(17) Capella University

Under its school of Education, Capella University offers a Masters of Science in Education Program, with specialization in Leadership in Educational Administration. The program is conducted online and made up of 4 core courses, 3 specialization courses, 3 emphasis courses and internship.

(18) Center for Educational Leadership

This organization which was founded in 2001 , as the non-profit service arm of the University of Washington College of Education is aimed at improving knowledge and skills necessary to increase classroom teachers effectiveness in instruction. The center offers several courses in areas including teaching effectiveness, school leadership, and district leadership. The center works with each prospective candidate to identify courses that fit their needs

(19) Transformative Educational Leadership

This organization provides One (1) year training targeted at educational leaders, equipping them with "social", "emotional", "academic"and "ethical learning" required for the effective management of schools.

(20) Grand Canyon University

This institution offers a Doctors of Education in Organizational Leadership program with a specialization in K-12 leadership under its College of Doctoral Studies. The program which can either be taken online or in evening classes equips candidates with administrative, fiscal management and leadership skills in K-12 education.


We have been able to provide 20 organizations facilitating K-12 educational leadership programs within our research time frame. Even though we have not omitted any major lists or sources, we would have been able to include more organizations to the list if we had more time.

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Organizations that are in the College/University space that facilitate educational leadership programs - US

NOTE: The client may benefit from another report on this subject as there are many small leadership programs and University Programs in this space that were uncovered during research but are not incorporated into the sources or spreadsheet due to time limitations.


At least 131 organizations in the College/University space facilitate educational leadership programs, as indicated in the attached spreadsheet. Many are independent organizations who offer strong leadership programs to the community, or organizations who provide college-level leadership training for their own employees. The majority, however, are colleges and universities who offer separate leadership development programs or degrees that emcompass these requirements.


Of the total organizations included in this report, Colleges and Universities accounted for 52% of programs, Independent Organizations accounted for 12%, and Businesses accounted for 36%. [Calculations based on category organizations divided by total organizations, multiplied by 100 to obtain percentage.]
Many of these programs were found in existing lists, particularly 2018 summer programs and faith-based programs. Others stood out individually: Bloomfield College's Student Leadership Development Program, Growing Leaders, Alma College, College Leadership Rhode Island, the CSLEPS Leadership certificate program, the Hope Chest Foundation, NASPA Student Leadership Programs, BUILD Chicago, Ignite Leadership Program, Association of Washington Student Leaders (AWSL), and the YP4 Fellowship.

Additional research will likely yield additional results in this arena, as time constraints limited the results we were able to determine.


Of 131 Organizations identified for this project, the majority were based within College/University degrees or programs, followed by businesses who only offer these programs to employees, then independent organizations including those listed above. Full results can be viewed in the attached spreadsheet.

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