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LaurDIY - Twitter

LaurDIY highlighted 10 brands on Twitter in the past year. They include HBO Max's Craftopia, Panda Express, Vanity Fair, WeRateDogs, Amazon, VidCon, Best Buy, Target, Fanta, and Terry's Chocolate Oranges. Details regarding these tweets have been provided below.

1. HBO Max's Craftopia

  • The tweet highlights the various looks Lauren will have while hosting Craftopia on HBO Max. She reveals to the readers how excited she is about the show.

2. Panda Express

  • Lauren mentions how food by Panda Express is soothing to the soul. She highlights that she needs food from Panda Express.

3. Vanity Fair

  • Lauren tweets about her ponytail weave and DIY facelift. She mentions that she took the photo at the Vanity Fair Summit and tags Vanity Fair in the post.

4. WeRateDogs

  • Lauren responds to a tweet where she was tagged on a photo with her dog and a fan. She thanks WeRateDrogs for bringing them together.

5. Amazon

  • Lauren responds to a fan who asked her where she got her phone's case. Lauren tweets that she got it from Amazon.


  • Lauren mention tweets that she is attending VidCon in Melbourne. She greets her fans from the region and asks them for the best places to visit.

7. Best Buy

  • Lauren tweets about a project where she has teamed up with Best Buy. She announces that the project is live.

8. Target

  • Lauren urges her fans to buy her DIY kits, which are available at Target. She provides a direct link to the products.

9. Fanta

  • Lauren tweets a photo of her holding a bottle of Fanta and notes that she is in a "Fanta Mode" She ends the tweet with the hashtag #FantaAd

10. Terry's Chocolate Oranges

  • Lauren tweets that Terry's Chocolate Oranges are important and a Canadian thing. She mentions that she will go with 45 packets to Los Angeles.
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LaurDIY - Youtube

In the past year, LaurDIY has highlighted 12 brands on her YouTube channel. The brands include Google Shopping, Forever 21, TikTok, McDonald's, Fanta, Uber, Postmates, Converse, Tarte Cosmetics, Wish, HomeGoods, and Urban Outfitters. Details regarding these posts have been provided below.

1. Google Shopping

  • Google Shopping is highlighted by Lauren in this vlog. The video focuses on holiday giftswaps.

2. Forever 21

  • Lauren posts a vlog about organizing her closet. She also mentions that she will be at Forever 21 in Montebello, California and asks her fans to come and meet her.

3. TikTok

4. McDonald's

  • The vlog centers around eating food chosen by someone else. In this case, Lauren and her friend go to buy food at McDonald's.

5. Fanta

6. Uber

  • In this video, Lauren paints a portrait of her friend and vice-versa. She gives her Uber code for a 10% discount.

7. Postmates

  • Lauren reveals her editing secrets for Instagram. She shares her Postmates delivery code for a 10% discount.

8. Converse

  • The vlog documents Lauren's meet and greet in New York City in partnership with Converse. She notes that she got the chance to DIY with her fans, which she loved.

9. Tarte Cosmetics

  • The post is a vlog about a vacation Lauren took. The vacation was sponsored by Tarte Cosmetics.

10. Wish

  • The video is a partnership with Wish. In the vlog, Lauren wears Wish clothes for one week.

11. HomeGoods

12. Urban Outfitters

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LaurDIY - Facebook

LaurDIY highlighted seven brands on her Facebook page in the past year. They include Lulus, Fanta, Mav Lash Extensions, Spotify, Wish, Sister's Apparel, and Tarte Cosmetics. Details about these posts have been provided below.

1. Lulus

2. Fanta

3. Mav Lash Extensions

  • Mav Lash Extensions is highlighted in this post. Lauren indicates that she got her lashes from Mav Lash.

4. Spotify

  • This post shows Lauren tagging Spotify with love emojis. She does not write anything in the post.

5. Wish

  • The low prices of Wish are highlighted in this post. Lauren writes that she wore Wish clothes for one week and the cost of one dress can be cheaper than a latte.

6. Sisters Apparel

7. Tarte Cosmetics

  • A palette from Tarte Cosmetics is highlighted in this post. Lauren takes a photo of the palette as she drinks a pineapple mai tai.

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LaurDIY - Instagram

In the past year, LaurDIY has highlighted 20 brands on her Instagram page. The brands include Riley Rose, Crumbles Patisserie, C'est Prune, VidCon, Fanta, TikTok, among others. Details regarding these posts have been provided below.

1. Riley Rose

  • Lauren posts a photo of her meet and greet. She then mentions that her stationery line is available at Riley Rose.

2. Crumbles Patisserie

  • Lauren thanks everyone who spent time with her at Riley Rose. She then thanks Crumbles Patisserie for giving her a cookie cake.

3. C'est Prune

  • Lauren posts a picture of a photoshoot she had with C'est Prune. The photo was taken with an $8 disposable camera.

4. VidCon

  • Lauren urges her fans to come see her at VidCon. She mentions that she will be taking selfies and signing merchandise.

5. Fanta

  • Lauren celebrates two years of working with Fanta. She posts several pictures of her memories with the brand.

6. TikTok

  • Lauren posts that she has been uploading videos on TikTok. She also shares her TikTok username.

7. YouTube

  • Lauren thanks YouTube for giving her branded sweatpants. She thanks the company for organizing a summit in New York where she met new and old friends.

8. Revolve

  • Lauren Riihimaki thanks Revolve for an aesthetic flower mountain where she took a photo. The photo was taken at the Revolve Festival.

9. Pura Vida Bracelets

  • Lauren thanks Pura Vida Bracelets for their products at Coachella. She posts a photo of her and her significant other while at the festival.

10. PopSockets

  • Lauren shares three limited designs she made for PopSockets. She mentions that the proceeds from the merchandise will go to Girls Inc.

11. Converse

  • Lauren shares that she had a lot of fun meeting her fans courtesy of Converse. She then gives the link to the respective vlog.

12. Journeys

  • Lauren posts that she was excited to meet her fans courtesy of Journeys. She also mentions that the link to the related vlog can be found in her bio.

13. Mav Lash Extensions

  • Lauren gives credit to Mav Lash Extensions for her lashes. The post mentions that her merchandise for spring is ready.

14. Tarte Cosmetics

  • Lauren tags Tarte Cosmetics for the makeup palette in her post. The photo is taken as she is drinking a pineapple mai tai.

15. Sisters Apparel

  • Lauren makes DIY adjustments on a hoodie by Sisters Apparel and tags the brand in her post. She mentions that the related vlog is up on her YouTube channel.

16. Wish

  • Lauren shares that she wore clothes from Wish for one week. She notes that some of their dresses are cheaper than a latte.

17. Spotify

  • Lauren tags Spotify in this post. She does not mention anything about the brand besides using four loveheart emojis.

18. Luca and Grae

  • Lauren shares a giveaway from Luca and Grae. The giveaway is a $100 giftcard from the brand.

19. Liv and Jess

  • Lauren shares a giveaway from Liv and Jess. The giveaway is a $100 giftcard.

20. Lulus

  • Lauren posts a picture of her wearing a Lulus dress. She indicates that the post is an advertisement using the hashtag #ad.

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LaurDIY - Profile

Lauren Riihimaki was born in 1993 in Ontario, Canada. She came to the limelight through her YouTube channel, LaurDIY. Seven insights on the personal and professional background of Lauren Riihimaki have been provided below.

Lauren Riihimaki was born in Ontario, Canada in 1993

Lauren graduated with a technology degree majoring in Graphic Communications in 2015

Lauren became famous through her YouTube channel, LaurDIY

  • The name of the channel was derived from the first four letters of her name and the abbreviation for Do-It-Yourself (DIY).
  • Lauren joined YouTube in 2011 when she was still pursuing her university education.
  • Previously, she had her blog, Desires and Inspires, where she gave fashion and beauty tips.

Lauren transitioned to YouTube after realizing that it was more effective for teaching than blogging

Lauren's other YouTube channel is called LaurDIY2

In addition to being a YouTuber, Lauren is an actor

  • Lauren has acted in movies, such as Escape the Night (2016) and Boo 2! A Madea Halloween (2017). She has also acted in television shows.
  • Lauren is the host and executive producer of Craftopia by HBO Max.
  • Moreover, Lauren has shot a music video entitled DIY Queen.

Lauren has won several awards