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LCC Reports

The reports published by RDC Aviation Economics, Eurocontrol, and Trade Financial Global contain a significant focus on organizational structure. Of the remaining reports, 8 were found to have some information and an additional 8 with none. Notably, all 3 of the Statistica reports provided show no visible information on organizational structure. A full account of these findings can be seen in the provided spreadsheet.


As per your request, my search was limited to the 19 reports provided in the spreadsheet. All of the reports were examined fully in order to determine the content of information available on organizational structure. Due to the presence of paywalls, many of these reports have been defined as have no relevant information.

For your convenience, below is a list of the reports that have accessible organizational structure content.

Significant focus:
Row 5 - RDC Aviation Economics' "Low-Cost Airline Penetration"
Row 8 - Eurocontrol's "The Rapid Rise of Low-Cost Carriers"
Row 18 - Trade Financial Global's "EXPLAINED: the European Budget Airlines Boom"

Some information:
Row 1 - Report Linker's "Global Low-Cost Airlines to 2021: Market Overview and Insights for Low-Cost Airlines to 2021"
Row 2 - Seeking Alpha's "Ultra-Low-Cost Carriers: An Overview of the Airline Industry and Its Disruptors"
Row 6 - PwC's "2017 Commercial Aviation Trends"
Row 9 - Research and Markets' "The Global Low-Cost Airline Market to 2020"
Row 10 - Allied Market Research's "Low-Cost Airlines Market by Purpose..."
Row 14 - Seeking Alpha's "Azul: Under-the-Radar Brazilian Airline Is Ready for Takeoff"
Row 17 - Skift's "Megatrends 2017: Low-Cost Carriers Reinvent the Transatlantic Market"
Row 19 - Ken Research's "The Global Low-Cost Airline Market to 2020 - Ken Research"


To summarize, the attached spreadsheet has been updated to reflect the organizational structure found in each of the provided reports. Out of the 19 reports, the majority were found to have some information or none. Only 3 of the reports contained a significant amount of information.