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Lead Generation Top Trends - Part 1

Top trends in lead generation include the use of email marketing, focus on quality of leads as opposed to just quantity, focus on content creation, and the use of influencers. Below is a detailed analysis of these trends.

Email Marketing Remains an Effective Tool of Lead Generation

  • Email marketing has stood the test of time and remains one of the most effective ways of lead generation.
  • A report by Content Marketing Institute shows that 79% of B2B marketers agree that lead email marketing is the most effective strategy for lead generation.
  • According to the 2019 B2B Marketing Outlook by Chief Marketer, email has been the main source of leads in addition to having the highest return on investment (ROI).
  • For every dollar spent on email marketing, it brings back an average of $44 in ROI according to a report by CampaignMonitor.
  • In the Chief Marketer's report, 49% of marketers agree that email produces the highest ROI compared to other channels.
  • Although returns from email marketing have remained sky-high, the strategies and tactics are always changing. A report by MailChimp indicates that when the audience is segmented, the number of email opened increases by 15% and the number of emails increases by 60%.
  • In 2019, brands are increasingly segmenting their target audiences so as to deliver individualized content.
  • Leading email providers include MailChimp, Constant Contact, and SendInBlue.

Quality of Leads Matters more than Quantity

  • For any marketing to be worthwhile, leads must eventually turn into customers. Because of this, brands are focusing more on the quality of leads as opposed to just the quantity.
  • In fact, 54% of brands agree that lead quality is their first priority compared to 46% who consider lead volume.
  • Another report by Ascend2 says 70% of B2B marketers consider lead quality as the most important objective when designing any lead generation strategy.
  • A report by the B2B Technology Marketing Community also says generating high-quality leads is the biggest challenge for B2B marketers. It is followed by lead conversion and content creation.
  • Companies that are focused on generating high-quality leads include Top Whole Life, Exprance, and Olive & Company.

The Growing Importance of Quality Content in Lead Generation

  • Content is king”, is a common phrase in the digital marketing world. Content is at the heart of many successful digital marketing campaigns.
  • Brands are using content marketing to build trust among customers. Research shows that 78% of consumers prefer knowing about the company through articles as opposed to ads. In addition, 70% believe that companies that offer custom content are more interested in building good and lasting relationships.
  • A market report has indicated that 74% of companies say that content marketing has increased both the quantity and quality of leads generated.
  • Business websites that consistently post blog content report 434% increase in pages indexed by search engines than those that don’t publish at all. It offers conversion rates about six times more than other digital marketing methods.
  • Examples of content marketing companies include Column Five, ClickGiant, S&G Content Marketing, and Siege Media.

The use of Influencers to Generate Leads

  • Brands are increasingly working with online influencers to market their products. Research shows that 65% of marketers plan to increase their influencer marketing budgets in 2019. This is a big increase from 39% of marketers who planned to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2018.
  • A modest but significant 17% of companies spend over half their marketing budget on influencers.
  • Up to 89% of marketers say ROI from influencer marketing is better or comparable to other marketing channels.
  • In 2018 alone, an additional 320 influencer marketing focused agencies and platforms where created.
  • Influencer marketing is predicted to grow to $6.5 billion in 2019 compared to $3.0 billion in 2017.
  • In the last three years, Google searches for influencer marketing has grown by 1500%.
  • Leading influencer marketing agencies include Viral Nation, HireInfluence, and Carusele.

Research Strategy

We managed to get the top trends in lead generation. We mainly scanned articles and reports published by leading digital marketing platforms. For the trends, we selected those that are more significant. Significant in the sense that they have been covered in multiple credible digital marketing sources like FinanceOnline, Content Marketing Institute, and Chief Marketer among others, and backed up by market research done by credible research companies like the Chief Marketer's 2019 Marketing Outlook, the 2018 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America, and Campaign Monitor among others. Finally, as confirmed by research data, these trends are happening on a wide scale.

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Lead Generation Top Trends - Part 2

Research successfully identified additional top trends in lead generation. They include video marketing, social media marketing, automation, and omni-channel marketing. A detailed analysis of the trends is presented below.


  • Research shows that 77% of marketers plan on bolstering video marketing in their lead generation strategies in 2019.
  • Over 80% of marketers have realized success with video marketing in their lead generation campaigns.
  • Considering the potential of video marketing, over 90% of marketers are creating videos with content they already own to maximize the effect.
  • It is predicted that video content will account for at least 81% of the total IP traffic by 2021.


  • According to research, 97% of marketers reach out to their audience through social media. The most utilized form of communication is video, articles, and images.
  • At least 64% of B2B marketers are relying on LinkedIn for lead generation, 43% through Facebook, and 36% through Twitter.
  • Social media has received praise from marketers with 62% reporting that it is proven to produce consistent results.


  • Automation is moving rapidly to become a key trend in lead generation. Marketers are adopting this tech because it is quick and efficient.
  • At least 60% of businesses are in the implementation phase and the use of chat bots is becoming popular.
  • It is reported that 41% of the people who start conversations with chat bots are in a managerial level. Further, 67% of business owners are convinced that chat bots are going to outperform most Apps in 5 years.
  • Among the top 50 fastest growing businesses, at least 22% have a dedicated chat bot on their homepage.
  • Research has shown that 80% of marketers using automation in their marketing strategy create more leads. At least 77% of these marketers convert the leads.


  • An omni-channel approach to lead generation is a strategy that aims to offer customers a cohesive and integrated service irrespective of where or how they make contact.
  • Businesses with an omni-channel approach in their marketing strategy enjoy a customer retention rate of 89%. On the other hand, their counterparts without omni-channel approach only retain 33% of their customers.
  • At least 45% of businesses have ongoing efforts to integrate a multi-channel approach in their marketing strategy.
  • Some examples of businesses that are excellent in omni-channel marketing include Starbucks and Disney.


In order to find additional top trends in lead generation, we consulted the web for articles and reports by leading digital marketing platforms. We selected the trends that have been highlighted by multiple credible digital marketing sources like Hubspot and Chief Marketer among others. We also looked to see if they are backed by industry research from reliable sources like Chief Marketer B2B outlook survey. In the end, we research data confirmed that these trends are taking place.

From Part 01
  • "Email is one of the most used communication channels today. Thus, it makes for a good way to reach your target audience. In fact, it remains as the most effective strategy in lead generation. As you’ll see in the data below, you can further boost the impact of your email campaigns if you start to segment and personalize them."
  • "Email marketing has been popular for decades, but in no way is it losing steam. According to Chief Marketer’s 2019 B2B Marketing Outlook, email has been the top source for B2B leads and has the highest return on investment (ROI). In fact, for every dollar spent on email marketing, marketers achieve an average ROI of $44, according to CampaignMonitor."
  • "And 54% of the respondents to this survey said that lead quality is their #1 priority (versus 46% for lead volume)."
  • "According to a recent study by Ascend2, 70% of B2B marketers cite improving the quality of leads as the most important objective of a lead generation strategy."
  • "According to 74% of companies surveyed, content marketing has increased their marketing leads, both in quantity and quality."
From Part 02
  • "81% of marketers are optimizing their social videos for mobile viewership"
  • "22% of the 50 fastest-growing B2B companies have a live chat widget on their website"
  • "By aligning these factors together, companies can use these related channels to enhance their marketing and service efforts."