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Latin American Defense Sources (1)

Eight sources of naval and underwater defense news from Latin America are the website of the Marine Secretary of Mexico, InfoDefensa, El Espectador, Actualidad RT, the Chilean Army website, the Bolivian Army website, Defensa, and the Ministry of Defense website of El Salvador.

1. Marine Secretary of Mexico

  • This is the official website of Mexico's Marine Secretary, the entity in charge of the country's naval force and underwater defense.
  • This source also published through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • The website focuses on the marine and naval force of the country, covering topics like recruitment for joining its navy university, announcements, promotions, celebrations, naval force events, and different news about its navy.

2. InfoDefensa

  • InfoDefensa is an online newspaper that covers information about the different defense forces from all Latin American countries, including the Caribbean.
  • Some topics covered are news about these countries' navy, underwater defense strategies, new equipment like the acquisition of the new Defender hydrographic boat by Chile's underwater defense, celebrations, events, and other news related to different defense entities of these countries.

3. Chilean Army

  • The website of Chile's Army provides information about the different Chilean military forces, including Naval Aviation, Submarine, Amphibian and Naval Transportation, and Amphibian Expedition.
  • This website covers news about the navy forces, history of the army, press conferences, naval radio, recruitment, and also publishes the information through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

4. Bolivian Army

  • The website of the Bolivian Army has all the news and information about the country's navy and underwater defense, the Marine School, and the Operation Unit of the Industrial Navy.
  • Some topics covered are recruitment, new equipment, events, recent news, new naval techniques, etc.

5. Defensa

  • This online newspaper publishes information about the defense forces of Spain and the countries in Latin America, including their naval and underwater defenses.
  • Some topics covered are the news of what the naval and underwater defenses are doing, such as acquiring new equipment, like a new submarine in Brazil, or the removal of a navy base in Chile; news of actions taken by the defense forces in these countries; alliances; etc.

6. El Espectador

  • One of the most relevant newspapers in Colombia, it is printed, published online, and through Twitter.
  • It covers news about defense and the military forces in Latin America, like news about the Pacific Navy Force, attacks and movements of Colombia's Oriental Navy Force, announcements of Colombia's main navy force, Bolivia's army and naval force, Venezuela's navy, etc.

7. Actualidad RT

  • Actualidad is one of the leaders in global news for the Spanish audience, with an important presence in at least ten countries in Latin America.
  • It covers news, announcements, movements, events, and more made by different military forces in every country, including Mexico's Marine, Argentina's underwater defense, etc.

8. El Salvador Ministry of Defense

  • The official website of El Salvador's Ministry of Defense covers information about the Salvadoran army and military forces, like its navy.
  • The information about this country's naval forces and underwater defense is published through the website and its Twitter account.
  • Some topics covered include information about the country's Centre of Education and Naval Instruction, awards given to the marines, celebrations, events, actions, movements, acquisitions, changes in leadership, etc.
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Latin American Defense Sources (2)

Eight additional sources of naval and underwater defense news from Latin America are The National Interest, Brazil's Navy website, Colombia's Army website, Colombia's Navy School website, Brazil's Ministry of Defense website, Defense News, Cuba Debate, and the Cuban News Agency.

1. The National Interest

  • National Interest is an online newspaper that publishes news about the military and different defense forces of every country in the world.
  • It has a section dedicated to Latin America publications, which covers information like Brazil's submarines for underwater defense, the navies of the world, Venezuela's army, etc.

2. Marinha Do Brasil (Brazil Navy)

  • The website of Brazil's Navy has the most recent information available about its naval and underwater defense.
  • It covers topics like news, announcements, acquisitions, recruitment, retirement, actions, events, etc.

3. Colombian Army

  • The website of the Colombian Army publishes every news, media coverage, and press release related to the Colombian military forces, including its naval and underwater defense.
  • The Twitter account of Colombia's Army also includes news about its navy and underwater defense, as well as information about all its military forces.
  • The topics covered are acquisition, announcements, leadership, recognition of its marines, etc.

4. Colombia's Navy School

  • The website of the Navy School of Colombia makes announcements related to the school, new naval regulations of the country, the leaders of the naval forces, awards given to the marines, events, recruitment processes, etc.
  • It also covers news about naval research processes, underwater defense, announcements made by the president regarding the country's defense, etc.

5. Brazil's Ministry of Defense

  • The website of Brasil's Ministry of Defense publishes information regarding the country's army, navy, and air force, and access to the country's Defense Radio, and the different forces' websites.
  • The news published by this site includes defense facing decisions, pronouncements, official publications, analysis of defense processes in all three defense areas.
  • It also shares the news about its defense processes through Twitter.

6. Defense News

  • Defense News is a global news website dedicated to publications about military and defense forces, including news about the naval and underwater defense of Latin American countries, the US, Russia, China, etc.
  • Among the topics it publishes are the Argentinian submarine defense, Chile's navy, etc.

7. Cuba Debate

  • Cuba Debate is a website dedicated to online news about Cuba.
  • Some topics it covers, besides general news, are military news about the Cuban army, naval and underwater defense force, including news about announcements, events, celebrations, promotions, military actions, and news from other Latin America armies including Venezuela, and Argentina, among others.

8. Cuban News Agency

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Latin American Defense Sources (3)

Nine additional naval and underwater defense news source from Latin America are Granma, Canal Caribe, Martí Radio TV, the website of Ecuador's Ministry of Defense, the website of Ecuador's Army, the Guatemalan Army website, the newspaper El Heraldo from Honduras, the website of Honduras Army, and Nicaragua's Navy Force website.

1. Granma

  • Granma is the official website of Cuba's Naval Academy Granma, and publishes official communications, news, and media coverage of the Cuban communist political party.
  • The website covers news about the naval academy, as well as other news, including messages and actions related to the country's defense, and militia.

2. Canal Caribe (Caribbean Channel)

  • Canal Caribe is a news website dedicated to publications about Cuba, the Caribbean, and other communist countries.
  • Among the topics covered are defense, such as announcements and news from Cuba's naval force, as well as news from Latin America's underwater defense, like strategies, acquisitions, actions, alliances, among others.
  • They also make publications through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

3. Radio Televisión Martí (Martí TV and Radio)

  • Radio Televisión Martí is an online newspaper that also makes publications through radio, television, and social media, created by the communist party of Cuba.
  • It covers news from Cuba, the US, all of Latin America, and the rest of the world.
  • Among the topics covered it includes, general news, sports, arts, and military information of naval forces, and underwater defense actions, such as the treaty of the Guantanamo Navy Base, or the repercussions of Nicaragua's navy reassembly in other Latin American countries.

4. Ministry of Defense of Ecuador

  • The website of Ecuador's Ministry of Defense reports news about the different defense forces of the country, including its army, militia, naval force, and air force.
  • The news are published through the website, and social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Some topics included regarding the naval force and the amphibian incursion force are new strategies, celebrations, events, announcements, communications from the Defense Minister, etc.

5. Ecuador's Army

  • The official website of Ecuador's Army offers information about the country's land, marine, and air force.
  • The Army makes publications on its website, and through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Among its news, it includes topics like the marine's new promotions, actions from the naval force, strategies, press releases, investments made to benefit the navy, etc.

6. Guatemalan Army

  • The Guatemalan Army makes news and publications about its naval and underwater defense actions through Twitter publications and on its official website.
  • It covers topics like news about the naval force, air force, and army, new training programs for its underwater defense, and its navy school.

7. El Heraldo Honduras Newspaper (Herald Honduras)

  • This is one of Honduras most relevant newspapers, El Heraldo, which prints and publishes news online and on social media about different topics of the country.
  • The news covered include the country's naval force and underwater defense, including new acquisitions of submarines or ships, changes in leadership, actions, and even information from naval forces of other Central American countries, like El Salvador.

8. Honduras Army

  • The official website of Honduras Army has all the information about the country's militia, army, air force, and naval force with news sections dedicated to each force.
  • It also makes publications through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • Some topics covered include actions made by the naval force to help the citizens, training actions, events, new underwater force acquisitions, repair of equipment, etc.

9. Navy Force of Nicaragua

  • The website of Nicaragua's navy force contains news, publications, and media mentions made about this entity and its activities, events, official communications, press releases, etc.
  • The Navy Force of Nicaragua also publishes news on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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